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Gerry Hines


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Young Adult and Urban Fantasy writer. Most of my work is heavily influenced by anime, manga, and Japanese storytelling.

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Updated: Jul 06, 2019
Chapters: 55

Chris Findale learns his vice principal is an angel in disguise, and becomes tangled in a perilous, secret world. Furthermore, he is made responsible for wielding ambiguous powers, a holy handgun, and a mysterious phone app. Chris's classmates, friends, and various strangers gradually become i...

ANNO DOMINI ~Allium~ Book 2: Deals with Nature


2000% Pumpkin Spice: The Tale of All Hallows

Updated: Sep 30, 2018
Chapters: 1

When two college students, Yuukii and Vladys, suspect a ramen shop of serving cursed food, they decide to investigate for themselves. What's more, the business seems tied to a well-known Halloween tale, and perhaps the legends may be more than just spooky children's stories.


Perfect World

Updated: Nov 20, 2017
Chapters: 42

Teenage Krystal has no recollection of much of her childhood and suffers from an unknown mental disorder. She and her adoptive parents move to Florida where she quickly makes new friends during summer vacation. However, Krystal's past and mental disorder are tied to a much bigger picture, and her...

Perfect World Cover