Chapter 67:

A Forgotten Love

Wolf Bloodline

I looked at the king with confusion and said,Bookmark here

"Tears? Why do they want tears?"Bookmark here

After a brief silence, he sighed deeply and said,Bookmark here

"Legend has it that the tears of a mermaid, a descendant of my ancestors, can keep any mortal alive for hundreds of years. But this tear is not only responsible for giving life, but also can heal all the bleach wounds found in a person's body at that moment and all the diseases that they carry."Bookmark here

Hiroshi said, "Why doesn't he take the tears of any mermaid? There must be a reason why he came after you so much."Bookmark here

"As I said, only the tears of people of my bloodline can do this, and the heart of a mermaid whose tears were taken from must be healthy and young, just like my daughter. Because she is young and her body is just growing, Her tears are so pure, which means it has a higher chance of working."Bookmark here

"Then why don't you use something like this, even though it's so powerful?"Bookmark here

"It's not that easy, tears need to be combined with the water on "Muyan Mountain" then it can be drunk, otherwise it won't work."Bookmark here

"Does it have some kind of Curse?"Bookmark here

"Unfortunately, it is, like every legend, it has a curse, the person who drinks water does not actually earn years from water but takes years from someone else."Bookmark here

Lezlie said,Bookmark here

"And how may it do that?"Bookmark here

"After you drink the water, you must tell the person that you will take the years from, "With the power that tears give me, I want to take your years from you." if that person allows it and gives permission, that person dies and their years of life pass to you."Bookmark here

And I said,Bookmark here

"So what happens if The Second Epic succeeds?"Bookmark here

"It would be a disaster both for the people of the second Kingdom and for us. If she succeeds, the Second Epic will live for a long time, and after she gets my daughter's tears, she will kill her immediately so that no one will ever use it again."Bookmark here

"I don't think they can attack unless they know the way to the mountain. But they might have found it."Bookmark here

"Yes, unfortunately, they discovered the path to the mountain last month, and now there are probably a dozen of her men and elite soldiers out there."Bookmark here

Lezlie said,Bookmark here

"Well sir, it is unlikely that any person from outside can learn so much about such dangerous and important legends in general. Do you have any idea how The Second Epic found out about this?"Bookmark here

"Only one person is responsible for this, and that person was the only person I trusted most in this life until he lost his heart to the second epic."Bookmark here

"What do you mean? Is there a history between them?"Bookmark here

"There was. Before the second epic, became an epic. She was talking to the man who was my best general and who I also considered my brother. My friend was pretty strong but naive. After a while, they both got closer to each other. Everything was going well for everyone until she contracted a very rare disease. The cure for the disease, unfortunately, was nowhere to be found. As the days passed, the woman was getting closer to death. And the general wanted to use the water that bestowed immortality to save her. He said he'd put his own life on the line. I told him not to do it, but he couldn't see any other choice, because of his love.Bookmark here

My wife gave her own tears to help her. After the General took her tears, he went up to Muyan Mountain, took the water there, and completed the reunion. Now he could save her, give her his life and make her live. But when he got to her, it was too late."Bookmark here

"Is something bad happened to her?"Bookmark here

"No. She had changed. She had changed because of the power given by someone. That is true that maybe her illness was gone, but she was spreading incredible power. The General said he no longer knew her. She just turned into a monster that spread fear. There was nothing left of her old compassion. After that, the general did not give her the water of immortality and decided to destroy it. After she found out, she went crazy and suddenly attacked our Kingdom. She killed a lot of people and my wife. The General blamed himself for my wife's and everyone else's death and locked himself in a cell forever. Soon after, the woman began to be referred to as the Second Epic."Bookmark here

After the King finished his speech, I said,Bookmark here

"I understand."Bookmark here

"What I am going to say now may sound stupid or absurd to you, Sir, but we want to help you. I know I insist, but this is our mission and our goal. We have to make sure that those people shouldn't reach the water of immortality. And If we help you, we can even find our next destination. So please let us help."Bookmark here

"Why do you want to help so much?"Bookmark here

Hiroshi lit his cigar and said,Bookmark here

"Our goal is to clean up the epics in the kingdoms. If the second epic reaches the water of immortality, it will become even more difficult for us."Bookmark here

"And in return, you will ask that my daughter not marry the King's son? Right?"Bookmark here

Marry? What is he talking about?Bookmark here

I got confused and said,Bookmark here

"I don't understand? Marriage?"Bookmark here

"Your friends have made an offer. As long as he doesn't marry my daughter in return."Bookmark here

At first, Hiroshi and I looked at each other, then we turned to Lezlie and Babu,Bookmark here

"Why did you ask the king for such a thing?"Bookmark here

They got very close and Babu whispered,Bookmark here

"We'll tell you when we get out of here. Trust me, it's not what it looks like."Bookmark here

I said, Bookmark here

"Ok, I believe you. But we can't do anything about it right now. We have to go to the mountain immediately. Like Hiroshi-San said, if she takes the water, It will be impossible to defeat the second epic."Bookmark here

After we talked I returned to King and said,Bookmark here

"We'll go up the mountain and stop them from taking the water. But all I ask of you is a carriage and a few provisions."Bookmark here

"All right, young man, I'll do what you say, but I won't do anything else."Bookmark here

The King called his soldiers and said,Bookmark here

"Prepare the carriage for the mountain and put some provisions in it."Bookmark here

"Yes, sir!"Bookmark here

The King looked at us for the last time and said,Bookmark here

"Horses will take you directly to the mountain. Also, In any case, I gived you a map. And remember, this is not like the first Kingdom. You may have beaten the epic, but be sure to face an even more difficult event each time. So be careful."Bookmark here

The King left the room after his words, and we made our way to the carriage. The carriage was soon ready and waiting for us, we got in the carriage and went back on the road.Bookmark here

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