Chapter 66:

Her Responsibilities

Wolf Bloodline

Lezlie-Chan, Mila-Chan, and I managed to get safely to the sea Kingdom. I didn't expect us to arrive so quickly, and we were faced with a really beautiful view. After we got out of the carriage, we started moving towards the castle. The castle was surrounded by soldiers. In every corner, in every field, there was a soldier. While we were walking the soldiers began to look suspiciously at Lezlie-Chan and me. And it made a pretty scary atmosphere.Bookmark here

"Princess Mila, we are honored to see you again. We heard reinforcements were attacked. I hope you are."Bookmark here

"Thank you, Luyi, I'm fine. These people saved me."Bookmark here

"And the reinforcements, Miss Mila?"Bookmark here

"Unfortunately they failed. I'm sorry."Bookmark here

"I understand, I'm really sorry to hear it. Our king will be very happy to see you. Please come in."Bookmark here

"So where is my father?"Bookmark here

"In the lobby of the castle, he was waiting for you to return."Bookmark here

Mila turned to us and signaled with her hand,Bookmark here

"All right, let's go before we waste any more time, Lezlie, Babu. we have to see my father."Bookmark here

We followed Mila-Chan into the castle. After a long and flashy corridor, we arrived in a huge lobby. There were some soldiers and a big guy in the lobby. He was almost twice my height, and he had a fairly large size. Then I realized the crown on his head. It was the King. As soon as Mila-Chan saw the King, she started running towards him,Bookmark here

"Dad!"Bookmark here

He was really impressive, and I started looking at him in admiration.Bookmark here

As soon as the King saw Mila-Chan, he hugged her and said,Bookmark here

"My Little Girl! So you're back, I was worried about you. Where have you been, what happened?"Bookmark here

"Calm down, I'm fine. I've just met a few people I don't want to meet, that's all."Bookmark here

"What exactly happened to you?"Bookmark here

"The fifth elite soldier and several soldiers of the epic trapped me. Thanks to my men, I managed to escape their trap, and then I found these people. These people saved me from the fifth elite soldier and helped me get here."Bookmark here

The King looked at us and said,Bookmark here

"Did they save you?" Bookmark here

"Yes, It was them who saved me. Actually, I am really grateful for that."Bookmark here

The King reached out his hand to me and said,Bookmark here

"Thank you, although it was my duty as a king, I failed to do so. We cannot thank you enough."Bookmark here

"No, no, I have to help people in need, like Mila-Chan. After all, that's my specialty."Bookmark here

"So where did you come from? Why are you helping people?"Bookmark here

"Actually, we're on this path because of our friend who saved us from our difficult situations. We're helping people to pay him back. And of course, helping people who need help is the most important thing for us. It has a meaning for all of us."Bookmark here

"I understand that. I can't thank you enough. And also I would like to ask, Is there anything you want?"Bookmark here

When The King said that, I looked at Lezlie-Chan. She looked like she wanted to say the same thing. She then nodded. I turned to King and said,Bookmark here

"Actually, there's something we want from you."Bookmark here

He smiled and said, "Oh, so you want something. And what kind of request is that?"Bookmark here

"We know the battle you're in with the second epic. So we want to help you, but in return, please give up Mila-Chan's forced marriage."Bookmark here

Mila turned her head to him and said,Bookmark here

"They know the man who defeated the first elite soldier, Dad. And they want to help us."Bookmark here

"Mila, we can't ask anyone for help, especially at a time like this. I know you don't want to get married, but-"Bookmark here

She got surprised and said, "What are you talking about?"Bookmark here

"Listen, they may have saved you, but we still don't know them. We can't just recruit people we don't know."Bookmark here

She got angry and shouted, "I don't really understand how you think people who stand up to Epic people can work with them. They help people, and they did help me. You have to understand that!"Bookmark here

Then he shouted back, "And you have to understand that we can not trust them!"Bookmark here

Then he said, Bookmark here

*Sigh* "Look, we just can't do that. I know you are facing a situation that you don't want to be in. But you have to trust me. Please, Mila."Bookmark here

"Okay, I understand. Then I'll be in my room. See you then. Come on guys, let's go." Bookmark here

She then started walking slowly. Bookmark here

After she walked away, The King looked at us and said,Bookmark here

"I can't accept the offer you're saying if there's nothing else you want. Please leave the castle."Bookmark here

I knew the King wouldn't be convinced right now. At least we should have waited until Ryuu-Kun and Hiroshi-San arrived. Then I came up with an idea, and I turned to the King,Bookmark here

"Well, Actually, sir, there's something else."Bookmark here

"Huh?"Bookmark here

"We've been looking for our friends for days, but we haven't found any trace of them, so I wonder if you could send a team to find them."Bookmark here

"Are your friends a cowboy and a young boy?"Bookmark here

"Yes, they are. But how did you know?"Bookmark here

"I sent a team to the second port to search for my daughter, and when Epic's soldiers attacked my men, your friends saved my men."Bookmark here

I got happy and said, "Really!"Bookmark here

Then Lezlie said,Bookmark here

"Babu-San, this is truly good news! That means Ryuu-San and Hiroshi-San are safe!"Bookmark here

"Yeah, you are right."Bookmark here

"Yeah, great, but your friends almost destroyed the port. The guy with the hat blew up one bar, and the other knocked down two big buildings."Bookmark here

I said, "Good enough, I guess."Bookmark here

Then Lezlie looked at the King and said,Bookmark here

"According to my guess....."Bookmark here

While the King was about to say it, A familiar voice behind us said,Bookmark here

"Guys!"Bookmark here

We were really happy to see them, so we ran towards them. I jumped on Hiroshi-San, shouting,Bookmark here

"Hiroshi-Saaaan!"Bookmark here

Lezlie said,Bookmark here

"We are really happy to see you back, Ryuu-San, Hiroshi-San!" Bookmark here

Then Hiroshi said,Bookmark here

"All Right, Panda. I missed you too. Get off me before I break my bone."Bookmark here

"Okay, okay, I am sorry. I am just happy to see you two are fine."Bookmark here

"Are you guys all right?"Bookmark here

"The Princess of the Sea People, Mila-Chan, helped us get here. So, we didn't have any trouble. But wherever you were, no matter how much we searched for you, we couldn't find you."Bookmark here

He got excited and said, "Princess of The Sea People? Wow, I didn't think we'd see a sea person here!"Bookmark here

Then Hiroshi said, "The first few days when we came ashore were difficult but now we are fine. What are you guys doing here with the Princess?"Bookmark here

"Princess Mila needed help. The fifth elite soldier was after her, and she also lost a lot of his men. We decided to help her, but because he had superhuman speed, he didn't let us go easily. And he said he was after the Princess. We slowed him down, but we couldn't fight him. Then we came here."Bookmark here

Hiroshi said, "And do you or the princess know anything about why he's after you?"Bookmark here

"It is said that King's son of this kingdom will marry the princess of the sea people and form an alliance between the kingdoms, and they do not want this to happen."Bookmark here

The king turned to us and said,Bookmark here

"That's not the only reason."Bookmark here

Hiroshi looked at the king and said,Bookmark here

"What do you mean."Bookmark here

"The only reason they're after my daughter is not to break the alliance, but they also want her tears."Bookmark here

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