Chapter 53:

Lezlie's Past: Part 2

Wolf Bloodline

When I opened my eyes, I was in the tent where women gave birth, my pains were gone, but I couldn't give birth. Our healer of our village was there too, he saw me awake and approached me,Bookmark here

"The pains you went through were labor pains, but don't worry. You and your baby are fine. I can't say for sure, but you'll probably have the baby by next week. Get as much rest as you can for now. Also, your husband's out there waiting for you."Bookmark here

"Thank you."Bookmark here

"It's no problem for me."Bookmark here

When I came out of the tent, my husband saw me and came running up to me,Bookmark here

"Are you feeling better?"Bookmark here

"Yeah, he said I could give birth by next week."Bookmark here

"I can understand what you're saying. But there's something I need to tell you."Bookmark here

"What happened, Seinch?"Bookmark here

"I'll tell you when we get to your father. He has something to talk to about too."Bookmark here

"Okay, let's-"Bookmark here

"Pelena, watch out!"Bookmark here

Seinch grabbed me by the arm and pulled me. He saved my life. A big piece of rock almost crushed me. When I looked at where the piece of rock came from, I saw some similar faces that I had seen before.Bookmark here

The Caparros Lineage was attacking again.Bookmark here

As our warriors fought them, innocent and hard-pressed people were fleeing.Bookmark here

Seinch looked at me and said,Bookmark here

"It's safe here. You stay here. I have to go help people."Bookmark here

"You can't wait for me to sit here and watch you fight and risk your lives!"Bookmark here

"Pelena enough means enough. You're pregnant. As long as you're pregnant, you can't do this kind of work."Bookmark here

Even though I hated to admit it, I shook my head approvingly. I grabbed his arm as he was about to left , and looked into his eyes,Bookmark here

"Don't do anything dangerous."Bookmark here

"Just trust me, I'll be back."Bookmark here

He quickly made his way. So I did what he said, and I started hiding in the infirmary tent.Bookmark here

Soon after, I heard a little girl scream. At first, I was hesitant to go out, there was no way I could go out like this. But she screamed a few more times, and I couldn't resist, so I left the tent. I started walking towards the sound.Bookmark here

There was a girl lying unconscious on the floor.Bookmark here

There was nobody around. No one can help her out.Bookmark here

I was scared but I felt like I had to help her. Of course, I was also unprotected, but she was unprotected too. I couldn't leave her in such a place. I ran right up to her and tried to bring him to his senses. She didn't respond. I placed her to my knees. I tried to wake her up few more times. I thought about bringing her back to my tent, but It was so hard to move. My stomach hurt and I didn't want to hurt the baby.Bookmark here

And then I heard a voice coming towards me, right behind me.Bookmark here

The sound was slowly approaching me. I turned around in the excitement of the moment. And, of course, a descendant of Caparros was approaching me. It was a real pain in the ass to face one right here. And how did he get here exactly? I didn't have the time to think that.Bookmark here

I tried to get up quickly, but I didn't have the strength to lift the girl. I panicked a lot and became unthinkable. I didn't even had the power to use my spells. I didn't realize he got too close to me. He appeared next to me, and as soon as he approached, he tried to attack me, I closed my eyes and waited for something, something to happen. I heard a couple of sounds, But nothing happened.Bookmark here

I opened my eyes and saw that he was knocked down.Bookmark here

And next to him was a man in a black cape. He was so big and muscular. And had a big sword on his back. I said to the man,Bookmark here

"You saved my life. I really appreciate it."Bookmark here

The man took the cape off his head and turned to me,Bookmark here

"It's all right. But isn't it a little dangerous for you to wander here?"Bookmark here

As I tried to get up I said,Bookmark here

"I was actually hiding in my tent, but I heard a girl scream a few times. And when I came here, she was lying unconscious on the floor. And I couldn't protect myself because of the baby."Bookmark here

"I need to get you somewhere safe. Please hold my hand."Bookmark here

"One second-"Bookmark here

He grabbed my hand and put me on his back. he also held the other girl in his arms and began to move, jumping.Bookmark here

"Can you tell me where is your tent?"Bookmark here

"It's down there."Bookmark here

I never saw this man before, but I was grateful that he saved me. He slowly put us on the ground and said,Bookmark here

As he was about to leave, he saw that all of them followed him,Bookmark here

"Get in the tent, and don't get out."Bookmark here

I quickly got in the tent. I was out of breath. I put the child in a safe place and let her sleep. There were no wounds on her body, she just fainted from fear. I was sure a couple of hours later she was going to woke up.Bookmark here

I was wondering that if he was alright too. I need to rest but because of my curiosity, I opened one of the curtains and looked out.Bookmark here

He was surrounded by Caparosses. It was an intense moment, but he wasn't scared, not at all.Bookmark here

All the Caparros started running towards him at the same time. But the man waited calmly, without leaving his position.Bookmark here

They all tried to attack at the same time. The man took a deep breath.Bookmark here

He punched the first Caparros, kicked the other one. And the other two hit their heads together. He kicked the last one threw him pretty far.Bookmark here

He was so quick and powerful. I have never seen a person like him before.Bookmark here

Then most of the Caparros in our village turned to the man. He appeared behind them one by one and knocked them all down. But how did he do it? He was so fast, it was really hard to track his movements. I couldn't see him running or jumping, I could just see enemies appear behind him. He was taking them down one by one. He almost didn't seem to use any force. I didn't really understand a man like this wasn't popular at all.Bookmark here

After the man defeated all the Caparros, applause and screams suddenly rose from the houses.Bookmark here

"He beat the Caparros! He's our hero!"Bookmark here

As the public supported him, I held the girl in my arms and took her to the infirmary just in case, after taking care of the girl, I left the infirmary. And my husband appeared next to me,Bookmark here

"Hey what are you doing here? Why aren't you in the tent?"Bookmark here

"A girl's life was in danger, I had to help her. But don't worry, that guy saved our lives."Bookmark here

My husband went through the public and went to the man, so I followed him.Bookmark here

This time, he had another person with him. He was older and different. but they were like relatives. My husband raised his hand and silenced the public and started talking.Bookmark here

"I can't thank you enough for saving my wife, my child, and our people."Bookmark here

"You don't have to thank me, I just did what needed to be done."Bookmark here

"Today the chef will have a feast, please be our guest today and accept the feast."Bookmark here

The older man said,Bookmark here

"Well, actually, it would be nice if we had a snack or two."Bookmark here

*sigh* "I guess we can stop for some food."Bookmark here

"Well, may I know your name?"Bookmark here

"My name is Jiro Okami, but people usually call me Alpha Prime."Bookmark here

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