Chapter 0:

A Nightmare

The Young Knight of the Desert

Charmshahr, Islamic Republic of Iran. June 1, 2023; 17:10 hours (Iran Standard Time)

“Die in the name of God!” a ten-year-old boy shouted as he fired an assault rifle.

The boy had light intermediate skin, black hair underneath his M1 helmet, and brown eyes. However, his facial shape wasn’t that of those in Iran. He carried a Type 56 assault rifle and fired at a giant made of metal.

The “giant” was a machine that was three meters in height with arms and legs like those of a human being. Its head was shaped like a dome with a red-colored dot that glowed in a dark gap. It carried an AKS-74U carbine that was built to be carried by the machine and that brass knuckles were attached to both of its wrists. On the legs of the machine were two wheels each.

After the 7.62x39mm bullets hit the machine, the latter turned and moved its left arm forward, putting aside its rifle. The machine faced the boy with the latter himself moving away and in time as the machine fired a machine gun located at its chest. The boy miraculously survived and just as he reloaded his Type 56 by loading another magazine, the machine was hit in the head, falling into the ground.

The boy turned to find a teenager of the same gender hiding at a house that wasn’t destroyed yet carrying an RPG-7 rocket-propelled grenade launcher. He looked more like a native of Iran than the boy and he didn’t wear a helmet.

“Get in, quickly!” the teenager shouted.

The boy with the Type 56 rushed to the house. However, the teenager heard the sound of helicopter rotors, a sound he and the boy with the assault rifle were familiar with, being louder.

“Quickly!” the teenager repeated.

The boy was only an inch near the house when an attack helicopter appeared. The pilot of the helicopter, spotting the children, fired the helicopter’s 30x165mm autocannon.


Kansai City, State of Japan. July 20, 2030; 0530 hours (Japan Standard Time)

The boy now found himself elsewhere at a different time. He was now seventeen years old and facing a metallic ceiling.

Why am I alive? the boy pondered just as bent his body, followed by getting out of the bed.

Immediately after, the boy got out of the bed and only wore a pair of boxers. He opened the drawer of his bedside cabinet and inside was a P226 semi-automatic pistol.

Here I am, pretending to be a high school student and yet I brought this, the boy lamented in his mind. Either way, as long as I keep it hidden, it shouldn’t be a problem. Now then, what time is it?

The boy closed the bedside cabinet’s drawer and grabbed the cellular phone on top of the bedside cabinet. Finding the power button, the boy saw it was now 05:19.

I best dress up, the boy thought.


0642 hours

The boy was now in the uniform used by boys in the high school he attended. The uniform consisted of a button-up shirt that was colored white, a tie and trousers that were colored jet black, a brown-colored leather belt that tied up the trousers, and black-colored leather shoes.

Because he had to reach his school before classes started, the boy had his breakfast prepared while he bathed. After he finished his bath, he packed up his breakfast and left the apartment.

Now outside, the boy reached a motor scooter in the apartment complex’s parking lot. After starting it up, the boy left the apartment complex for school.

Joe Gold
Syed Al Wasee