Chapter 14:

Again In The Roads

Wolf Bloodline

Hiroshi-san, Lezlie-san, and I were ready to go. When we got to the entrance of the village of witches, everyone in the village gathered there to say goodbye to us. We rode our horses slowly through them. The chief came with my map in his hand,Bookmark here

"I have broken the seal of the map, and now it will take you to the person or place you want, as you want."Bookmark here

"Thank you again, Chief-san, your people and you have been very helpful to us."Bookmark here

"The same applies to us, you have helped a lot. My last request is that you take good care of Lezlie."Bookmark here

"I promise we'll take care of her, and I hope you find a new place to live in no time."Bookmark here

"Today we will evacuate and I am sure we will see each other again, but until then goodbye, Wolf-descendant Ryuu."Bookmark here

After the chief's words, we rode our horses out of there. I was happy to meet people like them. Lezlie turned around and smiled sincerely looked at her village, then looked at us.Bookmark here

"Ahh, Ryuu-san, I wonder where are we heading to?"Bookmark here

I was going to open my map and see where we should go, but I was surprised by what I saw. I've never seen a map like this before. I saw that we appeared on the map as a red dot, and the dot was moving as we were moving.Bookmark here

Then a black dot appeared. I knew the black dot was where I wanted to go. Because the black dot didn't move as we did, and the map drew a route to the black dot. I looked at them,Bookmark here

"The map shows a certain route at the moment, it would be better for us to follow that route for now."Bookmark here

We turned our horses East and kept riding,Bookmark here

-(At that time) The Castle Of The First Epic-Bookmark here

One of the soldiers entered the epic's room,Bookmark here

"Sir, your elite soldier number three, Jixus, has returned."Bookmark here

First Epic, sat on the throne,Bookmark here

"All right, I want him here, right now."Bookmark here

"Yes, sir."Bookmark here

Jixus, wounded and exhausted, enters the epic's room,Bookmark here

"Sir, I'm sorry to say this but I couldn't take her, and also Nozu has died."Bookmark here

The First Epic was really angry at this situation, he quickly got up from his throne,Bookmark here

"Incompetents! You couldn't kidnap a woman from a witch's village without any power!"Bookmark here

"Sir, it wasn't the witches."Bookmark here


"In an instant, two people appeared in the middle of the war, they had an unstoppable power. Especially the young one, he was fighting as if he was living for fighting. And I heard that these two people were the ones who defeated our fifth elite soldier."Bookmark here

Epic looked at Jixus with furious eyes,Bookmark here

"I don't care who they are! put high rewards on their heads and make this reward heard everywhere in the first Kingdom, And also I want you to leave the young one alive."Bookmark here

"Why, Sir. He's not as weak as he looks, catching him is not as easy as he looks!"Bookmark here

"If he's as strong as you say, he could be the one Miron's looking for. Inform the first and second elite soldiers. Let them go looking for them."Bookmark here

"Sir, are we going to take the situation this far, these two are monsters."Bookmark here

"They're just trying to intimidate us. Find them, now!"Bookmark here

(Jixus leaves there to fulfill the first epic's duties. Epic, sitting on the throne again,)Bookmark here

"I hope he's the child Miron is looking for, or he'll destroy the entire kingdom."Bookmark here

-24 Hours Later-Bookmark here

-An Unknown Place In The East Of The First Kingdom-Bookmark here

After a long way on the horses, we slowed down a little. Lezlie looked at me,Bookmark here

"Ummm, Ryuu-san, When I was in the village, watching you fight, you were fighting with powers that normal people can't have, maybe it's not appropriate for me to ask, but do you come from a lineage?"Bookmark here

"Yes, I'm a wolf descendant. But I just discovered it, just like you did. That's why I can't use much of my power."Bookmark here

"Also, Hiroshi-san, you were quite strong there too, do you also come from a lineage?"Bookmark here

Hiroshi-san lit the cigar in his mouth,Bookmark here

"I'm not a descendant, I'm a Ruiet."Bookmark here

Ruiet? I was hearing that word for the first time,Bookmark here

"What does that means Hiroshi-san?"Bookmark here

"It means normal humans like me."Bookmark here

As we spoke, we saw something in front of our path, many trees and stones blocking our way. We could have entered comfortably, but it was impossible for horses to enter, Hiroshi-san looked at his right and left,Bookmark here

"I think we can go around it."Bookmark here

"Hiroshi-san, we can't do this, the map says we have to continue from here."Bookmark here

Lezlie looked at the horses,Bookmark here

"Then we must leave the horses. Otherwise, we can't get through here."Bookmark here

We got off our horses and moved on. The path we entered was quite narrow, so we walked slowly, in a single row. Hiroshi was in front. I was in the middle, and Lezlie was behind me.Bookmark here

After walking briefly, Hiroshi made the wait sign by raising his hand in the air. Lezlie and I stood after Hiroshi's sign. After Hiroshi looked at the ground, he immediately turned his head to us,Bookmark here

"It's not safe here....."Bookmark here

After Hiroshi said that, the floor broke below us, and suddenly we fell down. After the floor broke, we were sliding down with something like a tube. We couldn't stop ourselves or hold on to anything. The slide suddenly split to the right and left.Bookmark here

Me and Lezlie entered to the left of the slide, but Hiroshi entered to the right of the slide. When the slide was over, we were in the air and about to crash, so I hugged Lezlie and took her on top of me so she wouldn't get hurt. When we hit the ground, there was dust and smoke everywhere.Bookmark here

When Lezlie saw me hugging her, she blushed and got up.Bookmark here

"Th- Thank you... Ryuu-san."Bookmark here

"No problem. But we landed very fast."Bookmark here

I slowly got up and looked around.Bookmark here

"Where... are..... we?"Bookmark here

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