Chapter 1:

The first encounter

Sunset;Daybreak [On hold]

In the recent years did a gigantic global trend about the occult and Esper break out of nowhere and nobody really knows where it started or its more appropriate to say nobody cares. Not that it matters.

The problem is that people believe nearly everything that is told about it just like this morning when some random guy bend a spoon in a TV show and my whole family did believe he was an Esper. A year ago, people knew that you could bend a spoon with a “magic trick” but today are these people Esper.

So where does that leave me well I am on the nonbeliever side or I would rather say still not convinced side. But not that it matters I should more worry about how I get to town today. Why does no train drive when it is in the middle of the summer? Could not today perform some Esper their magic trick to let the trains drive. “ahh”

“Dusk did you just say something?”

“No not at all”

My mother normally doesn’t react at all when she watches TV but today she heard my little sigh. But now that I have her attention could I ask if she wants to drive me.

“Why not what do you want to do, shopping?”

“Hmm” Why do I want to go I do not remember at all but it is better than sitting at home and doing nothing. In addition, could I really perform some of what do they call it again spontaneous shopping?

Sometime later we finally arrived in town. It's empty, there is nobody here. There were some voices a second ago but the wind silenced the last ones. But why is there nobody here in the first place today on Saturday?

“Well not that it matters I am going to go bye mom” She just waves to me in a weird manner I have never seen before and ignores me.

And well here am I looking around with nowhere to go come to think of it I didn’t even remember why I wanted to go here. I could go perform some of that spontaneous shopping talked about earlier but there is not one interesting shop in my vicinity. The town just looks plain grey, the sky is cloudy and lets nearly no sunlight through. I just realized people really make a difference.

Oh, there is something interesting. A café with iced coffee the right thing for my slow yet fast morning. As I entered I realized there really is nobody here even after I looked around there are only the two persons who work here and a lonely girl. One iced latte should be enough for me it’s quite big after all.

So here I am now sitting in a nearly empty café, the café looks still new. It has a counter by the entrance and multiple dark wooden chairs and tables by the windows. The dim lighting with the dark wood gives a really refined atmosphere.

“Hey, you with the short brown hair.” Said a young voice probably the girl from before the only other guest here so I turned around and she was standing there right behind me staring in my eyes or it's more accurate to say her eyes were screaming at me. But how did she move behind me it really startled me. People always tell me I have good ears but I heard nothing. Not that it matters right now or does it.

“What do you want, have I met you before?”

“What do you think about that you are here whilst nobody else is”

I don’t get what she wants but it peaked my interest. So, I turn around again and get a good look at her she was still staring at me with her purple eyes. Then I saw that she has long black hair and wears a black-purple school uniform. I have never seen a uniform like this and there are not many schools with uniforms in this town. Suddenly she asked me.

“What do you think should there be people outside today or not?

I wasn’t sure where this conversation was going but I think there should be people in a town it’s not really a town without people.

“I think exactly like you but sometimes is it nice without people to but don’t worry they will return in five seconds”

What did she mean with five seconds? She suddenly begins to count down.

“Five, four, three, two, and one.”

Nothing happens so I turn around to look at the front window and I begin to hear people coming near the café. What in the world just happened. But I couldn’t even ask if I wanted because the girl disappeared right after.

Gerry Hines