Chapter 6:

The Lunch Bunch

A Reaper's Fate

Lunchtime seemed reluctant to come, but at last, it was time to eat. Carter, Christa, the Vice-President, and the President strolled into the cafeteria joking about how the homeroom teacher didn't even teach class today and just put on a documentary. The girls of the group gave Carter their orders as he begrudgingly walked to the queue. The girls decided they wanted to be near the window for lunch, so they found a sunny spot near the window looking out into the courtyard. The girls chatted waiting for Carter to return with the food.

With a sigh, Carter dumped the food onto the table. For Carter a Greek salad, with a grape soda, and a slice of baklava. Christa had a ham and swiss sandwich, with a carton of chocolate milk, and a generic chocolate bar. The Vice president had a burrito, with a water. The President had a daily special, which was Indian tacos, with an herbal tea. The friends began to dig into their meals while Carter slowly whined as he ate his salad.

"You guys need to pick up the slack sometimes, just because I'm the only one of us that has a part-time job." He moaned whilst he crunched on a cherry tomato. "I still have rent due from last month".

The President tore a piece of the frybread from her Indian taco and munched on it. "Aw come on Carter, lighten up a bit, all we're doing is teaching you life skills". The other girls nod in agreement. "If you are short on money it just means you need to work harder, and everyone loves a hard worker". The President lifts her right arm in the air waving her fork in the air to add emphasis to her argument.

Carter sighs, "it's obvious that you have never worked in life". The President looked at Carter with a puzzled look.

Christa begins to talk to the Vice President, whilst Carter and the President bicker to each other. "So VP, did you see that basketball game last night? It was killer!"

The Vice President answered with a little vinegar, " no, my baby brother was watching the television when the game was on, I only got to watch the highlights on my phone this morning." The Vice President looked pissed. "I missed one of the greatest comebacks of the decade because my parents said it was my baby brother's turn with the TV!"

As Christa was about to go into detail about the game the Vice President began to make noise to not hear any details, "na na na na, I can't hear you!"

Just then a clique of popular students walked to their table, surrounding their table. The group consisted of five girls and three boys, none of which looked happy. The leader of the group was a cliche blonde rich girl, whose father ran the school or something. She then stepped forward.

"Um like, you guys are sort of in our spot", the girl said sassily, flipping her hair back, while looking at her jeweled phone. "If you don't move, I'll have daddy expel you". She popped pink gum that she was chewing obnoxiously.

The rest of the clique began to chirp in behind their leader saying things like, "you tell those weirdos", or "get lost losers".

In response Carter and the rest looked up from their conversations with quizzical, "hmm".

The blonde girl's brow twitched, "are yall stupid or something? Move!" She slammed her fist down on the cafeteria table causing people to look, but then immediately go back to eating and conversing. The girl begins to yell at them some more. "Nonna, it would be foolish not to listen to me!"

Just then, a piece of ham splotches squarely on the face of the blonde girl. The girl shrieks and throws the ham onto the ground. She then stares at Christa who states, "man, this ham is so fresh that it just lept from my sandwich". Christa smirked. "You should know that only friends are allowed to call the President by name, isn't that right Prez?" Nonna nods slowly, with her eyes closed smiling.

"Exactly right, Christa, wouldn't you agree VP Rose?" Rose who was seething about missing the game of the season is now seething about these punks not having manners to their superiors.

"How dare they talk that way to Nonna! Those sinners must be punished!" Rose began whispering to herself. Nonna stopped her from doing anything rash and stood up and looked towards the girl.

"If you would kindly leave that would be much appreciated". Nonna said with a warming smile.

The girl looked at her now getting pissed off, the girl clenching her fist yells, "kiss off, you lonely virgin!" She then attempts to punch Nonna in the face.

When sudden;y Rose with a stern voice says, "no violence". The girls swing stops midway, and her arm begins to tremble. Rose sighs, "Nonna would like to take over?"

Nonna nods, and asks politely again, "would you kindly leave? My friends and I are trying to enjoy ourselves". The girl begins to tremble more, as her entourage watches her in confusion. "I'll give you one more chance, leave us now". the girl begins to nod slowly, still trembling, and motions for the others that they were done there. Nonna smiled with satisfaction, "thank you". Nonna sat back down carried on eating as if nothing happened.

After the clique left Christa was the first to speak, "Prez you are really firm when needed".

Nonna smiled, "oh, I guess I'm just a natural born leader". Nonna rubbed the back of her head, "it was nothing".

Christa looked to Rose, "and not to mention you, you stopped her just by saying so. That's some mind tricks right there!" Rose began to blush.

"Oh you, stop it you're making me blush. It was nothing". Rose began to laugh and rub her own cheeks.

Carter, on the other hand, looked serious for once, frowning he pushed away his Greek salad and stood up from the table. "Nonna, Rose could I have a word with you both privately?" The two looked confused, Carter ground his teeth. "That means now".

They both stood up, Christa looked at the three and saw a dark aura around the three. She decided to sit this one out and enjoy her now just swiss sandwich.

Carter leads Nonna and Rose to a vacant room and closes the door behind them. He rubbed his temples and the crossed his arms. "Do you guys ever just listen". Nonna and Rose become a little more solemn. "Father Gregory taught you that Exorcists shouldn't use their incantations for trivial things". Carter glares at the two.

The two look at the ground in silence. Nonna decides to break the silence, "are you mad that your grandfather picked us two as his apprentices instead of you". Rose snickers and they both begin to smile. Carter is unamused by the obvious jab. Nonna continues, "it must be hard to be the grandson of the world's greatest Exorcist. You're a disgrace to Father Gregory!"

Carter sighs and runs his hand through his hair, "I guess grandma Juliet hasn't taught you two Humility yet". He grins menacingly, "I guess after today, grandma Juliet will have to give you two a crash course".