Chapter 4:

The breaking point


7 years later

" And the winners of the semi final are Kenzou, Katsu, Kurou and finally the last but not least Hikaru. These final participants will battle it out in the biggest arena in the dome. All of you from home be ready and buy your tickets fast because I have a feeling they will be sold very quickly."

" You did it! I’m so proud of you sweety."

" It was nothing mom. After all it was a promise. Now let’s go home."

" You are finally going to the dome. Are you excited?"

" I am, but what I want to know is how are you feeling about this?"

" What do you mean?"

" You are the one who suffered here your entire life not me, as you gave all your money for me and my needs, there were a lot of nights in which I saw you eat nothing."

" That? That’s what any mother would do, no need to worry."

" False. At my school I have kids who are orphans because their mother abandoned them, so don’t try to bullshit me."

" You always where an intelligent kid. I am very excited for you. Can’t wait to see you succeed."

" I wanted to know how you feel about going there."

" I don’t care."

" What do you mean?"

" It’s your hard work not mine. You got here by working hard, and first of all I want to see you happy and live a happy life and after that anything can happen to me."

" Shut up! Don’t say such silly things. I did all this so I can take you there."

" Ok, sorry sweety."

1 week later

" Teacher! I have to leave early today. I have the tournament and I have a long road."

" Oh right. You have to take the platform right?"

" Yes."

" Then go."

" Wish me good luck guys!"

" We all know you will win."

" You don’t need our luck it’s going to be more bad than good."

" Sure, sure. Bye Kei! Bye Kenzo!"

" Leave already or you will miss it. Bye!"

'I will finally get there. My life time goal. It seems surreal. Can’t wait to win it and make it official.'

As he was walking down the street he saw three guys beating one dorky guy down an alleyway.

'Not being able to stand up to someone stronger than you. Is that what’s stopping you? I know the feeling very well. I have enough time.'

" Hey! You! Are you the boss of these two?"

" Yes. How did you know?"

" They are doing your dirty work. What’s your name?"

" Katashi. What do you need it for?"

" I need to know who I’m going to kick the shit out off. Hikaru, nice to meet you!"

" Who do you think you are punk?"

" Please stop! Don’t risk it for me. Do you know who he…"

" I don’t need to. I’m not going to back down from this."

" Bring it on!"

Hikaru took out his wooden sword and with one swift move he attacked Katashi striking him in the neck knocking him out.

" I defeated your boss, now scram! Hey you! Are you alright?"

" Stay away from me!"

Saying that the dorky boy ran away.

" What a strange guy. Anyway I did my part. Time to move on."

As he arrived at the platform he saw an entire police force waiting there. He was a little confused but he didn’t really care, but when he entered their visual field they all aimed at him.

" Put your hands up!"

" What is this all about?"

" I said hands up!"

" Ok, ok."

" Go take him."

A police man approached Hikaru knocking him out with the back of his gun. When he has woken up he found himself handcuffed in an interrogation room in a police station with a detective near him.

" What am I doing here?"

" I am asking the questions.Why did you do it?"

" I have no idea what you are talking about."

" Don’t play dumb!"

" I don’t."

" Then do you recognize him?"

The door opened and a familiar face entered the room.It was Katashi.

" You bastard!"

" Seems like you know each other. Katashi refresh his memory a little."

" He came up to us while we were relaxing in an alley and beat us up saying we are the reasons his family suffers, not just us all the people in the dome."

" HE IS LYING! They were beating up a dorky guy and I stopped them."

" You mean him?"

The door opened once again and the dorky guy was right there not even looking at Hikaru.

" Tell them!"

" He did exactly what Katashi told you."

" What?

The detective punched Hikaru in the face.

" You thought you could just beat up a noble and escape with that sorry excuse? That’s why you lowlifes will never enter the dome. You are lucky you didn’t injure him. You will spend three days here and your father will be denied any job from now on. Good luck starving!"

In that moment Hikaru was at his lowest. His eyes were burning with rage. All he wanted was to kill them all. His mother visited him once and asked if he wanted them to be there when he got released. He said no. After he got released on his way home he was stopped by his classmates. Kei and Kenzo stepped out of the crowd. They were all full of wounds.

" We waited for this moment! We all suffered because of you. They found out about our friendship and came after us. Because of your mistake my father was demoted and I am their slave now, and you are here roaming the streets harm free, it’s just not fair."

When Hikaru heard that all his hatred was coming out. He didn’t hurt them because he wanted to, but they turned their backs on him anyway. He approached Kenzo and head butted him.

" If you say one more word I will kill you all."

When everyone saw his burning eyes they got out of the way.

'Everyone is a piece of shit. Not just those up above, even my friends turned their back on me. Why? I did the right thing didn’t I? I wish I could crush them all!'

As he thought that an idea came to mind. He took his wooden sword with him and left for an abandoned house near there. As soon as he arrived there he found a lot of vases and bottles to destroy. He started cracking one after another, imagining each an everyone of them is the head of Katashi, the detective and his classmates, cutting them in half every time, again and again, and at some point he started to laugh, and not just a laugh, it was an uncontrollable one. Then he heard a creak and still didn’t stop laughing as he turned to the source of the sound. It was his mom, still he didn’t stop.

" What are you doing here?"

" You think killing is so easy?"

" What?"

" You should never take a life to lightly."

As she said that she ran and embraced the boy. And when he looked at her face he saw her crying for the first time, that’s the moment he stopped laughing.

" Never hurt others. Human life is precious. It cannot be replaced. Be kind and gentle to others."

He couldn’t say anything, the only think he could do is start crying.

" I’m sorry. I really fucked up didn’t I?"

" No. You did not. You only did what you thought was right."

Then they heard another creak. It was his father with a bottle of beer in his hand.

" That’s where you are wrong! Human life is precious? It cannot be replaced? Bullshit! Everything you said is wrong. If you help other people they will see you as the fool someday. People are disgusting creatures which hold only greed and selfishness. It seems you have forgotten why we made a kid in the first place. I knew this would happen from the beginning but I thought it wouldn’t affect anything, but now you are just pissing me off."

" Honey, stop! You are drunk and can’t think clearly. Don’t take another step."

" Why? You traitorous bitch. He was here just to get us to the dome. No more than a tool, but you got attached to the little shit."

" Is it true?"

In that moment Hikaru’s mind went blank. The only person he thought he had by his side was manipulating him from the very beginning. He was broken. He fell on his knees.

'Even her? Do i really have no one? What is the point anymore?'

" It is, but that was only in the beginning, I swear…"

" Shut up! I don’t want to hear your excuses. You are here to kill me because I’m not useful anymore right? Just do it."

" What?"

" Get out of my way bitch!"

Saying that he broke the bottle of beer on Suzume’s head knocking her out of the way, and with the broken bottle he approached Hikaru.

" I have waited for this for a long time. I despised you from the beginning."

" I’m not here for a chit chat, dad."

" Smug bastard. You don’t give up on that personality even as you die. See you in hell!"

As he thrust his bottle to stab Hikaru, Suzume got in the way.

" Not today. You will not die today!"

" Mom? Why?"

" As I said, I love you! Please live on for me."

" She died as stupid as she lived. Well at least you both will die together."

His father tossed Suzume’s body aside. In that moment Hikaru’s eyes started burning with rage again. He picked up his wooden sword again and he knocked out his father with a strike to the chest. 

" You piece of shit! You killed her. Can you go any lower? She was always there for you!" 

"What do you mean i killed her? That was you!"

When he heard that tears started flowing down as he picked up the bottle with which he killed his mother and got ready to stab his father but then something echoed in his head.

'You should never take a life to lightly.'

" I guess she saved you even after her death, you bastard. If I kill you I will be no better than you right? It will not happen."

As he knocked him out he started crying over his body.

' I can't stop now. She said to live. I can go live in the dumps.'

When he jumped the walls he found a lot of homeless people sleeping in tents. He didn’t want to live right in the middle of the group so he looked for a tent more on the outskirts. There he found a single tent.

" This is good enough for me."

As he was looking into the tent someone came. He looked behind and he was holding a knife.

" The fuck are you doing to my tent?"

Before saying anything else Hikaru disarmed him.

" Name’s Hikaru. What do you say about living together?"

" Name’s Shion. You seem pretty strong, I might need your help. Welcome home!"

'So in the end I ended up exactly like him. Killing out of hatred. I’m scum.'