Chapter 3:

Ch:3 - The voice of justice

Erythro Black

Vagus blackthorn was standing toe to toe with a 20ft Bloodmonger and seemed awfully excited by it.Bookmark here

He really looked like a holy guardian sent by the gods to Stephen at that moment.Bookmark here

"who is he....Do you know him mark??" Stephen took the moment to quench his plight for information.Bookmark here

"That general and the most Charismatic man on the face of Earth...VAGUS BLACKTHORN!!!" Mark explained with a sense of relief and pride as he looked at the man in the distance.Bookmark here

'T...tha..that is Vagus Blackthorn the great Commander, mark told me about..he's so amazing, he's on another level' Stephen thought to himself as he also had his gaze fixed on Him.Bookmark here

"LET's GO YOU DEFILER OF JUSTICE...I shall give you a true sense of accountability for your actions" Vagus shouted out at the giant creature as he pointed his index finger directly at it.Bookmark here

The creature roared and growled, it seemed to have gotten really mad having all of its smaller comrades be defeated so easily by a man, it jumped high up and started coming down face first as if to do a big pounce on Vagus, it's Huge clawed arms were positioned right at him,Bookmark here

He didn't even flinch, he disappeared and appeared right in front of the face of the giant in the middle of the air, he held on to the head of the creature as it was coming down, it got agitated and started trying to thwart him off its head, but it's efforts were in vain as, as soon as it even got close to grabbing him, he would just disappear and reappear again on a different spot near it's head, Bookmark here

He placed his foot on the back of its head and held on to its branching horn-like structure which was really huge protruding out of its head like the antlers of a deer,Bookmark here

'Abolishment of sin' he shouted as he emitted a blinding white light yet again, this time from his feet that he was using to increase the momentum of the fall, suddenly their velocity increased tenfold, to the point where they looked like a streak of light in the sky at one moment.Bookmark here

And the next split second, his feet had touched the ground and there was a huge crater on the ground and the head of the giant had been completely smashed to smithereens and its blood had splattered all over him and the interior of the crater, it was a completely gruesome sight to behold.Bookmark here

Stephen was locked in his position, his mind couldn't comprehend that someone this powerful could even exist.Bookmark here

Vagus walked out of the approximately 30 ft crater, and disappeared and reappeared in front of Stephen and Mark.Bookmark here

"you guys alright....???" Vagus asked in a calm tone as he crouched rear them.Bookmark here

"we're fine...all thanks to you" Stephen replied letting out a sigh of reliefBookmark here

"what's that on your shirt, it blood.....but it's black".Bookmark here

"yeah it's the blood of the giant blood monger, they're nasty creatures right down to even their blood being pitch black".Bookmark here

"Woah....that's gross".Bookmark here

"We need to get Mark to our med bay STAT, but he'll still end up losing the arm,.....only if I had arrived a little sooner..." Bookmark here

"Hey, you don't beat yourself up for that General, it was my fault anyway for wandering close to the den,...besides.....I am MARK LANCIER..... I'll still do just fine without the arm...Bookmark here

"'re just as reckless as ever Mark" Stephen exclaimed laughing.Bookmark here

"Yeah, he sure is..." Vagus replied with a smile on his face.Bookmark here

"you join us starting today... Stephen....what's your last name"Bookmark here

"Wilkinson sir...Stephen Wilkinson...but I don't have any powers I will be just deadweight for you guys"Bookmark here

Vagus got up and Stephen got up with him he kept his right hand on Stephen's left shoulder and looked him in the eye and smiled.Bookmark here

"You need not have powers if you got spirit in your heart...MATE!!! and you got plenty" Vagus stated in a stern and loud voice.Bookmark here

Stephen's eyes filled up with tears due to Vagus's words.Bookmark here

"Tell me now young Stephen...what do you say.??? will join us and help us save our world??"Bookmark here

"with all my heart SIR!!!" Stephen shouted immediately.Bookmark here

"I am excited for all that's about to come next...for's gonna be an amazing journey"Bookmark here

"we finally have our first powerless member,,, this ought to break the stigma" Mark added.Bookmark here

"Yeah that'll be of help too this will set a precedent to the future generations that you don't have to have amazing powers in order to protect just gotta have the right heart and the right spirit". Vagus agreed.Bookmark here

he removed his arm off Stephen's shoulder and he gently hoisted Mark up from the ground,Bookmark here

and he touched Stephen with his forearm and all of them disappeared using Vagus's powers.Bookmark here

All of them had smiles on their faces as they knew they were going to be the first generation of what was about to be an entirely new Era for era brought about by the 'Bloodlight'. An entirely new world of opportunities, dangers, relationships and remorse was about to unfold. What lies for Humanity in the future, none of the three were very certain but they knew whatever it may be, they would have a big hand in shaping the future.Bookmark here

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