Chapter 0:

The Start of the Sorrowful Journey

The Struggles from the Happy Girl Next Door

"I know that you want to start a new life on your own... But are you really sure about this? I can call the movers and cancel the moving"

A sigh escaped my breath as I heard my mother's words "For the last time mom... I've been wanting to do this for a while now, it's been my dream to live on my own, that's the whole reason I took all of those part time jobs and you know it"

"I get that dear... But I'm worried about you. As a mother, it's only natural for me to be acting this way" "I need to be completely sure that this is what you want"

I could hear the worriedness in her words. Even though this was something I had been wanting to do for a long time, still hearing how sad she was hurt my soul.

"It is... This is what I want, there's no changing my mind about it" "Besides, I promised you that if things were too much for me to handle that I would move right back at the house, didn't I?"

A moment of silence fell between our conversation. My mother knew about the promise and she agreed to it. Neither one of us liked to break promises. Because of that, the both of us forged an even stronger bond that acted both as a positive and negative thing.

"You did say that..."

"And have I ever broken a promise to you?"

"You haven't..." A sigh escaped her breath at my words "You better promise me that you'll tell me the truth whenever I ask if you're doing all right"

"I promise" A smile formed across my face. Just knowing how much my mom was worried about me was more then enough to put me at ease. If anything were to happen, I knew for a fact that I would be able to rely on her to help me out in every step of the way.

"I guess that settles everything... Make sure to call me once you've settled down in your new place"

"You've got it" "Talk to later then"

"Take care, dear"

With those parting words, I hung up my phone and looked at the time. Luckily it was still pretty early in the morning which would make it easier for me to move all of my belongings into my apartment and then relax for the rest of the day.

"I wonder if the landlady will be in today..." I shrugged my shoulders, pulled out a book from my backpack and proceeded to read it from where I had left off.

As I read through the final pages in the story, I lifted my gaze from the book and looked out of the window from the train and watched as the buildings passed by my window in a blink of an eye.

The apartment was on the opposite side of the city where i lived in, but the distance towards the university itself was the same all together. Since the rent and facilities that we're around the apartment were more then I could even hope for, the feeling of not letting a place such as that be taken away from me welled up within me.

As soon as I finished touring the small apartment, I signed the paperwork, gave my information, paid off a few months of rent and before I knew it, I could now call it my new home.

After a few more minutes on riding the train, it arrived at my stop and thus the road towards my new life started. As I followed the directions that I had made, a sense of excitement welled up within me. The dream that I had worked so hard towards was finally becoming reality, the years of constant struggle on my part were finally paying off.

"I wonder if my neighbors are around the same age as me..."

The time I had headed off to see the place, I was unfortunate to not be able to meet neither one of my neighbors. Those being the family who lived to my left and the single woman who lived in the apartment underneath me.

"Either way, I'll soon be able to meet them in person"

With a smile on my face, I continued down the winding streets in anticipation for the new life that awaited me, but at the same time, the most heartbreaking and sorrowful part in my entire life.