Chapter 60:

Welcome To The Second Kingdom: Keontis

Wolf Bloodline

I've been drifting in the sea for days on a piece of wood. I lost Hiroshi after the explosion. I was alone in the Big Sea, in the middle of it. After some time I began to tremble with hunger and cold.Bookmark here

It was getting dark again and getting colder. The stars looked great under the sea, but I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. I took a deep breath and eventually closed my eyes involuntarily.Bookmark here

When I woke up I was on a beach.Bookmark here

I was so happy to land again, but I couldn't move. After a little walk, I saw a small town in front of me and started slowly moving there.Bookmark here

It was as if the town was more crowded than the towns of the first Kingdom, and there were more houses. I had to find the others, but I had to eat something before that. I was starving. I looked around and started looking for a place to rest and eat.Bookmark here

I had no money to buy food, but I couldn't wait to starve. At that moment, I saw a big restaurant in front of me. I got in quickly. I sat at a table and waited for the waiter to come. The waiter came up to me and said,Bookmark here

"Sir, are you alright?"Bookmark here

"Whatever you suggest, it won't be a problem for me."Bookmark here

I was starving, but I was wondering what the others were doing either. I managed to get to land, but I haven't seen them since I did.Bookmark here

I took a look around, and the restaurant was pretty fancy. I've never seen a restaurant like this in the first Kingdom. It was certain I wasn't in the first Kingdom, but I didn't know which one I was in.Bookmark here

Soon after, the waiter came to my table with the food, I turned my head to him, and I said,Bookmark here

"Excuse me, where exactly is this place?"Bookmark here

"Boby's place is known as one of the most beloved places in the second Kingdom."Bookmark here

It was good for me to reach the second Kingdom. I knew it was close to our course, but I was still surprised.Bookmark here

"I understand, thank you."Bookmark here

I had a lot of good food in front of me. I quickly tried to eat it all. As I was about to finish them, a group of men came in.Bookmark here

They looked like bullies and didn't care about other people. One of the men called the waiter,Bookmark here

"Is our table ready, waiter guy?"Bookmark here

The waiter nervously said, "Ready, sir, you can sit there."Bookmark here

As the men walked towards their tables, I noticed something in the waist of the man in their center, a gun, but this gun was Hiroshi's own gun. I wasn't going to mess with them, but when I saw the gun, I got up and went to their table. I touched one of them's shoulder,Bookmark here

"I'm sorry, but where did you get that gun?"Bookmark here

"It's none of your business, go ahead, asshole."Bookmark here

"I need to know where you got that gun."Bookmark here

"Get out of here before I break your bones."Bookmark here

I put an uppercut in his face and threw him at the wall, making a big crack on the wall.Bookmark here

"I asked gently though."Bookmark here

The other guys stood up and said,Bookmark here

"Hey, asshole! What do you think you're doing?", "You'll pay for this!"Bookmark here

"Come along then."Bookmark here

One of them got in front of me, and the other got behind me.Bookmark here

As the person behind me was going to stab me with a knife, I slipped to the right and survived the stabbing. I grabbed the guy's arm and pressed it against my shoulder and broke his arm.Bookmark here

Then I grabbed the knife on the floor and threw it at the man in front of me. Just like I planned, I didn't hit him but it caused him to stick to the wall. Because I successfully hit his cloth. Then I grabbed the man behind me from his arm and threw him against the guy on the wall.Bookmark here

Then the other two guys slowly walked from my right to left. They were planning to run towards me at the same time. But just when they started running towards me, I jumped, hold their heads, and hit them together. After I landed, I kicked the one behind me knocking him down And knocked the man in front of me by throwing two punches, one on his stomach, one on his face.Bookmark here

"I think now you guys can lead me where got you got the gun."Bookmark here

And then a few customers, including the waiter, started applauding me. I didn't know what it was until the waiter came to me,Bookmark here

"Thank you, sir, thanks to you, we no longer have to fear bullies. Please tell me if there's anything you want."Bookmark here

"Well, ehhhh, Actually, if the food could come for free, I'd appreciate it. and I need a long rope."Bookmark here

"Consider it done, Sir."Bookmark here

By tying the men I beat to a rope, I forced them to take the gun to where they found it. I was holding the rope at the end when the rope was tied to them. After walking for about half an hour, one of the guys looked at me and said,Bookmark here

"Here we found the gun from the body of a man lying on the beach over there."Bookmark here

When I turned my head, Hiroshi was lying unconscious on the beach. Taking back Hiroshi's gun from the man, I untied their ropes.Bookmark here

"Looks like you learned that bravado is a bad thing."Bookmark here

Then I looked right into their eyes and said,Bookmark here

"Get lost!"Bookmark here

After I let the men go, I ran to Hiroshi. To control him, I turned his body towards me. When I looked at his mouth and checked his pulse. He was breathing.Bookmark here

I took a deep breath because he was alive.Bookmark here

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