Chapter 4:

Couldn't possibly be me

Confession Games

After watching the show, I went back to the classroom where I would wait for Naoya who went to buy his lunch. Considering how late it was, he probably wouldn't have much to choose from, but knowing him he was likely satisfied with just being there to watch the show. 

The stream could be watched from anywhere on the school compound, but if you weren't in the area then you had to pay for the service, which was a total rip-off but it wasn't an essential school service so I couldn't really complain about it.

On my way back to my classroom, the hallway was rather desolate though I could still hear the noise from outside. I was quite fond of this atmosphere so I took my time walking, but this was the one day when I should have hurried up.



At the sudden voice I heard from behind, I flinched before hastily turning around. For a moment, I was prepared to face a supernatural enemy, but behind me was a more tangible threat. It was a female student with short twintails, and a fellow first year, but she couldn't be placed in the same level as me. 

Unlike Arisugawa and Amakawa, she was sweet and cute rather than dignified and beautiful. Though the number of her admirers were comparable to theirs, she received much fewer confessions since they were mostly the type who wanted to protect her rather than date her.

I wondered what this popular cute girl wanted with a common guy like me as I faced her. I didn't know why she called out to me, but as I saw how hesitant she was I grew more and more nervous.

'I have a bad feeling about this.'

"Uh, well if it's nothing I'll just be-"


I tried to politely make my escape but then she grabbed my blazer and shouted for me to stop. This scene would certainly appeal to the male fantasy, but right now it was becoming my horror story.

'Why is she acting like this? I remember all of my childhood friends so that can't be it, and I don't remember having a random interaction with her during the entrance ceremony either.'

Please gods of romance, you've obviously blessed the wrong guy here!

"Um, can I help you?" I asked with a worried tone.

If anyone saw her sadly frowning face as she held onto to me, my death was certain, so though I feared the outcome I wanted to wrap this up as quickly as possible.

"Oh, sorry!"

She hastily let go and bowed in apology once I spoke to her, but I could tell that she wasn't finished with me yet. 

"No, it's okay. I just want to know why you stopped me. But if it's too hard for you, then you don't have to tell me."

'So I can get the hell away from you.'

As I tried to push her into making a decision, she unfortunately took deep breaths and resolved herself for something.

'Please tell me I'm wrong.'

With her hands in front of her skirt and her eyes focused on me, she began a shocking string of words.

"Akishiro, would you mind going out-"

"Stop right there!"

I immediately placed one hand over her mouth and put a finger of my other hand at my lips while franticly looking for any witnesses.

'No one heard that right?! I'm safe right?!'

"Um, Akishiro?"

"Shh! Before I remove my hand, answer me this. Were the words you were about to say meant in a romantic sense?"

The moment I pointed out how her words could be taken, she quickly shook her head with a flustered expression.

'Oh Thank God.'

My relief would be blasphemous to her protectors, but even ignoring the fact that I liked someone else, I couldn't afford to gratefully accept any confessions that came my way. Even if it was from a supreme cutie like her.

I took my hand away from her mouth and bowed my head sincerely.

"I apologize for my rude and disrespectful behaviour."

"Well, I'm not sure why you did that but it's okay. Fufu, you're a weird guy aren't you, Akishiro?"

When I looked up and stood straight, for the first time since the start of our conversation she chuckled and showed me an angelic smile that almost made me regret my decision.

'No, she didn't mean it that way anyway.'

"I wouldn't say I'm weird but I can't deny that my actions were rather odd. So, you mentioned that you wanted me to accompany you somewhere?"

"Yes, but I'll stop here this time. See you later."

As I watched her happily skip away, I still didn't know why she called out to me nor what she meant by 'see you later', but for now I was safe. At least I thought I was.

"Aw~, you almost got a girlfriend too."


I jumped in fear at the voice that came from one of the pillars behind me. On the bright side, it wasn't a student, it was Ms. Aria.

In the standard teacher's outfit that was a classic for the lewd fantasies of young boys, Ms. Aria looked like a proper adult. However, more than when she was defenceless I really didn't want to see her here.

"I guess eavesdropping is part of your job description."

"Should I have stayed silent?"


"Don't worry. There are no microphones here and I won't run my mouth. Besides, that one didn't count."


Even though I knew that wouldn't count, I was still tense so I was glad that she acknowledged it. 

"But, I think a cute girl like that would have worked. Even if you broke up I doubt she would badmouth you."

I glared at her but she easily brushed off my discontent.

"I already told you. I won't play this stupid game. If I date anyone, it'll be because I actually like them," I replied firmly.

"Hmm, well, suit yourself."

Ms. Aria then walked off, hopefully leaving me by myself.

"Tch, what a terrible day."

It was at this time that I realised that my high school life would become much harder. 

I was in an irritated mood after lunch, which lasted until the end of school. I would have liked to go straight home, but I had already told Ms. Aria that I would join that club which she informed me about. Once I remembered this task, I also realised that I forgot to ask an important question about this club.

"I can't believe I forgot to ask who would be in it? And I can't find Ms. Aria either, could she have done this on purpose?"

Waiting until the last minute to tell me so that I wouldn't have time to ask this question, it wasn't something I didn't think she was capable of. However, I also thought that it was a bit ridiculous. After all, what point would there be in hiding something like that from me?

While grumbling to myself about stupid theories, I arrived at the empty classroom that was one floor below my class, 1-B. 

"Excuse me."

When I opened it, I discovered that I was the first one here, either that or I got the wrong room. However, the latter option was unlikely since the room was already set up.

There was a group of six desks made to mimic a long table, about ten chairs near the windows that faced the door, and two whiteboards on the left of the desks. They hadn't decided what this club would be about, but it was good enough for a club starter pack. 

Still, it was a little disorganized which kind of bothered me so since I was early, I did some minor adjustments to the set up.

Just as I wiped the sweat off my forehead while looking at the results of my work with satisfaction, I heard the sliding of the door.

"Excuse me."

"Good evening, are you-"

Before I processed the voice that came from behind the door, I tried to make a polite greeting. But I faltered as soon as I saw her face. It was the same innocently cute face that I saw at lunch, but this time I saw a hint of playfulness in her eyes.

"Good evening, Akishiro. I told you I would see you again, didn't I?"

'Not like this?!'

I felt several emotions as she approached with her twintails swinging with every movement, but the one that stood out the most was anger.

Of course this wasn't directed at the sweet girl in front of me, but at the devious aunty who had obviously seen this coming.

'Did Ms. Aria set this up?'

As I watched the satisfied expression on the girl's face, I became increasingly sure that this club was just a means of pranking me. However, the next one to enter smashed that theory to pieces.

"Good evening."

Still open after the cute girl entered, a handsome young man entered the room. I didn't know many of my male schoolmates, but even though he was a year above us, he was famous enough for me to recognize him.

In the top 3 on the 'most confessed to - guys' list that could be seen on the private school website, with the highest test scores in his grade, class 2-A, Ryuuto Zakushi.

Despite being a fellow guy I couldn't help but keep my eyes on him as he moved without hesitation to a chair, sat down and pulled out a book.

'So, cool...'

Like Adam and Eve feeling embarrassed once they realized that they were naked, I felt ashamed to keep standing while he sat.

I quickly sat down on the chair I placed by a desk, unaware of the girl who took a seat next to me and was staring at me suspiciously.

Truthfully, I had already awoken from my stupor, but I had no idea what to say to this adorable girl so I just made sure not to make eye contact.

While caught in this awkward situation, the last two members arrived. And they were definitely not the ones that made me the least surprised.