Chapter 2:


Wistful Dandelion

Sorcery is an ambitious endeavor.Bookmark here

It challenges your mind daily, pushing you to innovate to generate greater results.Bookmark here

To develop more nuanced magics, create more elaborate associations.Bookmark here

Society today would not be possible without it.Bookmark here

It is one of the greatest powers given to humanity.Bookmark here

Still, such a great endeavor is not well-received by its people.Bookmark here

Magical users have always been part of an isolated group.Bookmark here

They are doomed to be understood only by their own.Bookmark here

And despite their contribution, quickly forgotten.Bookmark here

A tiresome, unforgiving existence.Bookmark here

Even still, you want to become a magician? Bookmark here

He looks up, eyes driven with fury, a fury born out of passion.Bookmark here

"I wouldn't dream of anything less."Bookmark here

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