Chapter 5:

Four Other Brick in the War

A Reaper's Fate

"Come on Carter! We're going to be late for class!" Christa pounded on Carter's apartment door. "If I'm late because of you, I swear to God, I will annihilate you!" Moments passed before the sudden racing of footsteps could be heard stumbling towards the door. The apartment door blew open, and out of the dimly lit apartment, a young teenage boy, with bedhead styled brunette hair, burst out. The boy crashed into Christa's voluptuous chest, face first. Causing both to tumble onto the dirty hallway floor. Christa lifted her head off of the hallway floor to look at the limp body of the boy laying on her body. Upon realizing her situation, Christa began to audibly seethe and glared daggers at the boy on top of her. "Carter, if you don't get off of me in the next millisecond, I will destroy you." Christa lifted her clenched fist and began to hover her fist above Carter's head.

Carter let out a shriek and stumbled to get off of Christa, covering his head to protect himself from the impending three-inch punch. "S-sorry Christa, I wasn't expecting you to be standing so close to the door again!" Carter stammered as he shielded himself from a left hook. As he dodged he tripped on his untied shoe and nose dived right into his apartments' doorjamb. Christa disappointingly stared at Charter go limp after hitting his face.

Christa stood up and dusted herself off, sweeping lint and cat hair off of her plaid skirt. She looked down at Carter and shook her head. "What an idiot," she whispered under her breath, not being able to help herself she revealed a little smirk.

"Come on fool," Christa sighed, "I will drag you to class if you don't get up."

"I wouldn't mind being carried by you," Carter mumbled with his face still planted on the jamb.

"What'd you say?"

"Nothing! Nothing at all!" Carter hopped up from the floor and tried to walk away. Not before he felt a firm grip latch onto his left shoulder. He froze. Suddenly Carter felt a violent pull on his shoulder and was spun around to be met with Christa's eyes.

"Where do you think you're going?" Christa looked at Carter with a sinister glare and smile. "You said, 'I wouldn't mind being carried by you' , didn't you?" Visible sweat began to roll down Carters' face. "Well, you're getting just what you asked for!"

Carter shook his head in disapproval, "no, no I don't really want that! I'm fine, can't you see I can walk, I'm totally fi--". Before Carter could finish his retort, Christa punched him in the gut, causing Carter to fall forward, Christa dipped her right shoulder to catch him and hoisted his again limp body over her shoulder. Christa then sighed relieved that she caught him.

"Alrighty then, lets' get to class shall we?" Christa puffed out her chest and began to briskly walk to school, with Carter swaying on her shoulder.

For someone with such a small slender stature, Christa was built like a tank. Carter on the other hand, only being six inches taller than Christa, was a delicate flower. He couldn't handle getting hurt and often felt sick. The two met halfway through the sophomore year in high school, when he was getting his head slammed against the wall by some jerk who was having a bad day. Christa came in like a vengeful spirit and knocked the jerk out with one punch, guess he had a glass jaw. Now the two are inseparable, constantly hanging out with each other, during lunch, after classes, weekends, and even online. Not many people like hanging out with these two. To be exact they only have two mutual friends.

Christa ran through the hall of the school with Carter on her shoulder, who has been conscious since a car honked at them on the street. Carter looked painstakingly flustered about being carried to class by Christa -- again. They were still in the green, class didn't start for another four minutes. There was still students in the hall skittering like roaches trying to get to class, but also trying to get a glance at Christa carrying her human luggage.

Christa burst into the classroom, almost breaking the door hinges. Everyone in the room tensed up and became quiet. A few girls who were in their own clique in the back corner of the room shrieked when Christa entered. Carter sat in front by the door, so she plopped his ass down in his seat with an audible crash.

Carter exclaimed after being dropped. "Ow! Be more careful when you're handling precious cargo!" Christa just clicked her tongue and turned away taking her seat behind Carter.

"You're lucky that you're light as paper and we got here on time. I swear it's as if I'm your mother or something". Christa adjusted her black side-swept bangs and fiddled with her bun. After Christa sat down and stretched out to get comfortable in her seat, the atmosphere of the classroom cautiously built back up. "And for God's sake you aren't even wearing your uniform properly it's all untucked, and wrinkled". Christa put her chin in her hands closing her eyes with a sigh.

Carter rebutted, " well you never wear your uniform correctly either! You always wear it with the top buttons undone! What's with that."

Without moving an inch, Christa stated, "I only wear my uniform like this because none of the smaller sizes fit my bust." She smirked a little bit.

Carter raised a hand to argue, but as doing so the door forcefully swung open. Almost pulling the hinges off of the jamb. In walked in the teacher, and behind followed two female students. One being the Student Council President, and the other the Vice President. The teacher asked everyone to be seated and began to do attendance before the daily announcements began. After announcements, the teacher told the class that the Student Council had a message to give each class individually. After giving the floor to the Student Council, the teacher kicked his feet up onto his desk and began to read the comic section of his newspaper.

"Hello everyone, we're here to inform the each class to be careful coming to and leaving school grounds." The President spoke softly and brushed her blonde bangs out from in front of her eyes.

The Vice President carried on, "recent suspicious injuries and deaths have been reported around this area." She spoke with a more firm tone. "Make sure to walk in pairs in case something were to happen. It would be a travesty if one of our student body were to become a casualty".

Upon this deceleration, the President and Vice President simultaneously stared towards the vicinity of Carter and Christa. "That especially means you, two hooligans. The two of you can't go a week without causing some sort of problem." The class quietly snickered but was silenced by the teacher, scornfully clearing his throat.

Both Christa and Carter smirked and stuck out her tongue, with an audible, "nyah". Both President and Vice President, face palmed and shook their heads' in disapproval, but not without cracking a smile underneath their disappointed look.

They finished up with their announcements and thanked the teacher for giving them the time. Which he just gave a groan of approval in reply. As the President and Vice President walked out towards the door, they paused for a moment in front of the two hoodlums. Quietly the President spoke, "see you two at lunch, Carter's buying this time correct?"

Christa smirked, "when has he not bought lunch?" The three girls smiled, whilst Carter began to fear for his wallet.