Chapter 7:

We're Off to Do a Summoning!

A Reaper's Fate

"Tell me, tell me, tell me!" Lily exclaimed as Lily and Russ slugged down the side street. "I really want to know how you bit the dust!" Lily started to walk backward with her hands behind her head. "If you don't tell me I'll just assume you died eating a cookie or something really lame!" Lily began to get on Russes nerves.

"Do you have an off button? You're being a serious pain in my ass!" Russ gritted his teeth as he slowed his pace so that Lily could walk backward in front of him. "It's nothing special you bint, even if it was I wouldn't tell you. I hardly know you, you're quite the brat, and I don't trust you, like at all." Russ explained to Lily furiously rubbing his temples and thought to himself, "is this what I put Grim through? If so I better apologize next time I see him".

Lily pouts, "must mean that you died in a really lame way huh? It must be hard for you to compare yourself to someone as amazing as me!" Lily puffs out her chest with pride, "I had a grade A death I would say so myself".

"You're sounding pretty zealous right now, you died pretty lamely," Russ snickered under his breath. "You slipped on a wet riverbank and bashed your head on the rocks below! That's pretty lame if you asked me!" Russ grimaced and laughed at Lily, feeling the irony of laughing at her.

"What do you mean lame!" Lily put her right hand to her chest and her left hand to her hip, showing that she was shocked by Russes statement. "I died with purpose and meaning, I received a call that my kid brother was recovering from his ailment so I decided to see my strong little soldier. I decided to take the route by the riverbank, it was rainy and slick. I simply slipped, but I did it with my brother in mind! Is that not bold?" Lily puts both hands on her hips triumphantly and puffed her chest out.

Russ clicked his tongue and muttered under his breath, "shut up!" Russ seethed through his teeth."Shut up, shut up, shut up!" Lily looked at Russ with genuine concern, Lily stop talking and reached out for Russ to see what she did or say wrong. As Lily's hand touched Russes shoulder, Russ jerked away from her grasp. Russ began to yell hysterically at Lily, "you never made it to your brother so don't say that you being bold for doing so!" Lily jumped back at Russ suddenly yelling at her with real rage. "The one person who actually loved you never got to say goodbye or hear you speak! Don't forget what happened to you! You're dead just like me! Your little brother won't ever see you again until death!" Russ was now panting as he gave his last remarks o Lily, "you promised that you would see him, you didn't, you lied to the one you cared about, so do not talk to me about being bold!"

Lily opens her mouth to protest but does not have a suitable thing to say to Russ. Russ takes a long, deep breaths. " Come on, we've got a stupid summoning to attend to", Russ pushes to pass the now depressed Lily as he stomps off to the location of the summoning.

Lily hiccups a little as Russ stomps off in front of her, she whimpers, "sorr-ry, I didn't know this would upset you." Lily slumps her shoulders, with tears in her eyes, as they walk down the side street. Facing away from Lily, Russ wiped tears away from his eyes trying to keep in his emotion.

"Damn, I didn't mean to get this upset about this", Russ whispered to himself. "It just feels all too damn familiar." Russ straightens himself up and sighs as he looks back and sees Lily moping down the street. Russ speaks up, "he-hey!" Lily looks up gingerly.

"Ye-yes? What do you want?" Lily asks with melancholic spite. "You plan on yelling at me again?" Lily turns her head to the side and pouts looking away from Russ.

"Don't be like this, okay?" Russ says calmly, but annoyed. "It was my bad for yelling okay. I got too emotional that you weren't taking this seriously, okay? I was upset that you were treating this as a game and I would like to apologize". Lily looked back at Russ and raises an eyebrow.

"Really? Do you mean it?"

"I do and to prove that I'm sorry I'll take you to see your brother." Lily eyes brightened up as if Christmas had come.

"Are you serious? Is it okay if you do?"

"That's the thing it isn't, so if I do this for you, you cannot tell anyone got it?" Lily gleems and does a silly salute to Russ.

"Aye, sir!"

"Okay, but first we do the stupid summoning, got it?" Russ and Lily walk another block before arriving at the location of the summoning.

Lily leans over to Russ, "Is this the place? It doesn't feel right that it's at a high school. Especially one I used to go to." Lily shudders, "Just thinking of school gives me the willies".

Russ crooks his head and looks at Lily, "you went here too? Okay, that's weirdly coincidental, it's as if that this school is cursed or a bad plot piece". Russ scratches his chin, "it's not that weird to have a summoning at a high school, it's probably the Occult Club trying to summon familiars or something". Russ begins to stroll onto campus with his hands in his pants. "It's strange though the location of the summoning is on the roof". Russ and Lily walk into the front doors of the high school.

"Um, why are we going in through the front doors?" Lily asks quizzically, "won't someone see us?" Lily asked concerningly, "I wouldn't want people thinking I faked a death or something".

"People can't see us if we don't want them to. We are made up of solidified spirit energy, so we are physical beings, but we can be passed through as well if needed". Russ explained to Lily.

"Oh, okay I'll keep that in mind".

Russ and Lily walked up the four flight of stairs to the rooftop and opened the doors. A great flash of light from the sun blazed in their eyes. Their eyes readjusted to see a high school kid pacing back and forth in front of a summoning circle. In the center of the circle was a tall girl, who was obviously bleeding out.

"Oh shit, we've got a psychopath!" Russ blurted out. The boy jerked his head up and looked at the door where Russ and Lily stood.

"Who the hell are you two?" The boy asked, "how'd you open those doors? They were locked from the outside!" The boy looks up and down Lily and Russ. "Ar-re yo-ou Undertakers?" The boy begins to stumble back, "no, no, no, no, no! She's dead! That's why you're here! I was expecting angels or demons to help me, but I failed!" The boy grabbed his head and begin to rock and tremble.

Russ walks up calmly to the boy and grabs both of the boy's shoulders and shook him to make him look up at him. The boy looks up at Russ, Russ smiles at the boy crookedly. Russ then raises his hand and slaps the kid. Spit flies out of the kid's mouth and the kid loses balance and falls over to the ground.

"Will you shut the hell up, will ya!" Russ yells at the kid. "We're not here for the girl! Undertakers take care of summonings you jackass!" Russ walks away from the kid on the floor and spits to the side in disgust.

The kid jumps up from the ground and starts yelling at Russ, "you slapped me! You no good Undertaker! What if you took my soul when you slapped me? They say that when an Undertaker touches you that you die!" The kid making a huge commotion on the roof of the high school. Russ begins to feel a vein in his head bulge. Russ is about to turn around to slap the ignorant kid again. Then Lily walks pass, Russ. Russ turns around confused.

"Um, Lily what are you do-", before Russ could finish his sentence Lily backhand slapped the kid with her right hand on the other cheek. The kid crumples to the ground due to the impact. The kid let out a groan.

"Would you shuddup? You're really annoying me!" Lily begins to crack her knuckles. "Do you need me to teach you a lesson?" The kid turns over from his face being down in the concrete and sees Lily better.

"Hey wait a minute, aren't you that girl that died at the river bank?" Lily not knowing what to do then kicks the kid in the side of the head.

"No, I'm not! I'm an Undertaker! Always have been never, ever, ever been to school!" Lily looks back at Russ, looking for approval. Russ nods with his arms crossed and gives Lily a thumbs up. Russ walks over to the kid and kneels next to him.

"So, now that's settled why don't you tell me what you need a summoning for?" Russ pats the kid's back. Can you tell us, so we can do something useful?" The kid looks up at Russ with sincere eyes.

"You're kind of rude to you custo-", before the kid can finish Russ grips the back of the kid's head and shoves the kid's head into the concrete.

"I'm getting real tired of your sass!" Russ loosens his grip from the back of the kids head. "Now speak before she dies". Russ points at the unconscious girl who is bleeding out in the circle. He puts his hands on his knees, while he is sitting crossed legged next to the kid. The kid mutters.

"Save her".

"Hmm, can't hear ya kid, you're going to have to speak up for me!"

"Please, save her! Save Christa! She's dying because of me!" the kid cried out to Russ. "I'll do anything for her not to die!" Russ shocked by this kid's emotion, Russ got up from the ground and nod his head.

"Alright, was that so hard kid?" Russ brushed off his pants and looks at the kid. "For me to make this work I'll need your name."

The kid swallows and clenches his fists, "it's Carter, Carter Sauber".

A Reaper's Fate

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