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"I love you. Please go out with-"
"Sorry, come back when you stop looking like a porcupine."

Haruto Akishiro is a 16 year old who doesn't see himself as anything special. No weird hair, not an orphan, no unexplainable talent or super power. As he would say, a general Citizen A. However, his high school was definitely not normal. After all, it wasn't your grades or your personality that had the final say here. It was your ability to find a girlfriend.
At Yorokobi Academy, students strived to find a girlfriend before graduation and only those successful in their endeavours would be able to move on to the bright future that had been promised and proven by alumni of the institution.

However, Haruto rejects this game that makes a joke out of love. Even as he ends up wrapped into it anyway.
"Please go out with-"
"Stop right there. I'm obviously not the guy you want to say that to."

Prompt: Impossible Romance
Themes: #comedy #harem
My theme: #school

Prompt: Impossible Romance
Themes: #comedy #harem
My theme: #school

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Chapter 1: Yorukobi Academy
Jul 10, 2021icon-views 249icon-reaction-16
Chapter 2: My Teacher
Jul 13, 2021icon-views 177icon-reaction-13
Chapter 3: The Queen
Jul 14, 2021icon-views 144icon-reaction-13
Chapter 4: Couldn't possibly be me
Jul 16, 2021icon-views 118icon-reaction-13
Chapter 5: The High School Life Assistance Club (HSLAC)
Jul 17, 2021icon-views 110icon-reaction-13
Chapter 6: The High School Life Assistance Club (HSLAC) (2)
Jul 19, 2021icon-views 145icon-reaction-13
Chapter 7: The High School Life Assistance Club (HSLAC) (3)
Jul 21, 2021icon-views 116icon-reaction-13
Chapter 8: Cleaning on the Weekend
Jul 23, 2021icon-views 118icon-reaction-13
Chapter 9: Who is Haruto Akishiro?
Jul 24, 2021icon-views 109icon-reaction-13
Chapter 10: First Job
Jul 26, 2021icon-views 82icon-reaction-12
Chapter 11: First Job (2)
Jul 28, 2021icon-views 73icon-reaction-12
Chapter 12: First Job (3)
Jul 30, 2021icon-views 107icon-reaction-13
Chapter 13: Side Story 1: Kanami's Role
Jul 31, 2021icon-views 95icon-reaction-13
Chapter 14: First Job Complete
Aug 02, 2021icon-views 86icon-reaction-12
Chapter 15: From Heaven to Hell
Aug 04, 2021icon-views 71icon-reaction-12
Chapter 16: From Heaven to Hell (2)
Aug 06, 2021icon-views 57icon-reaction-12
Chapter 17: From Heaven to Hell (3)
Aug 07, 2021icon-views 90icon-reaction-12
Chapter 18: The Story of My Crush
Aug 09, 2021icon-views 70icon-reaction-11
Chapter 19: Naoya's Confession
Aug 11, 2021icon-views 62icon-reaction-11
Chapter 20: Naoya's Confession (2)
Aug 13, 2021icon-views 51icon-reaction-11
Chapter 21: Change in Mindset
Aug 14, 2021icon-views 53icon-reaction-11
Chapter 22: Special Class
Aug 16, 2021icon-views 69icon-reaction-11
Chapter 23: Special Class (2)
Aug 18, 2021icon-views 51icon-reaction-11
Chapter 24: Special Class (3)
Aug 20, 2021icon-views 55icon-reaction-11
Chapter 25: Confession of the Summit
Aug 21, 2021icon-views 63icon-reaction-11
Chapter 26: Confession of the Summit (2)
Aug 23, 2021icon-views 58
Chapter 27: Scolding
Aug 23, 2021icon-views 63icon-reaction-11
Chapter 28: Naoya Comes Over
Aug 23, 2021icon-views 58icon-reaction-11
Chapter 29: On a Job with Her
Aug 23, 2021icon-views 49icon-reaction-11
Chapter 30: On a Job with Her (2)
Aug 25, 2021icon-views 48icon-reaction-11
Chapter 31: On a Job with Her (3)
Aug 25, 2021icon-views 51icon-reaction-11
Chapter 32: My Debt to Her
Aug 25, 2021icon-views 44icon-reaction-11
Chapter 33: My Answer
Aug 25, 2021icon-views 43icon-reaction-11
Chapter 34: My Answer (2)
Aug 27, 2021icon-views 47icon-reaction-12
Chapter 35: My Knight
Aug 27, 2021icon-views 45icon-reaction-12
Chapter 36: Eve of the Celebration
Aug 27, 2021icon-views 44
Chapter 37: Eve of the Celebration (2)
Aug 27, 2021icon-views 48icon-reaction-13
Chapter 38: Rawr-Rawr Amusement Park
Aug 28, 2021icon-views 45icon-reaction-12
Chapter 39: Rawr-Rawr Amusement Park (2)
Aug 28, 2021icon-views 51icon-reaction-12
Chapter 40: Rawr-Rawr Amusement Park (3)
Aug 28, 2021icon-views 91icon-reaction-13
Chapter 41: The Confession
Aug 30, 2021icon-views 47icon-reaction-13
Chapter 42: Side Story 2: The Way of Sachiko Amakawa
Aug 30, 2021icon-views 48icon-reaction-13
Chapter 43: Side Story 3: The Stalker
Aug 30, 2021icon-views 51icon-reaction-13
Chapter 44: Side Story 4: How I Met My Worker
Aug 30, 2021icon-views 42icon-reaction-12
Chapter 45: Extra Story #1 - Girl Talk
GenreComedyHaremRomanceSchoolSlice of Life
UpdatedAug 30, 2021
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