Chapter 1:

Birth Of The Five Kingdoms

Wolf Bloodline

Many years ago, there was only one continent on earth. A continent where all trade routes, cities, palaces, and lands were one. A period of time when humanity could think as a single brain. And this one gigantic continent had a powerful king. Someone who had an unbreakable will, a passionate heart, and a brave soul. And that was "King Einar". Except for his exalted rank among people and the achievements he had made, King Einar also had a strong will, a generous personality, and a compassionate heart. He was a man who fulfilled his rule in the kingdom for a long time and ensured that people live peacefully until the present. But just like any other leader, his time was coming to an end.

After a long reign, he understood that he could no longer rule the kingdom in any way. He was old. The likelihood of making the wrong decisions was very high. So there was only one thing he had to do. He decided to call his five sons. His own children, who were noble and proved themselves as honorary knights. He called them, to choose a new heir to his kingdom. And although he had concerns about this as a king, he was still adamant about what he would do. This kingdom needed someone, and it had to happen right now. He needed someone. Someone who could take his place to keep the people and their peace safe in place. So giving everyone different duties, he said to them one thing,

"Whoever completes his mission successfully will be the next king."

So on, after the King's words and his order, each brother accepted their duties and left the palace being determined about what they were going to do. But this determination had made them somewhat ambitious. After a while, they all began to compete with each other and perform the tasks they had only to succeed. This was no longer a matter of honor, it had turned into a competition. They were angry, ambitious, and greedy. But it took one move, just to make it all fall down.

After a short time, they completed their missions, and each brother returned to the palace having completed all of their duties. When they walked in the first time, each brother was very confident in what they were doing. They all thought that they had achieved something, even how they became leaders better than others. How they achieved something bigger compared to others. It was obvious that arrogance had taken over their body and had now become tangible and visible.
However, at that very moment, the king said something. Something that will shock every brother from deep inside.

He told that every brother failed his test. Except, for the youngest brother.

This situation was a memorable moment for each of them. Because of the disappointment, confusion, and anger that each brother felt at that moment, it was all on a separate level.
But the eldest brother and the most powerful brother, "Yores" stood in front of the king and went against the situation. He was frustrated. His agony and his ideas were colliding.

So he asked why he did such a thing. Why he would do something like this
"My king! There is no meaning in the movement you are making! Please reconsider your decision, and make a decision without ignoring what we have done and what we can!"

He replied, in a calm manner,
"I did not give you your duties to show off your power. Being a king is not about only being powerful. It is about determination, being patient, and finding out what you could do to protect your people."

"You can't let your other four sons down so easily!"

Yores got out of control at that moment. His anger was drooling from his eyes and he was clenching his fists. He was both furious and scary.

"We have achieved outstanding success in the tasks you have given and completed. And we didn't think about going out on any orders either. So tell me, why would you do such a thing for no reason!"

King shouted back,

"I gave you the test you needed! And it was in your hands whether you could pass it! It's pathetic of you to complain about things you couldn't do as both a warrior and a knight! It is no acceptance that you can oppose a situation like this, Yores. I've made my decision now, and I don't intend to come back from it. So keep your manners calm and accomplish your duties as I say."

There was great anger in the eyes of Yores.

At that moment, everything he thought about his father, everything he believed in and saw in him, had changed. Now it seemed to him that he was nothing more than a father than just a stupid king. His eyes went mad and he didn't even blink once. He was looking at the King, as a dangerous monster. But he hushed up the huge anger that was growing in his heart and spoke in a calm tone.

He said, "You will regret your decision, my king. I assure you that."

Yores left that day, with all his anger.

He knew his father wouldn't change his mind. So he made a deal with the most powerful lineage, the Apocalypse Lineage, to take the throne and by obtaining incredible power. And he started a rebellion.

Yores had killed his own father in front of his brothers and thrown each of his brothers into a dungeon. And after he took the throne, people in the Kingdom called him a nickname because of his evil reign. "The Ruthless King Yores." He had become an invincible beast as time went on. He had neither the nobility nor the honor left when he was a knight. He was just a king who took the lives of his people for his own enjoyment.

This continued for a long time, until that day.

A wolf descendant, a person from one of the strongest lineage, challenged Yores.

It surprised everyone in the kingdom to see someone who could stand up to such a ruthless leader. His name was spoken everywhere, in newspapers, houses, and bars. Everyone started to know about him.

That person's name was Jiro. The strongest wolf descendant. Jiro was the most powerful person among his own lineage and other lineages. So that's why they called him "Alpha Prime."

Alpha Prime one day visited Yores, right in his castle.

He stood before him and said,

"The state of your kingdom seems rather messed up. Don't you think it's bad that you don't think about the state of your people? After all, they carry such valuable things to you and spoil you more."

"How brave of you to stand in front of me as a pathetic citizen. But I must tell you. I've decided what kind of king I'm going to be the day I throw that old man off the throne. That's why I'm not going to take advice from a bug like you."

"So it's like that. Alright, I won't interrupt the king game that you are playing."

He then added,

"But it is enough with your evil ruling. It's time to put an end to the suffering of these people."
"Well, you should have known I'm the most powerful king in these lands. I don't give orders by hiding among others like other cowards."

"Then you can show me that power, can't you, Majesty?"

It was at that very moment, that the battle of Jiro and Yores had started. And it was going to be something life-changing for both of them.

Their battle continued for three days, being heard all over the continent and damaging an incredible area. It was a legendary battle that nobody had to courage to stop. It was the fight of two titans, who were the greatest in their own bloodline and kingdom.

Luckily, when the war was over, Yores went to the bottom of the dark waters. His reign was now over and Jiro had won. But unfortunately, the consequence that it left was so big, that Jiro paid the price with his life. So he died from his severe wounds. That day, right on the battlefield.

And since their war, the entire continent has been divided into five.

The king's children had agreed among themselves, and each of them was divided into parts of the continent, and thus five kingdoms were born.


(First Kingdom, The Proun village)

"You can not hide. You. Know. That."

A dark voice spoke to me. In the dark fog where his violet eyes shone, his voice echoed as if he were meters away from me. Together with the veil of fog in front of my eyes, his calm yet sharp voice made the hairs on my neck stand on end, and his approaching footsteps even more frightening. It was like a creature. His hand was right between my eyes. I held my breath longer and longer, waiting that he will disappear.

But the fear was real.

He was approaching. Silently. Viciously.

A real monster.

But that feeling, that fear, was enough to wake me up.

As soon as his hand touched my face, a quick move was the first thing I made. I quickly rose up from I was laying down and lifted my arms to protect me. I was panting heavily and was looking around rapidly. The calm and soothing light from the window and the empty room was the first thing to collide with my sudden noise, and yet again I realized it was another dream. I was heavily breathing because of what I saw, and my back was sweating like an animal. I didn't know what did I see in my dream, but it was sure horrifying.

Then I realized that I was still in my room. Like other days, today started with a nightmare.
I put my foot down on the floor and let my body from the edge of it. I was about to get out of bed and wash my face, but then a familiar silhouette came to greet me.

It was my uncle.

His tall figure, with his muscular body and tall dark clothes, came through the door, leaving his dark long cloak to flow a little as he moved. His white bushy beard and set-back hair, with his more mature-looking body features, had a grumpy emotion filled with them. He wasn't smiling much, as mostly it would be his usual mood that I am used to seeing him.

"Did you have the same nightmare again, Ryuu?" he said with a calm voice, being much kinder than normal,

My uncle wasn't a person that was very warm to others. He was a disciplined man that was incredibly dedicated to doing his work and living the simple life he had in mind. His relationship with me as a family member was protective, but it was joyful enough to laugh and have fun. Most of the time he would order me or make me learn things to do or be even better. We would do training, go get supplies from the town, or just spend our time getting our shed much stronger. He wasn't much understanding of failure, since he implemented that he saw potential in me and didn't want this to go to waste.

So early in the morning, just like this one, it was sure he had something in mind.

"Yes, as always." I replied while wiping my sweat with my hand.

Even though I've seen this nightmare every time, I've never understood it. I was being chased over and over again every time. But by what? It didn't look like a monster, but it didn't look like a person either. Every single night for the past years since I was sixteen until I turned 18 this year, this nightmare continued on continuously, ruining most of my days with less sleep, and more fear. I was having a hard time dealing with it and trying to cope with these new problems that I had to deal with every night. I was also getting scolded by my uncle for being less energetic and sleepy on weekdays too, causing me to do many mistakes.

*sigh* *I think it's going to stay in my head for a while.*

It was really a big problem to be added to the other ones I had.

Then my uncle approached me with a glass of water in his hand. He gently put it on the nightstand next to the bed and lowered his body to look at my sweaty face and talk to me. As I raised my eyes with a shaky body, he started talking with a low voice tone and said,

"Here, drink some water."

I was having a little problem reaching and holding the glass cup with my hands, since my palm was very slippery and I was still shaking. But I firmly gripped it and drank some until I felt better.

My uncle then added,

"Are you feeling better now?"

"Yeah, I'm better." I replied, taking a better and longer breath each time,

Maybe I wasn't psychically in pain, but mentally it wasn't getting out of my head.

"Good, we have to go down to the square with you today, remember, we'll get something for the farm." My uncle said while getting ready. He took his usual small bags of coins, and put them inside his small pocket, tightening his cloak much more.

I got out of my bed and stepped on the floor. My legs felt like jelly from toe to hips, causing me to lose my balance for a little. I gripped the nightstand and finally took a very deep breath that would help me get to my senses. I needed to start the day, so I got my clothes under my bed, and put them on. I quickly got my stuff and caught up with my uncle at the door.

I was thinking that fresh air would be pretty good to set me up for the day, and I wouldn't need to think much since it was our normal daily routine. But my uncle suddenly stopped me, and handed me a dark cloak, falling down from his palm gently.

"Don't forget to wear this."

It was one of those long black capes. With a long dusty surface, and kind of an old-looking style to it, it was something that covered up person's head and back. It looked like it would fit my body perfectly, but I didn't understand why we would need such a thing and why he handed me this.

"Why do I have to wear this?" my voice came out asking with confusion.

"The whole village complains a little about your clumsiness, so it would be better if you didn't show up."

"I don't think I'm that clumsy."

"Oh is that so? Do you remember last week?"

"When we visited the village?"

"Yes, that's right. But I'm talking about the time you almost burned the village. And the week before that you let the horses escape, and the week before that....."

"Okay, okay. I understand. I'll wear this."

"Good, we have to go down to the square with you today, remember, we'll get something for the farm." My uncle said while getting ready. He took his usual small bags of coins, and put them inside his small pocket, tightening his cloak much more.

I got out of my bed and stepped on the floor. My legs felt like jelly from toe to hips, causing me to lose my balance for a little. I gripped the nightstand and finally took a very deep breath that would help me get to my senses. I needed to start the day, so I got my clothes under my bed, and put them on. I quickly got my stuff and caught up with my uncle at the door.

I was thinking that fresh air would be pretty good to set me up for the day, and I wouldn't need to think much since it was our normal daily routine. But my uncle suddenly stopped me, and handed me a dark cloak, falling down from his palm gently.

"Don't forget to wear this."

It was one of those long black capes. With a long dusty surface, and kind of an old-looking style to it, it was something that covered up a person's head and back. It looked like it would fit my body perfectly, but I didn't understand why we would need such a thing and why he handed me this.

"Why do I have to wear this?" my voice came out asking with confusion.

He looked at me with a serious face. It was as if I was unaware of what I had done. He put his arms together and looked at the door. "The whole village complains a little about your clumsiness, so it would be better if you didn't show up." He added, looking back at me.

"Clumsiness?" I said, "I don't think I'm that clumsy."

I thought I was hearing my uncle wrong because of how early we woke up. But after I got to my senses, I realized something important.

"Oh is that so? Do you remember last week?"

"When we visited the village?"

"Yes, that's right. But I'm talking about the time you almost burned the village. And the week before that you let the horses escape, and the week before that....."

"Okay, okay. I understand. I'll wear this."

It seemed like my workouts and those nightmares have been messing with my mind ever since. I was starting to exhaust myself, causing my body to be all weak like this, work even less than I should, and even forget crucial information, mostly caused by fear and overlapping events and emotions.

I didn't want to embarrass myself any further, so I took the cloak off his hand.

"Good, I'll wait for you at the door."

It was kind of embarrassing and annoying to be reminded of what you've done. Especially when I didn't know what had exactly happened or when it happened. And since we were in the village a couple of times before, it was actually more embarrassing to think since I could have done something that I didn't remember.

I didn't like the idea of doing something like that, but I had to follow my uncle nonetheless. So I grit my teeth and got out of the house.

The cold air of the earlier morning was caressing my hot-headed face and pushing my cloak to my hips. I took little steps over the gravel-filled, soil and grass-covered road. Our wooden house was above a high hill, upon a small mountain covered with a small forest. We lived in a wooden house, covered with not much of fancy designs, with three small rooms, and many storage items filled inside. It was a very small place, but cozy enough for the two of us to spend our years here.

I was here with my uncle since I ever knew myself. My uncle raised me very well and I have been cherishing every moment ever since. But being so stuck in a singular place like this was also soul-tiring too. Every single day I was wondering what could happen. What could be? What was there behind all these big palaces, and shiny festivals? Why was I here from the very beginning, and not closer to those people?

Was I different?

"Ryuu. Are you coming?" My uncle said behind me, seeing that I was dozing off to my thoughts again.

I caught up to my uncle and got on the horse-drawn carriage with him to travel.

We started riding towards the kingdom by morning and it took us about a couple of hours of driving and traveling and chatting a little. We went from flat paths to weird-shaped rocky places, and many bush and tree-covered long roads. We were under heavy rain for quite some time, but we managed to reach the square of the village towards noon. We got off and dried all our equipment at the nearby shop. Luckily nothing was wet and the sun rose high again.

And the good part was, the markets were crowded as usual and a lot of festivities were organized.

"Why are there so many festivals today?" I asked, smiling slightly at the jaw-dropping crowd.

"Today is the 18th anniversary of the Kingdom's founding. People prepare the usual types of festivals, celebrative events, and many fun things that the youth mostly enjoys. This happens every year since most people migrate from various parts of other kingdoms to this kingdom, mostly to see their relatives, celebrate the unknown fun events of this kingdom, or just be away from all of the fuss on the others. They are probably preparing things for that."

Then I pointed to people dancing in the middle of the city with my finger, and asked,

"And what are they doing over there?"

"They dance in the middle of the city to celebrate. It's some kind of appreciation and It's something couples do."

"Well, when you were young, would you come here as a couple with somebody?

My uncle seemed that be a little annoyed with my question.

*Sigh* "I guess I shouldn't have brought you."

He then looked at me, and added,

"I have a little bit of work. Buy some apples from here, I will meet you later in the square."

It wasn't far away from here since we didn't come here walking. And I thought it would be better to leave him alone after my question.

"Ok, I'll take care of it." my foot stepped in front.

Then I got out of the carriage and started walking. My uncle rode away from me and went to gather some things before we went home.

"At least I tried it."

Now I was alone. I've been walking through all the vendors, looking for things that interest me. Some of the stands had different candies and sweets, some had award-winning contests, and some had items for sale. It was like a normal festival, but it was many times and many times larger than usual. It was obvious that a large part of the kingdom was celebrating this.

But just then I was passing by, I noticed something in the marketplace. Some people had gathered, watching an event in fear. They were looking at something that made them terrified.

It was a man. But a troubled type. He was beating an innocent man in front of everyone.

"You still haven't paid what you owe me, you scum."

"I'm sorry! I promise I will pay you back soon enough!"

"Your words are just full of lies! And your lies make me sick!"

I waited that someone would stop him and get him on the ground. But to my shock nobody did something. They were shocked too. They were terrified. But to stop it, they did nothing. Nobody was speaking about it nor they were acting.

It was a disgusting view.

I wanted to do something. Wanted to help him since others didn't. But I realized that I was too scared too. Couldn't move. I was planning to stop him, but I didn't know how I could. Fear had already taken over me. And now, I was shaking.

"You should have thought about that from the very beginning!" The man shouted once more before punching the other innocent man.

"I beg you! Please stop! It's my fault, give me one more chance!"

But then I realized something else too. Yes, it was scary. But the anger that grew in me was just as big as my fear. I knew I was scared but now my body was shaking with anger. It appeared inside me, then it took over my whole body.

"Stop now! If you continue like this, you will kill him!" I shouted.

This made the man stop for a couple of seconds. He got up, stood there for a second, and said with a grin while looking at me,

"Did you tell that to me, little boy?"

"Yes, I said it to you! You asshole! You have no right to attack this man! Leave the man alone!"

"So you told me that? You talk a lot, kid."

I thought I could stand against him. But before I knew what was happening, I got a punch in the stomach. It was very painful and I was knocked down in seconds.

"Do you think you have the courage? Little brat? Huh!" He looked angrier and now he was shouting. I tried to move, but I could barely breathe. And before I could get up he approached and continued to kick me. He was kicking me relentlessly and punching me with all of the anger he gathered.

And just then, I saw someone coming from the corner. It was a familiar face.

"That's enough." He said with a thick voice. He seemed angry too.

"What are you going to do old man, you will try to bea-"

The man tried to talk cocky. But in the blink of an eye, the man had already entered the wall of one of the houses, standing unconscious. The other man had punched him and made him fly at the speed of light. It was so cool to watch and I felt a little bad for the man. But my bones were hurting really bad.

"I told you to get the hell out of here."

It was my uncle. He had found me in this crowd and helped me out. I don't know how he found out about this, but I was happy that he helped me. And on the other hand, everyone was watching what was happening in amazement. "More amazed" to be exact. They didn't act no matter what.

"Are you okay?" He asked.

"Yes thank you, Uncle, I'm fine."

"Come on, let's put ice in your eyes before your eyes swell."

We got out of there and started to go through the little stores. My uncle took some ice from above the road and put it in my eye,

He then said,

"Why do you have to be so irresponsible every time? You have been the same since you were a child."

*And a scolding once more. I guess I wasn't going to get away from it.*

"Was I supposed to watch that guy get beaten there?" I responded angrily.

"Your father entrusted you to me and you don't make the rules here. If you want to survive, you will listen to my words, understood?"

But his anger was bigger than mine. And the way he said his words, scared me to the core.

"I understand."

"Good, we have a lot of work to do, let's go."

My uncle has been like this since my childhood, he used to show his authority. But no matter how much he acted like this, he always had a kind side to me. So I didn't hold any grudge against him.

After we got on with our chat, we decided to leave there and I helped my uncle with carrying stuff. He and I loaded the equipment for the farm. We stayed under the sun for a long time, and our work was finished towards the sunset. It was very boring and it was tiring. But we eventually got on the horse-drawn carriage and started riding away. I was happy that I could help my uncle. Also, the festivity in the city square became even more enthusiastic after the sunset. It was more enjoyable to watch.

And just then I was getting lost in the view, I asked my uncle,

"Uncle, can other kingdoms be like this?"

"It depends. The rulers of kingdoms may be brothers, but each kingdom is ruled differently from the other. You can see many more similar or different ones from this kingdom here. So it is not entirely the same."

"Then does that mean the kingdoms are so different from each other?"

"Yes, no kingdoms are alike. They are all developed and talented in different matters. For example, The first kingdom that we are in is a developed kingdom in terms of agriculture. We sell valuable fruits and vegetables grown here to other countries. That is why it is a very important kingdom in terms of land.

The second kingdom is rich in minerals. This kingdom, on the other hand, usually sells the powerful materials it has to the fourth kingdom, which can make weapons, or the fifth kingdom, which is mostly rich. Thus, they ensure their trade in their own way.

However, the third kingdom is the most important in terms of trade. It is a kingdom that is rich in commerce. As I said before, they do their imports and exports thanks to this kingdom. Materials or deconstructed things are brought here and a commercial connection between other kingdoms is provided, just like a bridge.

The fourth kingdom is advanced in weapons and technology. Just like I said before. They produce the necessary weapons for armies or troops and sell them. Therefore, their military power is quite a lot. It is a very powerful kingdom if you stood against them.

And finally, The fifth kingdom. The richest kingdom of all. It's a kingdom that is much more advanced than the others in power and in many aspects. Thanks to the money they have, they can buy minerals, weapons, and everything they want related to agriculture at the same time from other kingdoms. That is why it is a highly developed kingdom, both as a people and as a fighting force. And this makes it one of the most frightening kingdoms. The only difference that kingdom has is that is not ruled by a family member."

"I understand all of them. But the fifth one is stuck in my mind. Who's in charge of the duties then?"
"Nobody knows, they always hid this issue. They acted as if this was top secret. But that didn't make anything worse either. Their system works perfectly fine even today."

Loyalty, power, money. The things my uncle told me that day was the things that ruled people in the world we lived in. They were things that most people trusted. But I had to learn more too. Because if these were the only things that ruled the world, then it meant nothing to explore it. There had to be something else.

*Maybe I'll never understand it until I see it with my own eyes.*

"I would like to see the kingdoms outside." I then said while still looking at the festival.

"It is natural that you want to go to the kingdoms outside. To explore. But I must keep you here. I do this for your safety."

And before I could say something back, My uncle pulled a packet out of his back pocket and added to his words,

"It may not be a great gift, but I still think you will like it."

A gift? But why was he giving me such a thing at such a time? I reached for the package slowly and opened it to see what was inside.

There was a map in it. It looked old and a little bit dusty, but it looked like it was something unique too.

"This is a map. But what's the point of this map?" I asked.

"This is not an ordinary map. There is more than it is on it."

It was a very nice gesture that he was thinking of me and bought a gift to make me happy.

"Thank you so much, Uncle. I mean it." I said with a smile.

He didn't say anything. He just continued to ride the horse. But after traveling for a while, my uncle stopped the carriage.

"What happened?" I asked confused.

He took a deep breath and replied,

"Thinking again, you worked really hard today. And it's also your birthday."

"Birthday? Oh! That is right! It's my birthday today! I even forgot it was, since the things we did today."

He sighed,

"I was going to tell you that, you can take your time on your own. You can go to the celebrations and have a little fun."

He's letting me go? He didn't always let me. Even though I asked kindly. So it was rare that my uncle let me go.


"Yes, but in half an hour. We have to go."

But still, having the opportunity, I became happy I accepted it.

"Understood. I'll be here in half an hour."

He and I should have trusted each other more in situations like this. Maybe my uncle had a protective personality, but sometimes it's good for a person to have fun like this. I've also wanted to see him smile too. Having him have fun, but it looked like it wasn't the time for it.

And so on, I ran towards the place of celebrations with excitement inside me. While my uncle continued his work from where he left off.

-20 minutes later, In Kaika's house-
Only twenty minutes had passed since Ryuu and Kaika had spoken. Ryuu was on his way to the festival and was having fun. And Kaika, on the other hand, had returned to his house in the forest and was slowly checking the items he brought.

But while he was doing that, a woman appeared and approached him.

"It's been a long time, Kaika." She said with a calm voice.

It didn't last long for Kaika to realize him either,

"Oh, Pelena. It's been a long time."

And after greeting each other, they decided to enter the house, sit down and talk there.
"When I heard you were here, I thought I should say hello." said Pelena.

"Well thought. I'm grateful that you did. How about your situation? Are you well?"

"I'm fine, thanks for asking. I have a daughter now. It is kind of hard to deal with finding her sometimes, but I am handling it. I just have a beautiful life as always."

"It's really good to hear that."

*I wonder how I will tell him that.* thought Pelena.

But she started speaking anyways,

"I'm here to talk to you about a special topic."

"A special topic?"

Kaika didn't seem to be expecting a thing like that from her.

"You know he's searching for you, right?"

"Are you sure about that?" Kaika replied with fear.

The expression on his face took on a frightened and anxious expression and he now seemed scared and nervous.

"This bad. No, this is worse than I thought."

"But you said you had a second plan in mind. Why are you so nervous?"

"The boy doesn't have the strength to fight yet. And I don't know how strong Miron has become. So we'd better go out of here for the sake of everybody. Pelena, you have to meet me at my home at midnight."

"Kaika calm down. What are you going to do if we do so anyway?"

"Ryuu is alone in the city square. I have to get him from there."

(At the same time, In the city)

"There's really a lot to taste and see here. I wish my Uncle was here too."

After looking at the activities around for a while, the vitality of the people there impressed me. I ate many candies and tried many little games. And the good part was everybody was so nice. After all, it was the first time I saw such a good event.

"I apologize for stealing your precious time, my speech will not take long."

After the dance show in the center was over, a man wearing a black cloak went on stage and said something. It was a man that had a cape just like me, but his face wasn't visible. He seemed to be wearing some type of vest and black pants. I couldn't see his face, but his voice felt really convincing. It was as if he was somebody very kind.

"I came here looking for two people. They are some people who are dear to me."

He then added,

"Someone is an old man. He is tall, and big, with short brown hair, a brown beard, and eyes. Have you people seen this guy? Didn't you see him? Interesting."

One of the people shouted,

"We are not here to listen to you, we came to listen to music! Get down from that stage!"

People were not happy with this situation. Some continued to shout at him, while others were talking about how absurd it was.

Everyone was very angry, and they seemed annoyed by how somebody stopped their fun. But until the man moved. At that moment, He created a huge power wave by hitting his foot on the ground. And because of the wave it created, all of the viewers lost their contribution with fear.

"People are always the same, aren't they? They put what they want above the wishes of others. They don't know what is to be understanding. And as a result of such behavior, they get what they deserve. Do any of you know what that is?"

Nobody could have answered the man's question. The people that were shouting with anger, were now shaking with fear.

And since he didn't get an answer back, the man said,

"So no one knows. Then let me show you."

Then the man held up his right hand towards the sky and purple light started to glow and cover his hand. And after a short silence, suddenly the sky turned purple. Everybody was trying to understand the situation, most of the people looked around but they saw nothing until somebody said,

"What are these creatures?"

Now there were spirits coming from the sky. It was just like a scene that came out of a book. The crowd was running away in fear. Some were tripping, some were trying to get past each other. But everybody cared for something, and that was their lives.

I looked around in fear and nervousness. It was very difficult to watch what was going on, and every second I was thinking about what to do. But at that time, two of the ghosts saw me and flew toward me. I was so scared like other citizens, now two of the ghosts were after me. So I started running quickly. Trying to get away from there. I knew I had to get away from there and find somewhere to hide.

But after running away for a while, I tripped and fell. And I noticed the ghosts were catching up with me. They were now so close to attacking me. I was afraid and I didn't have the time to do anything. I closed my eyes and wished that what had happened would end, and I think my wish came true.
"Are you okay?" was the first thing that I heard.

It was my uncle. Once more.

"Yes, I'm fine, but now many people other than me are getting chased by these spirits. What are we going to do?"

"We have to save our lives for now. We are getting out of here."

"But what about the other people?"

"If we get out of here they are going to be safe."

"How is this possible?"

"I don't have time to tell. Follow me."

When we turned around the man in the black cape was right in front of us.

"Here you are, Kaika."

And at that moment, my uncle hit the ground with his hands. Creating a big crack in the ground. This made the man stop chasing us for a moment and gave us the necessary time.

"We're leaving, now!"

We walked away from there without looking back.

"How does that black caped man know about you?" I asked while trying to look in front of me.
"All you have to know is that guy is a very dangerous person. Especially for us."

"So what are we gonna do?"

"We'll go back home. And then we'll leave this kingdom. When Miron finds out that we are leaving, he will leave the kingdom too."

We were attacked at an unexpected moment and the palace was now surrounded by spirits. I was worried about the people that we left behind but I also had a lot of questions in mind.

Who was this guy? Why was my uncle so afraid of this man? And why do we have to escape from the palace we did live in for so long? It was all too hard to think about and I didn't know. However, hoping that he would tell me sooner or later, I followed him to our house.

And after running, we got home in a short time. But the surprising thing was, a carriage was waiting in front of the house.

There was a woman in the carriage and a girl in the carriage.

By looking at them, I asked while breathing and trying to stand still,

"Who are these people?"

"They are the people who will take you from here. She is Pelana, a friend of mine. And that's her daughter." My uncle replied in a serious voice tone.

*Pelena? Lezlie? But why are they here?*

"Wait for a second. What are you going to do?"

"If I come with you, your life will be in danger too. And I can not bring danger with me. For your safety, I will stay here and take care of him."

"You said the man was very dangerous and now you want to fight him?"

The woman in the car approached me and said,

"Your uncle is right. This is the best way for both of us. If we stay with him we could lose more than enough life. He also can find us without effort."

"This is nonsense we can all escape together. Come with us!" I replied while ignoring the woman's words.

But he just sighed. Then he looked me right in the eyes and said calmly,

"I've run long enough. And if I keep running, he'll come after me again. One more time. But now is the time to stop. I have to put an end to this. "

His words stuck in my brain like a bullet. My heart didn't have the power to leave him there. It was as if I was watching him fade away in front of me. And I wasn't able to convince him. But I didn't have the power to take him with me either.

"You never listen to what I say."

I was in tears, I didn't even know that such a farewell would happen soon.

"Uncle, please be careful." I said while trying to hold my emotions.

"Don't worry about me, I'll make it. Go before he gets here."

After getting into the back of the cart, I looked at my Uncle one more time. I saw him one last time. He just stood there. His beard was shaking from the wind. And he was looking at me with sad eyes. His eyes were telling one thing.

-I trust you."

And after a while, I could not see him anymore.

He was now gone.

"Ryuu, you don't need to be afraid. He's a pretty strong guy. I knew him for a long time. I'm sure he'll handle it."

"How do you know my uncle? How do you know he is going to catch up to us?"
I then looked at her, half angry and half sad.

"Who are you anyway?"

She sighed,

"You have to calm down. I know you are in big pain. But there isn't anything we could do for now. So please sit and listen to me."

She was right. I was in great pain. And I couldn't control my feelings. I wanted to yell and scream so much at that moment, but I listened to her since it was like what she said.
"I'm sorry..."

"No problem. It is a thing that humans normally do after all. I'm sorry for not introducing us earlier. I just wanted your safety."

Then she added,

"I am Pelena. A witch. And the person next to me is my daughter Lezlie. She is also a witch like me. We are the people your uncle saved the lives of a long time ago. And since then we haven't talked until today."

"You were his friend? Did he save your life?"

"Yes, that is correct. One day, at night, suddenly a fire broke out in our village. At first, we all thought it was somewhat accidental. But the fire was made not accidentally but made of grits. The people who started the fire did something like this to kidnap children or women from the village. It was so disturbing to think about it, but it did happen. My husband tried to protect us, but they killed him in front of our eyes without mercy. And we were hopeless. But at that moment, your Uncle came out. He alone saved me, my daughter, and dozens of people. Then he became a hero in our eyes after that day. He didn't want to endanger us because Miron was following him. So he left us after a short while."

"So why suddenly have you decided to come and visit us today?"

"Strong witches can see the future even for a short time. And bad enough, I saw a dangerous future for you and your Uncle. That's why I came to warn you. Witches like me don't like to be in debt, and I decided to pay off my debt to your Uncle by saving you. That's all."

"So why didn't we help him? Why are we leaving now?"

"I can't. Miron is on another level. Even for me. Also, I'm not good at fighting. I'll just be an obstacle to your uncle."

Then she looked at me one last time and said,

"He is a terrifying monster."


(At that same time, Back at the village) (Kaika)

I sat on a stone and waited for him. I knew he was going to come. Because he always did to hunt his prey. It was just his style.

He approached me through the trees.

Miron. The wolf hunter.

"It's been a long, long time, Kaika. You seem unhappy to see me."

"I don't have time for your nonsense chit-chats Miron. How did you find me?"

"That's my job. Remember? I'm a Wolfhunter. And do you know what's funny about it? Over the past years, you have run away from me. One of the biggest hunters in the forest, running away from another hunter. All the people in the wolf bloodline I killed, died fighting with dignity. But you, you chose to hide like a coward."

Then he added, opening his widely like a maniac,

"How pathetic isn't it?"

These were just words to try to get into me. But I wouldn't fall for it.

"You killed innocent people, Miron. And killed half of my lineage. What did you get at the end?"

"Fear, Kaika. Fear is my biggest goal. I grew up and developed in fear. Ran away from fear. Hid with fear. And now I will show everyone that fear is stronger than logic."

"Is that so? Then you must know that life is very simple. You get what you give."

"A meaningful word but unnecessary."

He looked like he remembered something and said smiling evilly,

"Oh! And also I forgot to ask. I saw you protecting a kid today. What intention do you have with that boy? Actually, no. The real question would be who was that boy and why did you protect him?"
"You will learn nothing from me and this is none of your business. So stop trying about it, Miron."

"Oh, I understand that. That's why I will learn the hard way. Good, but troublesome."

And the moment I dropped my guard, he pointed his hand at me and sprayed the Spirit flame at me. It was his power that he used against his enemies. But even though he caught me off guard, I managed to escape by jumping very high. It hit the trees behind me and they were damaged.

He then kept attacking without letting me breathe. I tried to avoid his attacks as quickly as I could.

And I got behind him and hit his waist hard. With this, his hand aimed at the ground and I hit him in the stomach. He then started flying towards my house, hitting and shattering it.

And after a couple of seconds, he stood up once more and said,

"Not bad, despite your old age, you still maintain your strength. But I didn't stay the same this whole time too."

Putting both hands together, he once again ignited the spirit flame. But this time the fire was much stronger and much more durable. It was aimed at a bigger range. So I couldn't escape the fire. This time I tried to protect myself from the flame with the irons on my wrists.

The fire continued to devastate dozens of trees in the forest and my arms were badly injured. There was also an incredible pain that didn't go away.

But before I recovered just a little, he then switched to melee and tried faster attacks. He tried to kick me and punch me a fast way. I tried to throw several punches at the same time while dodging his fists.

But the moment he saw my open spot, he covered his hand with spirit fire and dealt me a very strong blow. I was unable to escape the blow and it hit my stomach. With it, I flew into the mountain behind me and crashed into the mountain.

There was blood coming out of my mouth now and great damage was done on the mountain.
*I think I broke a few bones. But that's not the problem. He's too fast. I have to catch his fists.* I thought to myself.

"There is nothing I can do, I have to win!"

Shouting strongly, I increased my speed with every punch I threw. I was frustrated about how he beat me up and got the advantage. I needed to find a way to get him on the ground. He dodged my fists, but there was something he forgot.

"You dropped your guard!"

Getting behind him, I hit him hard in the face with my elbow. This made him slide a little bit. And made his nose bleed.

But Miron didn't bother. He wiped the blood from his mouth and smiled. He then kept attacking again with all his power. As soon as I thought his attacks were slowing down he smiled and attacked again,

"You dropped your guard!" he said with a grin.

Then before even realizing it, he punched me toward the mountain and made me fly once more.
I was done now. I had no energy left, no willpower to fight. Because Miron had been hitting me all this time not in a normal way, but with fists covered with spirit flame, I could no longer fight. My body wasn't even working properly. I tried to breathe, but this old useless body didn't let me.

"If I could... Just one more time."

*I just wanted to see that boy once more. Just once."

"But I can't just wait to let this go to waste either!"

Miron was walking away, thinking that I was dead.

"He didn't even last that long. Less than I thought actually. I expected more from Kaika. But it seems that everything ends. One way or another."

But that wasn't going to end there. As soon as he was leaving, he felt a shaking in the ground,
Then he looked back with confusion,


When he turned around, the view was beyond words. The huge mountain was shattered and huge pieces were thrown toward Miron.

"Giving up isn't for you, huh Kaika?

At the same time, Miron prepared a huge spirit flame and sprayed it toward the rocks.

Their battle changed the world's destiny, forever.

Wolf Bloodline