Chapter 15:

Frightful Underground

Wolf Bloodline

Lezlie opened her fanny pack and checked on the condition of the cute white rabbit that her mother gave her. calling out to her rabbit,

"Are you okay? Fluffy?"

The rabbit pulled out its little head and showed it was fine by shaking it in a cute way. After I looked around a little, I realized there was something around us.

Although we were in a mining-style place, it wasn't dark, but it wasn't very bright. And I could also feel the movements behind the Stones as if people were passing through the shadows.

I gave Lezlie a signal to stay steady and not make a sound.

I moved slowly behind the stones. When I looked behind the stones, there was nothing. But I was sure someone was moving here. At that moment, Lezlie yelled at me,

"Ryuu-san, behind you!"

After Lezlie warned me, I threw myself back without thinking.As I threw myself back, I saw something very strange. What I saw was a human-like creature. And It had a very big spear. If Lezlie hadn't warned me, the creature would have almost wounded me with its spear. But it disappeared in the shadows.

There was no one behind me, I never understood how he got behind me so fast. I slowly returned to Lezlie. Turning my head to Lezlie,

"There are different kinds of creatures here. We need to move carefully."


As we were protecting ourselves, the monster appeared again.

As the creature approached us a little more, we could see it more clearly. He didn't look like any creature I'd ever seen before. He had a human body, but his head looked like a predator, with pointed teeth, red eyes. He was wearing a skirt-like thing.

As the creature approached us, it growled as if it were going to attack. As I was going to attack the creature, Lezlie tapped on my shoulder and pointed behind the stones with her finger,

"Ryuu-san, I think the creature is not the only one, look, they keep coming from behind."

"We can fight them, but we don't know how much they are, which is a waste of our time."

"You are right Ryuu-san. And also, it's not clear how solid this place is, if we fight, this place could collapse. And we also don't know what kind of powers they have."

The creatures surrounded us, but for some reason, they didn't attack us. One of them tried to approach us, but the light was reflected on us through the tunnel, and as they approached the light, they were screaming in pain.

Lezlie looked at me,

I said, "I think the light is hurting them, so they can't approach us."

"Does that means we are safe?"

"For now, we still have to figure out how we are going to get out?"

I looked around and started looking for solutions. A short time later, I saw another light along with the mine, which was quite small for this place, but it was enough for us. I looked at Lezlie

"Lezlie-san, I have an idea, hold on to me."


I took Lezlie in my arms and hit the ground hard. Because of my punch, we were covered in dust. For a short time, they couldn't see us. So I started running as hard as I could into the light ahead.

The creatures soon spotted us and started running after us like bloodthirsty. One of the creatures tried to jump on me, but I crouched quickly and ran away from them. Another creature attacked from below, but I jumped at the right time.

Lezlie climbed over my shoulder and started using her spells to slow them.

"Lezlie-san, stop! This cave is sensitive! You can't just use your spells!"

"Ryuu-san, they are very quick, If I don't use my spells they are going to catch us, and we probably going to die."

I was sure the creatures would catch up with us because they were pretty fast for us. At that moment, someone masked appeared in front of us, shouted at us,


It was strange that a stranger suddenly appeared and offered help, but we seemed to have no choice but to trust him. I ran over there doing what he said. When I got to him, the man lowered the arm next to him and blocked the road behind us with a big door. So we got rid of the creatures behind us.

When I saw everything was calm and safe, I put Lezlie down. The man who saved us approached us,

"You're safe here, you can relax."

The guy took out his maks. He was pretty short for us, and he had a beard. However, without paying attention to that.

"Thank you for saving us there."

"Don't mention it, it's my job."

"Your Job?"

"Yes, I'm the caretaker of here, my name is Will, and who are you?"

"I'm Ryuu, and this is my friend Lezlie."

"Pleased to meet you. Allow me to introduce you to other people of my lineage."

"I'm sorry but we are searching for an exit."

"Oh come on. Be our guest. My parents will be very happy to see you. Not many people come here. Except for the "cowboy" guy that came today."

"The cowboy guy? Do you know the man's name?"

"He said his name was Hiroshi. But he's so grumpy, he was just like a grumpy baby. He didn't do anything we said."

"So where is he now?"

"A little ahead, where my people live. You can find him easily. I can guide you there if you want."

"Thank you again Will-san."

We followed Will without losing time. We went to the place where his people were. When we got there, everyone was as short as Will and as kind as he was. When they first saw us, I thought they were going to be scared, but they came to us happy. It was as if they had known us for a long time.

It made Lezlie and me happy, but we still didn't know where we were or who these people were. At that time, Lezlie and I heard a familiar voice.

"Hey, Kid."