Chapter 59:

A Monsterous Creature: The Kraken

Wolf Bloodline

When I opened my eyes, Lezlie was shaking me in a hurry next to me,Bookmark here

"Ryuu-San! Ryuu-San! Wake up! A monster is attacking the ship!"Bookmark here

"Creature? Where are Hiroshi-San and Babu?Bookmark here

"They're planning an attack against the creature, but we need your help."Bookmark here

Lezlie and I immediately went up to the deck of the ship. Hiroshi and Babu saw us and ran to us.Bookmark here

Hiroshi said,Bookmark here

"The creature appeared under the ship and could attack at any moment."Bookmark here

"Hiroshi-San, It's not the mythical creature the King told about, is it?"Bookmark here

"I don't think he looks anything like the creature described. This one has more than one arm."Bookmark here

The captain looked at the sea and then shouted at his crew,Bookmark here

"It's The Kraken! Lower the sails and take battle positions, now!"Bookmark here

We all went to Captain,Bookmark here

Babu said, "Captain, what is going on here, what is this creature?Bookmark here

"This monster's name is Kraken, maybe you've heard it a hundred times before. The strangest thing is, what is such a mystical and extremely dangerous creature doing here?"Bookmark here

"If it is that strong, why did you take a war position?"Bookmark here

"First, if we try to avoid it, it will come directly after us and kill us. But if we counterattack and corner that monster, we have a chance to escape."Bookmark here

Hiroshi said,Bookmark here

"Oh, how lucky we are. Do you have any idea how to fight that monster, Captain?"Bookmark here

"I don't know, I've never seen it before, but I know we can't escape without a fight."Bookmark here

I said,Bookmark here

"We'll help you defend the ship."Bookmark here

Hiroshi looked at ship cannons,Bookmark here

"How many cannonballs do you have on board?"Bookmark here

"Not enough for that creature. But there is still a little."Bookmark here

"Well, how far are we from the Kingdom?"Bookmark here

"Even with this ship, it's at least a week away."Bookmark here

"Can we swim back?"Bookmark here

"Unfortunately, no, half my crew doesn't know how to swim."Bookmark here

"They work on the ship, but they can't swim?"Bookmark here

"Sad, but true."Bookmark here

"We have to fight the creature. Is there a place I can aim?"Bookmark here

The captain pointed up with his hand and said,Bookmark here

"You can climb the mast of the ship."Bookmark here

"And you Kid, you guys stay away from the corners when you can, we don't know what the creature can do."Bookmark here

As Hiroshi began to climb, the ship began to shake, there was a very strong shaking, the ship was almost about to turn upside down.Bookmark here

There was a brief silence as the ship stopped shaking, and then suddenly arms appeared from every corner of the ship. Eight big octopus arms surrounded the ship.Bookmark here

The captain shouted at his crew again and said,Bookmark here

"FIRE THE CANNONS!"Bookmark here

The ship's cannons and crew responded to the Kraken. A few of the balls touched the cracker's arm, but it made the monster angrier. He began to shake the ship more and hit the deck of the ship with his arms.Bookmark here

I was running away from the arms, I saw that his arms were so sticky. I tried to hit one of his arms, but my fist stuck pretty tightly to his arm. He raised his arm in the air and threw me into the sea.Bookmark here

I found myself in the sea, and in front of me was the Kraken itself. I could see the entire body of the Kraken through the sea. It was huge, almost three times the size of the ship. And it was really scary. The Kraken didn't see me because he was attacking the ship.Bookmark here

I swam up without wasting any time. Because I had no relationship with the sea, I couldn't fight it at sea. I climbed back on board, clinging to a corner of the ship. I was soaked, and water kept coming out of my mouth. Babu saw me and said,Bookmark here

"Ryuu-Kun, are you okay?"Bookmark here

"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine, I just need a two-minute break."Bookmark here

Just as I said that the Kraken grabbed Babu using one of his arms.Bookmark here

I shouted, "Babu-San!"Bookmark here

I took the big axe on the ground to my left and jumped with all my might and hit the Kraken's arm with the axe. With the pain of the axe, Kraken dropped Babu, but the cut I opened was very small, although I used all my strength, it almost never cut off the arm.Bookmark here

As he was going to attack me with his other arm, I jumped to the ground, leaving the axe in his arm. The Kraken smashed the ship's mast with its arm, and Hiroshi, on top of the ship's mast, stuck his knife in the sail as he fell, slowing his fall and landing on our side. He looked at us and said,Bookmark here

"None of my bullets work, not even the poisonous ones. The skin of this thing must be really thick."Bookmark here

I said, "I can't fight it either, it would be unreasonable to just attack it like this."Bookmark here

Lezlie said, "Maybe I can do something to prevent it. But his skin is thick and impenetrable even than we expected. I don't know if we can just smash its skin with just attacking like this."Bookmark here

I said, "We'll try and see."Bookmark here

"I will do the spell, but we need five minutes to successfully execute the spell."Bookmark here

"Me and Panda, we'll take care of these giant arms. You do what needs to be done."Bookmark here

Then we got separated into two teams.Bookmark here

Lezlie and I went to the ship's cabin. Lezlie pulled the spellbook out of her bag and said,Bookmark here

"Put your hands together and reach out to me and please wait like this."Bookmark here

Lezlie, hold my hands and began to cast her spell. My hands were glowing when Lezlie cast the spell, and I couldn't feel my hands. After I waited two or three minutes, Lezlie pulled her hands and said,Bookmark here

"We have successfully executed the spell, Ryuu-San. But this spell can easily interact with flames, so be careful."Bookmark here

"All right, let's help Hiroshi-San and Babu-San."Bookmark here

We got out of the cabin very quickly and reached the deck. As soon as I got there, I saw one of the Beast's arms. I continued on my way, punching them. My arms weren't sticking this time. But even though I hit it many times with my fists, I only slightly injured his arm. And that didn't stop the Kraken a little bit. It hit me with its other arm, it threw me towards the end of the starboard side of the ship.Bookmark here

The torch hanging there fell on my hands and my hands started to burn. The colour of the fire was blue because of the magic. I was in extreme pain, but it gave me an idea. I tried to attack the monster with my flaming hands. I hit the arm of the monster in front of me and saw his skin turn red. My plan was working.Bookmark here

I kept punching the Beast's arm. And it tried to attack me with his other arms because it was in pain too. I punched one of the incoming arms, and then I got rid of the other arm by jumping. I took the broken mast of the ship in my hand in just like a stick and hit another one of the arms. Then I threw the pole towards another arm. The Arm grabbed the pole and broke it and threw it overboard.Bookmark here

Hiroshi shouted at me and said,Bookmark here

"I need a target to hit, Kid!"Bookmark here

After a brief look at my hands, I knew what Hiroshi-San meant. I survived the attack of the arm in front of me by doing a reverse somersault, and then when I was in the air, I joined two fingers and made a hole. Hiroshi took one shot through that little hole and he caused the bullet to burst into flames and managed to hit both of the Kraken's arms.Bookmark here

With a big roar, the Kraken pulled all of its arms back, and when I saw the arms being pulled, I immediately put my hands in the water-filled barrel in front of me, and after I put them in the water, the flames went out. But the flames had burned my hand so badly, my hands were shaking, fortunately, it was over. Everyone on the crew seemed relieved,Bookmark here

The crew shouted, "Hurrah! The creature has retreated!"Bookmark here

Captain shouting at his crew,Bookmark here

"Calm down! We didn't win, we just made him even angrier. The Kraken will come back to launch a more powerful attack."Bookmark here

Hiroshi said,Bookmark here

"Even if he comes back, we can't fight it. We've run out of bullets, and none of us has any energy to fight that monster again."Bookmark here

I said, "What are you talking about? It looked like the flames had hurt him."Bookmark here

"Kid, look at the state of your arm, in this situation your arm will never catch fire like that again. And also The Panda and The Girl is out of breath. I'm also almost out of bullets. We can't do anything about this."Bookmark here

Captain said,Bookmark here

"Well, you do you have an idea in mind?"Bookmark here

"Actually, I do, but I need the Kid's help."Bookmark here

"Understood. What is our plan?"Bookmark here

He sighed and said, "Even if your determination causes us trouble, it helps a lot."Bookmark here

Babu then turned to me and said,Bookmark here

"Your hands are badly damaged, Hiroshi-San, I don't think Ryuu-Kun can use his hands anymore."Bookmark here

"I don't need his hands, I need his legs."Bookmark here

That made them surprised,Bookmark here

He then said, "Anyway, while we're doing this, I want Lezlie and Babu to get in the boats with the others and leave."Bookmark here

Babu got angry and said, "Hiroshi-San, We can't just leave! We can also help! We don't have to do this every time!"Bookmark here

He said, "Look Panda, we said that when we went on this adventure, we were going to do what we had to do to achieve our goal. If we do the opposite, we'll all be dead before we get to them. Did you get it?"Bookmark here

He then said, "Also, it would be unnecessary for us all to be here."Bookmark here

Babu got a sad expression and said,Bookmark here

"But Hiroshi-San, it would be-"Bookmark here

"Go, it's all right, we'll catch up with you anyway."Bookmark here

Lezlie looked so sad and she looked like she was about to cry,Bookmark here

On the other hand, Babu looked like he regretted leaving, but they had no other choice.Bookmark here

Babu said, "Come on, Lezlie-San, we have to go."Bookmark here

Babu took Lezlie on his back and they boarded the boat prepared by the captain and his crew. Everyone was on the boat except me and Hiroshi. And Lezlie was looking at us, crying. They cut the boat's rope and left the ship.Bookmark here

I said, "So what do we do now, Hiroshi-San?"Bookmark here

He said, "Help me collect these before the creature arrives."Bookmark here

"These....?"Bookmark here

"Yes, Gunpowder, we'll collect it all and blow it up so we can get over its skin."Bookmark here

"But if we do that, won't the ship sink?"Bookmark here

"I know that, we'll swim to shore."Bookmark here

"I get it. But I don't get something, What am I supposed to do here?"Bookmark here

"We'll collect all the gunpowder in one place, we'll tie your feet to the rope, you'll use your feet on that rope to pull that gunpowder up from the cabin, you'll release the gunpowder when the monster approaches, and I'll shoot."Bookmark here

"But we're pretty close to the Gunpowder, how are we going to escape?"Bookmark here

"So as soon as you drop it, jump into the sea, but don't forget, don't drop the gunpowder until the creature shows its entire body."Bookmark here

By doing what Hiroshi said, we collected the gunpowder somewhere and I lifted them up with my leg. Hiroshi looked at the sea and said,Bookmark here

"Here it comes, drop it on my mark, and then run."Bookmark here

I had a hard time carrying gunpowder with my feet. The gunpowder was pretty heavy. But the important thing was that if we could have escaped. Because it looked like it was almost impossible for us to get out of here. The Kraken suddenly appeared on the ship's deck and showed its giant head. After a couple of seconds, its whole body was out of water. It was roaring pretty strongly. Hiroshi looked at me and said,Bookmark here

"Now!"Bookmark here

At his signal, I left the gunpowder by swinging the rope on my foot, and when Hiroshi fired, the ship blew up.Bookmark here

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