Chapter 0:

V1 | Chapter One - Wait I'm A Wraith Now!


You got to be kidding me, did I really kick the bucket just now?Bookmark here

All I remember is walking to my high school and soon as I reached the main entrance there was a blinding white light above me followed by a moment of excruciating pain throughout my whole body.Bookmark here

For some reason everything around me is pitch-black, however, I don't seem to be missing any limbs or anything as far as I can tell. I continue to move my body around more or less there didn't seem to be anything out of place from what I could tell.Bookmark here

Was I dreaming about that moment outside my high school? Maybe right now I'm still in a deep sleep, but was having a bad case of sleep paralysis.Bookmark here

If that's the case I suppose it explains that almost real nightmare that I just had, but when you're in sleep paralysis you're normally aware of what's happening to your body like you're in some sort of third-person mode of yourself?Bookmark here

Whatever is happening I need to wake up soon, after all, I can't be late for school. If I turn up late again to class, Mrs Agawa is going to give me an earful about it.Bookmark here

I try to stand up only to feel a weird sensation sort of like I'm floating in the air with no weight holding me to the ground. In fact, it felt like I didn't have any weight on my body in the first place.Bookmark here

I wasn't particularly the most athletic guy in my year, but I sure as hell don't remember being this light. Something weird is definitely going on here while racking my mind for an answer I tried to move again only to once again feel that weird sensation of floating through the air.Bookmark here

Okay, I have no idea what the hell is going on, however, I am pretty certain this has something to do with that nightmare I just had.
I tried to say something only for nothing to come out. It was unusual even though I didn't say anything yet it felt like that part of the body was partial moving and responding to signals that my brain was sending through my nervous system.Bookmark here

A-Am I really dead?Bookmark here

No no no no, this is just a dream. A bad nightmare, soon I'll wake up in my room as if nothing happened. Obviously, I would be a little sketched out by the experience, but who wouldn't be, after all, being in complete darkness not knowing what's happening is always a dreadful feeling to have.Bookmark here

I heard a light chime ringing through my ears I slowly tried opening my eyes only to still see nothing but darkness surrounding me.Bookmark here

Then I noticed the small diamond symbol flashing right in the bottom left of my vision.Bookmark here

What is that?Bookmark here

I focus upon the symbol expecting something to happen, at first, nothing. But then a few seconds later a large window enveloped my vision with the following words filling up space of my empty vision before me.Bookmark here

[Necessary Protocols Being Installed...]Bookmark here

[Please Stand By...]Bookmark here

The voice of a monotone woman like a lifeless android spoke to me. Normally anyone in my situation would be asking who this person was, however, for me I was more concerned with what was happening right before my eyes.Bookmark here

[10%]Bookmark here

Hey, what are you installing?! I tried to say only for no words to escape my lips.Bookmark here

[20%]Bookmark here

The voice continued to speak ignoring my question.Bookmark here

[30%]Bookmark here

Look I didn't sign up to be some weird lab rat for a scientist egghead!Bookmark here

[40%]Bookmark here

Okay, think there's got to be some way of stopping this or at the very least pause it so I can figure out what's going on.Bookmark here

[50%]Bookmark here

Come on lady give me some clue on how to stop this thing!Bookmark here

[60%]Bookmark here

Stop ignoring me goddammit!Bookmark here

[70%]Bookmark here

I try moving my body again feeling that awkward floating sensation. I don't know how I was going to do it, but I thought if I blindly looked around enough I may find something of use in this situation. Only to realize how the hell am I going to find something to use if I can't see anything in the first place.Bookmark here

[80%]Bookmark here

There has to be something I can do!Bookmark here

[90%]Bookmark here

I wouldn't be panicking if I knew what this damn thing was installing!Bookmark here

[100%]Bookmark here

[Thank You For Your Patience...]Bookmark here

[The Administrative System Algorithm of the Evolution System, Has Now Been Installed...]Bookmark here

[We Hope You Enjoy This Premium Service, Your's Truly, Providence...]Bookmark here

Before I could even respond let alone conjure up a tangible thought in my head I suddenly saw another bright light shining over me. My body felt much lighter as some mysterious force pulled me up.Bookmark here

I looked around wondering if I could see what state my body was in, but I could only see this unusual blur ghostly light source. It was like I had no physical body as if I turned into some spectral energy.Bookmark here

Before I knew it the shining light that was shining over me suddenly used a massive amount of force to pull me up like the G-Force power of a jet fighter. As I neared the source of the light I could see that there something on the other side, but the pressure of me being pulled upwards was so intense that I couldn't do anything else but blackout.Bookmark here

The only thing I felt before falling complete unconscious was the quick relief of the pressure against me relieving my body flowed by the gentle touch of floating through the air.Bookmark here

The sensation of stirring awake from a deep sleep was a sudden shock to my system that when I started to get my senses back it felt somewhat like a deja vu effect. My eyes were too weak to even open I wondered for how long I had unconscious for was it minutes, hours or days?Bookmark here

That was when I could feel the uneasiness swirling throughout my body making me feel uncomfortable for the most part. That sudden overflow of information from my senses was overpowering at first it almost made me want to barf.Bookmark here

I'm not joking I was feeling sick just moments after waking up, going through that mysterious portal really did a number on me. Heck, I thought I was going to puke up who knows what, to be honest, I didn't even know if I was even capable of doing such a thing.Bookmark here

After what I just experienced I was hoping that something like that wasn't going to happen again anytime soon. Then again as things are at the moment there's really not much to complain about except for the fact I died the most ridiculous death in my opinion, but beggars can't be choosers as they say.Bookmark here

After a few moments of getting my senses together, I was able to start making out my surroundings which seemed to be some sort of underground cave I wasn't quite sure about it. But the weirdest thing was my vision it wasn't like how I would normally have seen things instead it strongly resembled a sonar radar like that of a submarine or dolphin.Bookmark here

There was one thing that I was able to discern from the rocky surfaces that surrounded me and that was the intricate architecture that was woven into the rocks themselves.Bookmark here

Although I could see like a typical human being my sonar vision could detect what looked to be a light source. Where it would normally reveal everything in the surrounding area, with my vision, however, it came across as a small little blip of light. From what I could tell the general locations of these blips seemed to be fixed to the rocky surfaces which suggested that they were torches or something very similar at least.Bookmark here

At first, I didn't realize it, but I felt that sense of floating through the air once again. I could tell that I had some form of body mass keeping me together, but it was so weightless that just a small current of wind felt it would blow me away for miles. And to be honest, that scared me.Bookmark here

I need to figure what is going on and fast cause at this rate who knows what will happen to me. Heck, I don't even know whether I am safe right now.Bookmark here

Looking down I tried to see if my body was intact still only to find that it wasn't quite how I'd thought it would be. My sonar vision was capable of out-lining the edges of various surfaces so when I looked down I expected to see my human body, but instead, I could only sense this weird misty effect surrounding me.Bookmark here

Okay, no need to panic this is...this is part of the whole dream sure it is. I closed my eyes for a few moments before opening them again and looking down at myself it only confirmed my suspicions that this wasn't a dream or at least I wasn't imagining this.Bookmark here

Breath I'm sure there's a perfectly good explanation for this.Bookmark here

Looking to the bottom left of my vision I spotted the same diamond symbol flashing.Bookmark here

Well, I guess I have no other choice.Bookmark here

I focus my attention on it for a few seconds only for the diamond to disappear. Expecting something to happen I waited for what seemed like forever only for nothing to happen as a result, at least at first it didn't.Bookmark here

[Greetings.]Bookmark here

A soft monotone voice of a girl rung through my ears or at least whatever I hearing sounds through. The voice was coming from my mind it seemed similar to the voice from before, however, this one had a different atmosphere about itBookmark here

H-Hello, who are you exactly?Bookmark here

[I am what you would call an Advanced Support Algorithm, that came with the Administrative System Algorithm of the Evolution System that was installed not so long ago.]Bookmark here

Okay?Bookmark here

[Please call me Asa for short if your human brain cannot comprehend the pronunciation of the words 'Advanced Support Algorithm'.]Bookmark here

She's quite the sassy one, isn't she?Bookmark here

[My computing power at the moment only allows me to have my Sassiness Protocols at ten per cent. I was only taking into account the possibility that you may still have the brain capacity of a Neanderthal.]Bookmark here

I've barely known this Asa and I already want to delete this damn thing from existence.Bookmark here

[I advise not to try such a thing, as I doubt you would live past a few days at best without my assistance.]Bookmark here

Can you stop reading my damn mind for one second!Bookmark here

[My apologies, it's fun to tease a human.]Bookmark here

It was pretty obvious to me that this Asa was going out of her to get some sort of reaction out of me in order to mock me. So I thought it best to just ignore her annoying quirks.Bookmark here

If you can read my mind, would you tell me what's exactly going?Bookmark here

[It would be my pleasure...]Bookmark here

I held my breath figuratively speaking for the coming explanation.Bookmark here

[You have been reincarnated.]Bookmark here

I paused for a moment waiting for the punch line, but nothing happened.Bookmark here

Wait, that's it?Bookmark here

[Precisely, you got hit by a stray spell and was reincarnated due to the generosity of Providence.]Bookmark here

You got to be kidding me that's all you're going to tell me!Bookmark here

[All other information regarding your reincarnation requires a higher access level, which I, unfortunately, do not have.]Bookmark here

So much for finding out what's going on around here.Bookmark here

With what little information I had acquired from Asa there wasn't much that I could use to formulate an explanation of my own. From the looks of things, it seemed I would have to play it by ear for the foreseeable future if I was going to find out what I needed.Bookmark here

I moved my body over towards the rocky surface mostly so I could get used to this new unsettling sensation of floating around instead of actually using legs, to be honest, never thought I'd get thrown off by the lack thereof of human legs. Little did I realize when floating over to the rocky surface that the rock itself had a slightly reflective surface upon it.Bookmark here

As peered closer I noticed that I wasn't entirely human, in fact, I was just a mass of white and blue almost burning like a flame. I know that I wasn't with my all human body parts, but I never expected to see myself like this.Bookmark here

Asa, I have a question.Bookmark here

[Please ask away.]Bookmark here

What exactly did I reincarnate as?Bookmark here

[Oh that would a Wraith.]Bookmark here

Really! Not even as a hero or a demon lord at least? Well, I guess it could be worst I could have reincarnated as the weakest monster here.Bookmark here

[By the way, the Wraith species is considered one of the weakest species of monsters on this world.]Bookmark here

Wow, way to break the bad news Asa real smooth.Bookmark here

If what you say is true then I'm going to have my work cut out trying not to end up as some midnight snack for a monster. There's got to be a way of making myself stronger in order to survive.Bookmark here

Suddenly a window of information appeared on my screen almost making me jump out of my skin if I had any that is.Bookmark here

Species: WraithBookmark here

Level: 1Bookmark here

HP: 47Bookmark here

MP: 25Bookmark here

SP: 23Bookmark here

W-Why do I have this stuff in my vision? Actually, this appears to be similar to something like a role-playing game?Bookmark here

[These are your vital attributes, excluding all of the minor attributes at the moment.]Bookmark here

W-Wait there's more?Bookmark here

[Indeed, however, for the time being, these are the attributes we should focus on improving.]Bookmark here

You say that like it's easy.Bookmark here

[Precisely.]Bookmark here

And how do I do that?Bookmark here

[Why you kill those that are weaker than you.]Bookmark here

For some reason, I expected a slightly different response, however, I wasn't too surprised by the answer either. After all, if this all works like a role-playing game where you're killing things it's usually the number one way in becoming stronger.Bookmark here

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