Chapter 6:



Bangalore City, Karnataka StateBookmark here

IndiaBookmark here

Mrs. Anita had just finished taking three mathematics classes in a row, and she was exhausted. She returned to her staff room for her lunch break. She groaned as she remembered she had two more classes later on, and those classes were with the high-schoolers, who were well-established troublemakers, and the middle-schoolers. She sat down and opened her lunchbox, wondering how on earth she’d be able to complete the syllabus for those noisy, nasty students.Bookmark here

Suddenly, she heard the sound of extremely quick thudding outside. Already in a foul mood owing to her troubles, she yanked open the staff room door and screamed, “HEY! QUIT RUNNING IN THE CORRIDORS!”Bookmark here

She had to move a step backwards to avoid the boy, who narrowly missed a collision. He ran away like a bullet. Five other big, mean bullies ran after him. “Ugh! I should have known!” Mrs. Anita thought. “Lokesh Kumar!”Bookmark here

“Oh for God’s sake!” panted Mohsin, one of the bullies, as Lokesh flew up the stairs, taking them four at a time. “He runs like an Olympic sprinter!”Bookmark here

Lokesh was in no mood to get caught and beaten up by the bullies. “Not today!” he thought. He knew, however, why everyone liked to pick on him. His school was filled with extremely intelligent, skilled, and talented students. They were destined to excel in life. Someday, they would be highly successful doctors, lawyers, engineers, and CEOs.Bookmark here

Not Lokesh, however.Bookmark here

Lokesh had only one talent. He had a talent for being really bad at everything he did. He didn’t stand out in academics, sports, or any cultural activities like singing, dancing or playing instruments. He was famously called ‘Joker of All Trades’ because of his complete lack of flair at anything he did.Bookmark here

When Lokesh was convinced the bullies had given up on the chase, he went to his secret spot. This was the only place no student ever visited. This was a place that not even teachers would know. He went to the store room behind the staff washrooms, where his only friends and companions in the world existed. They saw Lokesh enter, smiled, and let him sit in his usual spot.Bookmark here

They were the sweepers, gardeners, bus drivers, bus-conductors, security guards, and cleaners who did the odd-jobs in the school.Bookmark here

Along with them sat his only student friend, Karan. He was another guy who got picked on by the bullies for his big, nerdy glasses and introverted personality. Karan, however, idolized Lokesh. He saw his best friend as a confident, outgoing person who would chase after his dream of being a basketball player non-stop. He would talk endlessly about new moves in the game and all his favorite players. He would always end his chatter with the statement. “I want to be like Terry Parker! Someday, I’ll be a small forward just like him!” Karan would listen to all his talking, in awe. Not in awe of basketball, but in awe of his friend. Bookmark here

The servant’s room in the school was where Lokesh would entertain these workers with stories, anecdotes, facts, and commentary about basketball games. These people, who nobody even paid attention to, who lived within the lower echelons of the school society and the outside world, loved Lokesh like their own son. They wanted to raise their own kids to be like him. They wanted to make this ambitious young soul happy in their midst and relish his friendship.Bookmark here

“My mom wasn’t happy about the permanent marker writing on my uniform,” said Lokesh sadly. “She even threw the shirt away!”Bookmark here

“What were you expecting, son?” laughed a sweeper. “Don’t worry your poor mom by writing all over your school uniforms! You’ll have a real jersey someday!”Bookmark here

“I have an easy solution,” said Karan happily. “I have a paper and some tape. Let’s stick your name and jersey number on your shirt. You can remove it easily later!” He pulled out a piece of paper with the name and jersey number on itBookmark here

KUMARBookmark here

64Bookmark here

“Thanks, buddy!” grinned Lokesh.Bookmark here

At the end of the lunch break, as Lokesh and Karan prepared to head back to their classes, the servants unveiled their big surprise for Lokesh.Bookmark here

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LOKESH!” they cheered. “Here’s a small gift from all of us!”Bookmark here

They’d spent months of their saving on this. They’d pooled together all their money and bought this. The gift was a result of countless corridors swept, countless hedges trimmed, many, many trips to drive the kids to the school and back, and an exuberant amount of toilets cleaned. This was a product of months of their hard work.Bookmark here

They pulled something large and orange out of a box nearby and handed it. Lokesh’s face lit up. His eyebrows arched up in happiness and he shed tears of gratitude.Bookmark here

“A basketball!” he exclaimed. “Thank you guys so much!”Bookmark here

“Practice after school with the school teams,” winked his bus driver. “I’ll drive you home with them!”Bookmark here

“And don’t worry about anything else!” said the security guard. “I’ll take care!”Bookmark here

*Bookmark here

Lokesh was bored in Mrs. Anita’s class. He ignored the jeers from his classmates at the piece of paper stuck with tape to his back, representing his name and jersey number. He stared longingly at the basketball court. He wanted to take his birthday gift there and start his practice. He knew it would be the beginning of a journey that would someday, put him in the NBA.Bookmark here

Mrs. Anita’s screaming snapped his daydreaming.Bookmark here


The class roared with laughter.Bookmark here

After school, he said goodbye to Karan and ran to the basketball court. There were two of them, one for the boys’ team and one for the girls’ team. But there was another isolated basket where nobody played as it was extremely muddy. But to Lokesh’s delight, he saw that the area around it had been completely cleaned. He smiled, remembering the sweepers and cleaners. Surely, this was their handiwork.Bookmark here

He tried dribbling the ball, but kicked it off his own foot into the bushes nearby. But the sound of the ball hitting the ground filled Lokesh with extreme enthusiasm and vigor. He then picked up the ball and shot it from the bushes. Unfortunately, it barely touched the rim. He then went close to the basket and tried to do a layup. It flew in a botched-up trajectory, ricocheted off the backboard, and went into the bushes again.Bookmark here

Lokesh grinned sheepishly.Bookmark here

*Bookmark here

After months of being unable to get a single shot, or layup to fall into the basket, Lokesh knew that he needed to try a different approach. He decided to approach the boys’ team and ask them for help. Bookmark here

Anuj Varma was the captain of the boy’s team. He was a highly talented young player who had led the school team to the nationals. Lokesh approached him slowly. “Hey, Anuj, how do you score a layup? I’ve been trying for months. Can you help me out?” he asked politely.Bookmark here

Anuj burst out laughing. “Hey lads, come take a look at this guy! Can’t do a layup! Don’t pretend to love basketball if you can’t even make the simplest of shots!” Bookmark here

“What’s that ridiculous thing on your back?” asked another player.Bookmark here

“It’s my jersey!” said Lokesh protectively. “It’s what people watching games on TV will see soon!”Bookmark here

The boys’ basketball team was now annoyed by this tomfoolery. They went to complain to the security guards that a student was staying back after school without permission. However, they returned back in approximately five minutes, looking furious at their failure.Bookmark here

This soon became a routine for Lokesh. He would exercise each morning, come to school, sit through the classes, practice basketball, and go home. Years passed and Lokesh was now in high school. His days, however, remained the same.Bookmark here

Sit through boring classes.Bookmark here

Running from the bullies.Bookmark here

Get thrashed by the bullies.Bookmark here

Practice basketball and miss every shot.Bookmark here

Get bullied by the boys’ basketball team.Bookmark here

Get scolded by his parents for his pathetic academics.Bookmark here

Sit through boring classes.Bookmark here

Running from the bullies.Bookmark here

Get beaten up badly by the bullies.Bookmark here

Practice basketball and miss every shot.Bookmark here

Get bullied by the boys’ basketball team.Bookmark here

Get scolded by his parents for his atrocious academics.Bookmark here

*Bookmark here

One day, some of Lokesh’s relatives showed up. These were extremely snobby, judgmental people who passed comments on everything they saw, nit-picking for every tiny flaw. Bookmark here

Lokesh’s parents seated them and gave them refreshments. They spoke to Mr. and Mrs. Kumar about random topics which, in Lokesh’s opinion, were of no use whatsoever. However, in an ugly twist of fate, their attention turned to Lokesh.Bookmark here

“So, you’re finally in tenth grade, kid! What’s your plan for the future? What’s your career goal?”Bookmark here

Lokesh grinned. “I’m going to be a basketball player, ma’am. I’m going to the NBA, and I’ll be the first Indian player to win a championship!”Bookmark here

The look of horror on the relatives’ faces was apparent. They could not believe that this child from a respectable family was choosing to ignore his studies. In their opinion, he was destined for failure!Bookmark here

Lokesh’s father Rakesh Kumar smiled, slightly embarrassed. The relatives noticed his discomfort and unfortunately, instead of keeping quiet, they started passing snide comments about the situation.Bookmark here

“A fine child you’ve raised, Rakesh!”Bookmark here

“Oh, so he’s going to leave academics!”Bookmark here

“So he’s incapable of studying?”Bookmark here

Rakesh was mildly offended by the comments but decided to let them slide. However, then came the dagger of all comments.Bookmark here

“Oh Rakesh, what would your father think if he saw this child choosing not to have an academic career? He worked so hard to uplift your family!”Bookmark here

A poisonous seed was sown in Rakesh Kumar’s mind. The deadly weed grew in him and its roots burrowed deep into his brain, removing all his sense of rationality and understanding. Slowly, the venom spread throughout him. Earlier, he had wanted to tell his son to get a normal job and play his favorite basketball as a hobby.Bookmark here

That was no longer the case…Bookmark here

*Bookmark here

Lokesh went to bed after a long day. He was slightly affronted by his relatives’ behavior. But it didn’t matter. His loving parents would have his back. He trusted them implicitly and knew that somehow, they’d find it in their hearts to support him.Bookmark here

“No! Rakesh! This isn’t the way! I spoke to Mrs. Reddy a few years back. We must slowly work towards getting him into academics! Not like this! Not like…”Bookmark here

CRACK!Bookmark here

Lokesh felt a stinging rush of pain as something long and leathery whipped his back. He was dragged off the bed by his father. He immediately noticed his father was raging mad about the incident. His teeth were gnashed and his eyebrows furrowed as he raised his belt to hit Lokesh again.Bookmark here

“NICE JOB! EMBARRASSING ME IN FRONT OF MY FAMILY! A BASKETBALL PLAYER? YOU’VE GOT SOME NERVE!” bellowed Rakesh, cracking the belt on Lokesh’s body again.Bookmark here


Rakesh Kumar whipped, scourged, and lashed his son multiple times with his leather belt. Sujata Kumar, Lokesh’s mother, stood silently in a corner, weeping her eyes out. She couldn’t bear to see her son suffer like this. All her efforts to pacify her husband had come to a cropper. Finally, Rakesh stopped beating his son. Lokesh’s body was covered in huge, red whip marks, welts, and bleeding.Bookmark here

Through his teary eyes, Lokesh noticed that his dad too, was crying. Not due to pain, but due to humiliation. He couldn’t bear to see all his hard-earned respect in society wane, not even a little bit. Bookmark here

Rakesh walked over into his son’s room and brought out Lokesh’s most prized possession. It was the basketball that the school support staff had given him five years ago. It was dirty and old due to continuous use and practice. Mr. Kumar wasn’t having any of it. Bookmark here

“No more, you hear me? NO MORE!”Bookmark here

With one motion, he flung his son’s basketball out of a window. It seemed to reflect the streetlamps like orbs as it flew away and fell into some place unknown.Bookmark here

Rakesh Kumar was satisfied with the efforts. He was now breathing heavily as he spoke.Bookmark here

“You’re not bringing us down. No way.”Bookmark here

“You’re joining the science stream after your tenth grade (2), becoming an engineer, and allowing us to live with our heads held high in society!”Bookmark here

EndnotesBookmark here

1. B.A: Bachelors of Arts, an educational degree.Bookmark here

2. Education System in India: Students go to school for thirteen years. One year of nursery, two years of kindergarten, three years of primary school, four years of middle school, and three years of high school. After that, they can choose from three streams in senior secondary, namely Science, Commerce, and Arts. They also have the option of pursuing a diploma. After this, they finally enter professional courses such as engineering, architecture, medicine, law, journalism, etc.Bookmark here

Sad but true. The obsession with kids pursuing the science stream and taking engineering, medicine, or law, still exists in India today. It still plagues students and parents, kills dreams, and is one of the many reasons for India’s high student suicide rates.Bookmark here

On the other end of things, some of the people in India are some of the kindest, friendliest souls you can meet. They will make small gestures, give you affection, and look after you like their own after you’ve bonded with them. Bookmark here

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