Chapter 1:

The Identity

The chronicle of survival

Beep! Beep! Beep! The sharp noise mixed with utter silence woke me up. I tried to slowly opened my eyes . Ugh! My eyes they feel like they have been buried under rocks and boulders . I used all of my strength just to slit open my eyes . The white light was too bright for my eyes . I shut them down just to adjust my eyes to the surroundings. I blinked again and looked around with much pain . The room was square box with white paint on every wall and had some strange beeping machine, few metal equipments on a rectangular table, and a very big and tall machine at the bottom left corner of the room.  Its size made me feel like its a big monster. I don't want to look at it .Just near the head of the bed on the table l found water and Suddenly l felt thirsty;water l need it. With much difficulty , half laying half hoisted l tried to reach the glass but my hands were forgotten. I bit my lips and hoisted myself fully with the support of my elbows . A sharp pain with the sounds of bone cracking welcomed me . My whole body cried in protest and demanded apologies for suddenly getting without any warning. I felt like losing all my strength. Somehow half dragging l grasped the glass and quickly took a gulp . Uhh my throat and my body felt much better with the sudden invasion of a foreign fluid. But it felt like every cell of my body is healing. Now that all the pains are slowly subduing l took a look at myself. Strange pipes and wires taped on my skin was connected with the beeping machine . I peeled them off and with great difficulty tried to climb out of the bed . As soon as l tried to stand my legs gave up. How long was l in this sleeping state to be in this condition. I massaged my joints and gave it a little twist. After few tries l was successfully on my feet. I tried to see what are things in my room. The sharp objects scared me. I went to look at the big machine. Up close it was huge. At the end of the room there was a door. I tried to open it but it was locked. What is this place? Where am l? Wait, who am l? I can't remember anything . What happened? Why can't l remember anything ? This sudden realisation seized me. No no think may be because of long sleep l can't remember anything . I climbed the bed and clutched the white sheets . They are so white like my brain . Blank , spotless. I felt like nauseous. I lied down and tried to remember.......... It is so noisy. Shut up all of you , l need to think and remember . Yes remember . Wait l opened my eyes hurriedly. People in white clothes with strange white masks have filled the entire room and discussing something very urgently . Someone noticed me opening my eyes and they all proceeded towards me . I was confused . What was happening? They were operating the strange beeping machine and that giant machine. I asked what was happening . "Looks like you are awake." A tall white cladded person approached me. " Now tell me about you" he asked me . About me yes about me . But nothing is coming to my mind . I opened and closed my mouth . That person stared at me and went to his other companion to say something. After sometime he came to me and said " you are going out". The white clothed people along with me went out of the box like room and found that there were box like room one my left and right . We walked through the gap between the rooms which looked sort of corridor but much narrower . I moistened my lips and asked the tall man " What is this place ? Where am l?"    " You will get your answer once we are out " he answered vaguely. After 10- 15 minutes we came to the end of the corridor and into a hall which was bright with sunlight. I squinted my eyes with the sudden change in exposure but quickly opened it . It was beautiful , it was dazzling. But this was not for very long l was taken to a room by the tall man. I noticed that the other white clothed people all left .                                  " Go and wash up. Once you are done come outside. " Saying this he left the room. I have no time to waste. I need to find about myself and this place. For some reason l am not not certain whether this place is safe or not. I opened the shower and the hot water greeted me. My body and pores started tingling with the new sensation. Somehow the water calmed me down. I cleaned every part of me with the soap and it gave me some kind of satisfaction. I found some change of white dress not the one l had before which were literally pajamas. This was a white tank top with white pants . Even the clothes were white this room had faint yellow shade with green border . The white marble floors were so clean that l could see my reflection. Some sofas and the cupboard was the only furniture in the room. After looking everywhere l stepped outside and smelled the air . It was quite cold. That tall man also changed the cloth and surprisingly he was handsome . Brown hair with deep resonant blue eyes along with the tall statute, he was quite a dashing man. But honestly this good looks is not going to help me in any way. So l decided to focus on main purpose . After scrutinizing me for a second he told me to follow him . I did without any word . The hall was quite big and at the end of the hall we took the lift to go up. In the lift we spent the time in silence . To break the awkward silence l asked his name . "Evan, Evan Hesser" he answered. l was getting restless to ask about everything. But l realised this is not the right time . After getting off the lift we entered the nearest the room and found a man sitting on the couch. I looked at him and he smiled back . Surprised l took steps to face the man but before l could ask anything Evan and that man on the couch started whispering about something. I decided to look around the room . This room is just like the room before but it looks well furnished and quite important. I was trying to see the outside but the windows are very high. I could only see the sunlight which was coming through them. "Miss, l know that you are curious but you should take a sit first. You were asleep for so long your legs might hurt." That man on the couch finally said something . To be honest it was hurting but that was not bothering me much. I sat down and looked straight at him. Now l want to know everything but " Who am l?" Was the first thing l said. That man smiled at me politely and introduced himself." I am Glenn Merres. Currently the director of this place The  Enforcement Society and you would be Miss Alexis Rigg. We officially welcome you as the member of the society."Bookmark here

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The Loner
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