Chapter 1:



A warmth grows in my chest. The butterflies in my stomach churn, the beating of my heart grows louder as the embers continue to burn. The pressure I feel in my head makes me dizzy, but in spite of it all, I feel at peace. Bookmark here

The man talking to me is smiling, waiting for my response. I try to reply, but the shock gets to me. Everything seems a bit out of focus, like a dream. Bookmark here

I had finally found it. The reason for our shared existence. But as I attempt to speak, no words come out. I try to pinch myself, but my hands won't cooperate. Cheers are starting to erupt and the man beams, appearing to take great pride in the growing procession.Bookmark here

But pride is something people need to be careful about. Too much always leads to tyranny. So as the people do their best to belittle me, I realize it's their own existence they are trying to avoid. Bookmark here

Still, anything repeated to you consistently will inevitably be thought as truth. But you must realize it is a false truth. They merely slander that which they do not understand. Machines that cannot think beyond themselves. Only daemons guide their actions.Bookmark here

I've tried my hardest to make this world a better place. It was my life's goal, to improve the world for the future generations. To help people live better, more enriched lives. But It seemed my intentions were lost. Now I'm finally being rewarded for my efforts. Perhaps it's fine to let it all go and engage in a little self-indulgence. They do say that ignorance is bliss. Bookmark here

Soon, this will all be over. For others, it will have merely been a few moments in an otherwise monotonous day. But these minutes may well be the most important in my life. I wonder if I will ever feel this alive again. Everyone should know a feeling like this.Bookmark here


The sunny sky begins to darken, and rain clouds fall. A drizzle casts upon the land, with lofty winds glistening the air.

Nonetheless, processions have gone smoothly. People around are laughing, cheering. All beholden to the site in front of them.

It's not a large group, but enough to attract interest of outsiders. Many continue to walk by, as though it's nothing unusual, and they would be correct. There is nothing unique about this situation. Still, for some of us, it tugs at our heart strings and causes us to briefly consider our own standing.

A man walks up and says the necessary ceremonial words. He's done this many times before. The smile on his face betrays his experience. Indeed, you need a special kind of person for this job.

"If anyone has any objections, speak now or forever hold your peace."

The penultimate phrase. The crowd is quiet. Of course, this is all within tradition. No one would dare object, nor would they have the power to do so.

Finally, turning to the woman, he says:

"Any last words?"

She remains quiet. And shortly afterwards, burns in a slow flame.Bookmark here

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