Chapter 4:

The day of the 'Harvest'

Sun Buster:The Under king

The following day in the morning, they all had breakfast together. Xander saying he hate bread, he don't like sandwiches. He prefer onigiri.Bookmark here

   They finished breakfast before asking Dentist if he's come up with a plan. Dentist 'i have a plan, we'll be working in pairs'. Xander and Timothy interrupted him by saying each 'i can manage one on my own'. Which one can you manage, Dentist ask Xander. Xander 'i can get the pass for continent 3'. Timothy 'I can get the pass for continent 1'. Bookmark here

   Dentist rejoice 'then I'll announce the pairs, Rosa and Manson will get continent 5,Falcon and Karasma for continent 4,Pax and Sara will get continent 2,Xander will get us continent 3, Timothy for continent 1 and finally me and Hina for continent 6'. Bookmark here

   Dentist added that 'Xander, we need information on each continent squad coming to this country for the Harvest, so that we can know how to approach them beforehand'. He replied 'on it '. Bookmark here

   They discussed their strategy over the weekend. It's finally the Harvest day. Dentist stood in front of them and announced 'it's finally the day of the harvest, we will now all head out, wish you all good luck'. They all replied 'you too '. With a grin on their faces . Bookmark here

 Timothy head for continent 1 squad. When she reached the squad's base, the guards stopped her and ask her what's her purpose of visiting . She brought out a card from her from her cloth near her chest and showed them the card. They all apologized to her for being rude and told her to please go in. Bookmark here

    Back to Dentist, near continent 6 squad base. Dentist and Hina can be seen wearing funny clothes. Hina dressed up like an archeologist while Dentist dressed up like a slave with a chain collar on his neck. Bookmark here

    They went to the guards and told them they want to see the person in charge. The guards ask them if they have an appointment. They answered no. The guards told them to leave if they don't want to get hurt. Dentist recalled Xander telling them that 'the guards from continent 1 squad like money so much, so if you pay them a good price they will let you in. But use some tact while negotiating'.Bookmark here

    Dentist gave Hina a sign with his eye. She sighed and started talking to Dentist 'Dentist i think i came with that 100,000 Nix that i gave that old woman but refused to collect, right? I think I'll buy some apples and give it away to children'. One of the guards went to them and said 'so you're still here, okay I'm gonna cut to the chase, give 150,000 Nix and you go in'. Hina 'unfortunately,this is the only spare i got on me, what a shame, let's go Dentist'. He stopped her and told her to bring the 100,000 Nix. She gave him and entered the base. Bookmark here

     Inside the city, everywhere is noisy. Discrimination is clearly shown everywhere to the lower continent citizens that brought their farm products. Violence is used against the men and the women are sexually harassed. Bookmark here

    Falcon and Karasma looked at the upper continent citizens with disgust. They went to continent 4 squad base. Falcon was infuriated, he told Karasma to cause a commotion. Karasma told him that that's a simple thing but what's he going to do. He replied 'I'm from continent 4, known for ninjas, spies and assasins, is that enough reason'. Karasma 'I see'. Bookmark here

   Karasma used his Moon power, illusion and transformation. He made an illusion of a beautiful, sexy, giant mermaid in the sky which caused even those inside their houses to come out to see what's going on because people are making a fuss. Almost all guards guarding the base were distracted by the illusion which made it easier for Falcon to sneak in. Bookmark here

   Falcon sneaked in and took the pass note and stamp it himself then threaten to kill the person in charge if he doesn't sign the pass. Falcon shows his true color as a sadist. The man wet himself and signed it. Falcon took the pass and went out and told Karasma that they can go,their job is done. Bookmark here

   Near continent 2 squad base is Pax and Sara about to start their mission. Pax and Sara started walking then they bump into a noble. He started verbally insulting them, calling them animals of the lower continent. They apologized and tried to get away but he hold Sara's hair, telling them to wait. He grin and said to Pax 'you, i remember you. You didn't cooperate during the last harvest. You were enslaved here in the upper continent for 2 years and this year where's your farm product'. Bookmark here

   Pax glared at him which caused the noble to slap him. The noble ordered his guards and nearby guards to capture Pax. Pax told Sara that he'll create a chance for her to run away but the noble hold her hand tight, she couldn't get free. The noble told Sara that he once enslaved a woman with red hair that looks exactly like her maybe it's her mother. She frowned her face and kicked him in the balls. Bookmark here

   He fell and started rolling on the ground in pain. The guards have already restrain them. He stood up and came up to her face, slapped her and hold her face telling her that he intended to keep her in his house and make her his horse to ride anytime he wants but he's change his mind, she's going to Triangular prison together with her stupid friend. Bookmark here

    The guards brought a portable jail, put them in and took them away. Telling them that they will be taken to Triangular prison tomorrow. Bookmark here

   As Dentist and Hina entered the base, they went straight to the person in charge. She introduced herself and Dentist. The person told them his name is Mike. He ask their purpose of visit. Hina told him that 'I'm an archeologist and this is my slave. We have some research to do in continent 6 and this is almost my only chance, so i can't pass it'. Bookmark here

    How can i be sure that you're a real archeologist, said Mike. Dentist stepped forward and started telling him 'Excellent research skills, the ability to work methodically, a flexible approach and so on. Even I, a servant knows that much, what do you take my master for'. Dentist suddenly become aggressive, intimidating Mike. Bookmark here

   Mike tells Hina to tame her dog. She scolded Dentist to keep quiet. But i never heard of you or your group name, said Mike. She remembered Xander's words 'tell him you're James Shifu direct subordinate, tell him you survived the explosion. If he ask more questions, tell him you don't want to talk about it and frown you face'. Bookmark here

   Hina told Mike that she's James shifu direct subordinate, that she survived the explosion. He stood up from his seat and ask her how many others survived. But she closed her face and said she don't want to talk about it. Bookmark here

   He apologized and talk about him being insensitive. He stamped and signed the pass. They quickly left the place. Bookmark here

   Rosa and Manson went and tried their luck but to no avail. They started arguing among themselves which caused the guards to Chase them away. They heard a fuss near them but to their surprise, it's the prince. Their eyes met the prince's, he came rushing telling Rosa that he instantly fell in love with her. Bookmark here

   She smiled and said really. She thought of something in her head 'maybe we should take advantage of this prince'. She instantly changed her face as if something is worrying her. The prince ask her what's wrong. She replied 'no it's a little problem not worth your attention'. Bookmark here

   He took a step back and told her that her problem is his problem. She grin on the inside and told him that those guards won't allow her to go in just because she wants to obtain a pass for continent 5.Bookmark here

  He frowned his face, grabbed her hand and went inside the base. Everything was finished in a flash. They came out chatting and smiling. He gave her the number to the royal mock transponder, telling her she can contact him through this number. Bookmark here

   They all went back to their base within the appointed time '6:00 PM' excluding Pax and Sara. Dentist ask what are they doing up till now. Xander told all of them to calm down and listen to him. Xander 'Pax and Sara are caught and tomorrow they will be taken to Triangular prison'. Bookmark here

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