Chapter 74:

Vol. 5 Chapter 4- Raika and Kuki Part 3

Hour Empty Child

Kudo took Raika and Kuki, his new trainees, to a restaurant a few ways from their original position. It was an open air restaurant—round tables with red canopies resembling roses suited the color of the emerald-roof restaurant, similarly to a garden within the district.Bookmark here

Sitting in one of the tables away from the other patrons—for Raika and Kudo’s sake—Kudo sat on the far left while the two trainees were on the opposite side.Bookmark here

Kudo was analyzing their status data in front of him, making the air around Kuki and Raika to stiffen, his heavy gaze freezing them.Bookmark here

Name: Raika EledadBookmark here

Class: Jolt ArtisanBookmark here

Level: 132Bookmark here

Title: One Who Aims: (Increase Accuracy)Bookmark here

HP: 4250, MP: 4480, SP: 3100Bookmark here

Guild: N/ABookmark here

Attack: 1682, Defense: 368, Sharpness: 18%Bookmark here

Magic Attack: 1105, Magic Defense: 168, Speed: 643Bookmark here

STR: 48 INT: 41Bookmark here

VIT: 31 WIS: 32Bookmark here

DEX: 453 LUK: 10Bookmark here

Available Points: 0
Name: Kuki WindrowBookmark here

Class: Wind SoldierBookmark here

Level: 143Bookmark here

Title: One Who Aims: (Increase Accuracy)Bookmark here

HP: 4420, MP: 3960, SP: 3640Bookmark here

Guild: N/ABookmark here

Attack: 1833, Defense: 368, Sharpness: 18%Bookmark here

Magic Attack: 982, Magic Defense: 168, Speed: 638Bookmark here

STR: 51 INT: 35Bookmark here

VIT: 39 WIS: 29Bookmark here

DEX: 468 LUK: 8Bookmark here

Available Points: 0
———————————————————————————————————Bookmark here

To think that not just one, but two of them had Special Classes. He has never heard these names before, so unless Roprase has more than the natural classes in Peranim, he’ll assume that they’re special.Bookmark here

But after seeing their menus, Kudo put them aside and slowly turned to the two, taking away their breaths as they felt that they were drowning in his jade-colored eyes. Kudo has kept himself quiet all this time, and now, he was about to speak.Bookmark here

He slammed the table with all his might.Bookmark here

“You guys are higher-leveled than me?!”Bookmark here

The two left their jaws hanging open after hearing the unexpected question out of Kudo’s mouth. Kuki also slammed the table, standing up in disbelief.Bookmark here

“You’re saying that you’re lower level than us?! Are you serious?!”Bookmark here

His exasperated expression showed his frustration, especially over what happened just a few minutes ago. So, of course, he would be the most disappointed.Bookmark here

“Rai!” Kuki turned to Raika with a furious gaze. “You went and asked someone weaker than us to help us!”Bookmark here

“But I saw it!”Bookmark here

Raika also stood up, slamming the poor table with her hands as she retorted.Bookmark here

“He took down three shafoxes in one move! It can’t be possible that he’s lower level…”Bookmark here

As her words drifted off, she looked to Kudo asking for confirmation. Her eyes became teary and her ears drooped, creating an image which would break Kudo’s heart to see her disappointed. However, his head drooped, and opened up his own Status menu to show the others his own statistics.Bookmark here

Kuki and Raika stared at the menu for a while, and both became in shock.Bookmark here

“Y-You’re 30 levels below us! Raika, you were just seeing things after all!”Bookmark here

Kuki became more bitter as he snapped back at Raika who had an expression of disbelief.Bookmark here

“But it can’t be… My eyes never get anything wrong… Not to mention, what’s with this class? Only half of it is unreadable.”Bookmark here

Raika, instead of dwelling on her mistake, was more surprised at the strange Class below Kudo’s name, looking back at him for more confirmation which made Kudo’s sweat trickle down his temple.Bookmark here

“I’m a… little special,” Kudo slowly explained as much as he could. “But I guarantee that Raika is right.”Bookmark here

Despite that he was lower leveled than he believed, he didn’t want Raika to turn out to be a crazy liar, so he made sure that he stated that.Bookmark here

Raika’s eyes in response widened from his words, feeling a little relieved as a small smile formed from his affirmation. However, Kuki still looked at Kudo with a doubtful gaze, not believing a single word.
“You said that you’ll train us… but you’re lower level than us! How can you even train us when we beat you in levels!?”Bookmark here

He pointed at Kudo with a scowl, as if he was pointing out a swindler. Kudo put on an awkward expression as he felt that he has deceived them, even though he did not mean to at all.Bookmark here

In the meanwhile, Raika kept looking at his stats, and made a shocking realization, getting her eyes to widen, her fluffy ears instantly popped up straight.Bookmark here

As Kuki kept glaring at Kudo, his sleeve on his arm was suddenly tugged by her. She kept tugging which made Kuki start to grit his teeth, his right brow twitching in annoyance.Bookmark here

“What is it, Rai?!” Raika snapped back to see what exactly she wanted to say.Bookmark here

“Kui… he’s really strong. Look at his stats.”Bookmark here

Kuki raised his brow as Raika said those words in awe while still looking at the status menu. Looking at the status again more carefully, his eyes widened as well.Bookmark here

All of his physical and mental stats were nearly 3 times higher than theirs were. Kuki was left gaping at the sheer difference in their numbers.Bookmark here

“N-No way…” Kuki stuttered in disbelief. “How strong is this guy? How did you get this high?! Our time in school never got us this high!”Bookmark here

“School?”Bookmark here

Kudo’s ears perked up after hearing that strange word, getting Raika to look in surprise.Bookmark here

“Y-You did go to Adventurer’s School, didn’t you?” She asked, barely believing what she just asked.Bookmark here

Hearing that, Kudo’s head tilted sideways, like a pet who just heard a new command all of a sudden.Bookmark here

“Y-You never went to Adventurer’s school?!” Raika burst out in shock which in turn made Kuki shocked.Bookmark here

“Hah?! No way!” He denied. “It’s mandatory for everyone aiming to be an adventurer to study at an Adventurer’s school! How else can he get to level 100 otherwise?!”Bookmark here

Kuki tried to debunk Raika’s claim, but Kudo paid very close attention to what they were saying, putting on a look of exasperation.Bookmark here

“I never went to school, but I raised my levels on my own for a long time, you know!”Bookmark here

Hearing his exclamation while putting on a furrowed look made Kuki look back in surprise and in awe.Bookmark here

“T-Then… you leveled up on your own?! So you raised those stats on your own, too…”Bookmark here

Kuki couldn’t believe what he was saying as Raika’s ears sprang up in wonder, her eyes sparkling, at the level of strength visible by his stats alone.Bookmark here

Seeing their heavy stares full of wonder, Kudo felt that they were praising him in their own way, getting him to flash a smile.Bookmark here

“I don’t like to slow down. I’m all about efficiency!”Bookmark here

After receiving that comment full of energy, the two trainees were left with an air of wonder around them. It was as if they were seeing a veteran in a young teenager’s body.Bookmark here

Before long, their meals came in from the waiters that passed by. They decided to eat a meal to commemorate their working together, or it’s like that for Kudo, who wanted to get to know them a little better other than seeing their status menus.Bookmark here

When they finished and the waiter came by to give them their bill, Kudo was the one that paid for them. Though the two wanted to object to this, considering that they don’t have that much money, Kudo told them that he will deal with it.Bookmark here

When they left the open air restaurant, Kudo looked back and saw a surprising reaction from the two. Both heads drooped down, and it looked like dark clouds formed atop of their heads. Their faces seemed rather depressed.Bookmark here

“I can’t believe that a lower-leveled guy paid for our meals.”Bookmark here

Kuki took a bitter pill to swallow as he admitted his own self-worth through his words.Bookmark here

“I feel really ashamed as an adventurer…”Bookmark here

Raika felt the same way, heaving a heavy sigh from accepting the cold facts.Bookmark here

Kudo could only give a wry chuckle from their poor reactions to their state of affairs.Bookmark here

They began to walk for a bit of reprieve from reality, and on their way while walking through the barren parts of the city, Kudo asked about the adventurer’s school that he has heard for the first time today.Bookmark here

“You really don’t know?”Bookmark here

Raika raised a question, putting on a look of surprise as he didn’t even know of the school’s existence.Bookmark here

“How do you not know this?” Kuki had his hands resting behind his head as he casually made a slightly sarcastic remark.Bookmark here

“Well, where I’m from, we don’t exactly have those schools…”Bookmark here

“R-Right, well…”Bookmark here

Hearing his situation, Raika made an easy-to-understand summary of what the adventurer’s schools are.Bookmark here

Basically, it’s like an academy for adventurers. When a young student wishes to be an adventurer, at the age of 15, they go to an adventurer’s school to help young adventurers reach level 100 to start them off.Bookmark here

They work with other students to increase their levels on small monsters used as their practice matches. They also gain important social guidance on how to participate in a party. The adventurer’s main focus is to purely level the adventurers and as soon as they reach their meta, they’ll leave the school and be on their own.Bookmark here

As Kudo listened, he felt a strange sense of wastefulness from their methods. They only focus on leveling, but they don’t help them build their stats or even help them train their crafting skills. Apparently, the adventurers who take an interest of this receives a free Crafting Skill education after they pay up their tuition for the school, but they don’t truly focus on crafting items.Bookmark here

Hearing more information, Kudo decided to stop and turn back to face the two, leaving them to stop in their tracks.Bookmark here

“Let’s go over to the marketplace from before and buy some supplies to start off.”Bookmark here

Hearing this idea, Kuki and Raika looked back at each other with a slight droop on their brows, then looked back at Kudo, their faces darkening.Bookmark here

“W-We don’t have much money…” Raika let out a saddened whimper.Bookmark here

“Don’t worry,” Kudo flashed a bright smile. “I’ll cover you. It’s only natural since we’re in a party now… though we still need to officially make one…”Bookmark here

He looked up when he mentioned that, putting his hand on his chin as he realized that he needed to make a party.Bookmark here

Does he have to go back to the Alpha Heart guild? The memories of him seeing that catman, along with every one of his mother’s overbearing guild members caused dread to pass through his body. He certainly does not want to go through that, but he has to create a party.Bookmark here

“Hey,” Kudo decided to take the long route. “Where can we go make a party?”Bookmark here

“Isn’t it obvious?” Kuki contorts into an annoyed expression. “In the adventurer’s guild hall! Where else!?”Bookmark here

As Kuki’s shout grated Raika’s ears, they sprang up like bamboo sticks as she realized an important piece of information.Bookmark here

“M-Mr. Braven, did you perhaps just moved here recently?”Bookmark here

Kudo stiffened up after hearing his name being called ‘Mr. Braven’.Bookmark here

“Y-Yeah, due to circumstances, I just moved into this city a few days ago…”Bookmark here

“I see… that makes sense now.”Bookmark here

After realizing his situation, Raika shot a dirty look at Kuki. Her eyes spoke out loud that he was too rude to Kudo, getting him to feel her heavy stare with a sweat running down his back. Kudo took this chance to make a statement.Bookmark here

“H-Hey, about my name…”Bookmark here

Though he said those words as gentle as he could, Raika’s long ears stood up on end and shivered, her body straightened up like a pole as her eyes widened to the extent of looking as if she just made a fatal mistake.Bookmark here

“D-Did I call you something I shouldn’t have?! I’m sorry!!”Bookmark here

She instantly apologized without hearing Kudo’s thoughts and bowed quickly up and down like a drawing bridge gone haywire. Though Kudo was amazed at how flexible Raika was as she fluctuated in a frenzied panic.Bookmark here

“D-Don’t worry! I don’t mean anything bad! I just feel weird when someone calls me ‘Mr’—just Kudo is fine.”Bookmark here

Kudo pleaded which finally made Raika cease her bowing and looked up, her eyes watery on the verge of tears rolling down from the fatal mistake she could have caused.Bookmark here

“R-Really?” Raika said, her hope rising on the fact that it was a misunderstanding.Bookmark here

“Yeah!” Kudo assured her. “And, if it’s okay with you two, can I call you by your given names too?”Bookmark here

Kudo put on a smile to soften their panicking states. As Raika raised herself up, she and Kuki looked back at each other, their faces going red.Bookmark here

The reason for doing so is that nobody has called them by their given names for a long time other than each other. Nobody would ever go past the barrier after using their last names, and it was mostly because nobody felt like it. That was the way Kuki and Raika dealt with many other party members before.Bookmark here

But now Kudo wanted to know them. Raika huddled her arms together, her face blushing like a rosy-pink bunny while Kuki brushed the side of his hair, pursing his lips.Bookmark here

“F-Fine… You can call us that.”Bookmark here

Kuki was the first to say. It surprised Kudo since Kuki was against this sort of team-up. Then, he pointed at Kudo, ready to call him out.Bookmark here

“We’ll call you Kudo from now on, too! You better not regret it!”Bookmark here

Seeing that it was a confirmation, Kudo quickly nodded in agreement. A smile formed on his face.Bookmark here

“M-Me too! You can call me Raika as well, K-K-Kudo!”Bookmark here

Though not as confident as Kuki, Raika barely managed to say before the redness in her cheeks overtook her entire face, now becoming embarrassed that she has failed many times.Bookmark here

Kudo saw these two and felt a strange resemblance to how he managed to team up with Hinota in the first place. A strange feeling of comfort rose from his chest.Bookmark here

“Thanks. Where I come from, a party should get rid of formalities. We can become closer as we fight together and journey together.”Bookmark here

The way he said it was as if he was reflecting in his own mind. These words were the ones taught to him when he was just starting out, and it led him to make many companions that he treasured along the way. Those very feelings transcended from his words to the trainees, leaving them in awe.Bookmark here

“Now then,” Kudo continued. “How about we get some supplies while you guys tell me more about your special classes?”Bookmark here

He made a smirk as he was getting excited about this topic, getting the two to instantly reply:Bookmark here

“Y-Yes, sir!”Bookmark here

Somehow, as if the entire scene just now didn’t exist, now they’re calling Kudo ‘sir’…Bookmark here

Well, baby steps, at least.Bookmark here

They took this chance to head to the marketplace with a skip in Kudo’s step as they searched for extra supplies for their newfound party. The reason for the exciting step was because Kudo gets to ask his new party members about their classes. If there’s anything Kudo enjoys most, is discerning other people’s classes—other than adventuring, of course.Bookmark here

“M-My class, [Jolt Artisan] is Lightning-attributed. I specialize in long-distance shooting with my bow. My skills are…”Bookmark here

Raika pulled out her skills list and showed it to Kudo, as if she was relaying her abilities to an instructor.Bookmark here

【Shock Arrow】 Lv. 38 (Proficiency: 27%)Bookmark here

Using an arrow, it becomes charged with some cute electricity, sending enough power to blast any opponent cutely!Bookmark here

MP Cost: 25
【Ethereal Blast】 Lv. 31 (Proficiency: 6%)Bookmark here

You make a cute arrow straight from the electricity of your mana! You cutely shoot the enemy with the electric-charged mana arrow and deliver enough power to push them away a few feet.Bookmark here

MP Cost: 75
【Electric Body】 Lv. 26 (Proficiency: 65%)Bookmark here

You can charge electricity in your cute body, your cutesy shots become stronger and more accurate as it charges your cute nerve systems. Arrow shot while in this cute state will pierce your enemies’ nerves, causing them cute paralysis.Bookmark here

MP Cost: 55
【Jolt Shower】 Lv. 14 (Proficiency: 42%)Bookmark here

You can cast up to 12 cute jolts from the shot of your cute arrow, making cutely electrical destruction all around you in a radius of 150 centimeters. The more levels this skill has, the cute skill becomes more powerful, and the radius will increase its area.Bookmark here

MP Cost: 55
—————————————————————————————————————Bookmark here

Kudo studied her skills closely, not letting a single piece of detail escape from his gaze. In his mind, he wondered if it was necessary to say 'cutely' so many times.Bookmark here

“My class is [Air Soldier], a Wind-attributed Class,” Kuki was next in line. “I specialize in using guns to hit my targets. These are my skills.”Bookmark here

Kuki quickly brought up his skills as if he just want him to finish this quickly so he can put it back.Bookmark here

【Air Bullet】 Lv. 41 (Proficiency: 38%)Bookmark here

When shooting a gun, the bullet cooly becomes encased in a flurry of cool air currents. The cool wind power is able to cut through defenses cooly without resistance. Bookmark here

MP Cost: 30
【Air Turn Blind】 Lv. 24 (Proficiency: 5%)Bookmark here

This cool skill allows you to make your cool body disappear entirely. You use the cool wind to cover yourself, making you gone from the enemies’ minds if they aren’t cool enough. Bookmark here

MP Cost: 100 per minute.
【Airsplosion】 Lv. 21 (Proficiency: 36%)Bookmark here

Gathers an extreme cool amount of compressed air in a small radius, and cooly releases it causing a massive explosion. The more cool air gathered, the more cool damage it causes.Bookmark here

MP Cost: 150
【Air Dragon】 Lv. 17 (Proficiency: 57%)Bookmark here

This lets you cooly call out a giant dragon made of your cool air currents. It cooly flies through enemies and cooly give them a swift and cool end.Bookmark here

MP Cost: 250
—————————————————————————————————————Bookmark here

After checking up on his skills, Kudo had this burning question which he needed to be answered as soon as possible.Bookmark here

“What are guns?”Bookmark here

“Y-You don’t even know what guns are?! Just where did you come from, anyway?!”Bookmark here

Kuki shouted back, his frustrations reaching his peak as he asked for his origins. The way he asked though got Kudo to chuckle.Bookmark here

“I came from a place without guns.”Bookmark here

His light joke betrayed Kudo as he couldn’t help but laugh. Kuki, on the other hand, didn’t take it well as he got even more frustrated. Though, Raika was the only one enjoying the teasing on Kuki as she giggled beneath her breath.Bookmark here

After Kudo wonderfully burned Kuki, he then explained in his own words what guns are. As he explained, a memory sparked like a flame within Kudo’s mind, recalling the same type of information that Hinota gave him one time after the Olinia event.Bookmark here

The three kept walking until they reached the plaza, a fountain in the middle while surrounded by small trees. The three entered and took a stop there, with Kudo taking another closer look at their skills.Bookmark here

“These skills… are amazing!”Bookmark here

Suddenly, the serious mood around him began to bright up like the sky, his eyes glinting from the numerous possibilities. The two’s sweat trickled down their heads after seeing his sudden excitement just sprang up like Raika’s ears.Bookmark here

“Sure, they don’t do much by themselves, but they’re amazing when working together as a group! Raika’s skill, Ethereal Blast, is especially valuable that allows you to attack from a distance without ammo! Kuki’s skill, Air Bullet, ignores monsters’ defenses even if their skin is armor-like! All these skills are amazing!”Bookmark here

The constant usage of the word ‘amazing’ made the two realize that it was his favorite word, his catchphrase, so to speak.Bookmark here

Even Kudo was starting to notice his one-word vocabulary, his cheeks reddening like an apple as he cleared his throat, bringing him back to his serious mood.Bookmark here

Kuki and Raika were also surprised at how they commented their skills, believing that he was disappointed. It left them blushing from his praise, each misunderstanding his intentions.Bookmark here

“Guys, I think I know a way to improve your fighting skills. But you’re gonna have to work hard to do so. It won’t be a walk in the park.”Bookmark here

The way he explained all the while looking at them with his determined round eyes made the two shook in anticipation.Bookmark here

“It’s going to be grueling, and it’s going to be mind-taxing. Before we go, I want to know how serious you guys are…”Bookmark here

Furrowing his brows, a wave of still air passed through the trainee’s bodies. Kuki gulped imaginary air while Raika’s shoulders trembled after seeing this sudden change.Bookmark here

“Working as an adventurer is not all fun and games. It pays a lot, that’s for sure, but it’s not something to make light of. I know myself how deep and dark the world of adventuring can be…”Bookmark here

His tone took a dive as his eyes changed to a distant look when he said that. Then, he turned those eyes on them.Bookmark here

“Kuki,” Kudo changed his direction to Kuki. “Why did you want to be an adventurer?”Bookmark here

“H-Huh…?” After a moment of dizziness, he asked: “W-Why do you want to know that?”Bookmark here

“Because when you say your reason to stake your life, it has to be a good reason. It gives you the motivation to keep going. Can you tell me?”Bookmark here

Kudo pleaded, looking to see if his reason is enough to drive him forward through the adventure’s harshness. He wanted to know if he’s willing to keep going and not stop in the middle.Bookmark here

Kuki, in response, looked away and pursed his lips. His heart raced as he figured that he should tell this eventually, but saying it might seem like a joke to him. That’s what Kuki thought.Bookmark here

But it looks like he has no choice but to say it. Perhaps, he might be reinvigorated during so.Bookmark here

“I… I want to be as strong and cool as my dad. My father became an adventurer and left so that he can be on his journey. All I keep hearing about him is how incredible he was, and how strong he is as a gunner. That’s why…”Bookmark here

Kuki’s eyes directed down to his holsters, where his dual guns were. Kudo could see that a moment of passion burned within his eyes when he gazed at his guns before turning back to Kudo.Bookmark here

“That’s why I chose my Special Class, the class that uses guns. I wanted to follow in his footsteps. Though… so far it hasn’t come true yet.”Bookmark here

Considering his past mistakes, including yesterday, he felt that he was nowhere near his father’s level, let alone in the same league as him. He failed in his one mission on his adventure, and was ready to hear laughter.Bookmark here

However, he heard something else.Bookmark here

“That’s a good reason,” Kuki looked up to see Kudo smiling at him. “You shouldn’t feel down on how you started. Everyone fuddles in their starting line, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t grow.”Bookmark here

Learning this lesson from Hinota, he smiled which made Kuki widen his eyes, the hazy fog covering his goal ahead dissipating. Then, Kuki changed his sight on Raika.Bookmark here

“What’s your reason, Raika?”Bookmark here

Hearing that question, Raika bent her head down, her hands clutching her knees tightly while squinting her eyes shut. It was extremely embarrassing for her to admit. However, if Kuki did it, then she can do it as well.Bookmark here

“Kuki just suddenly wanted to be an adventurer. He just took me in so that he can get support. I didn’t want to be one, honestly. I’m always… so scared of getting hurt.”Bookmark here

She hesitated on answering. Because she felt that everyone gets hurt, so by being afraid of it, it made her turn into a coward to everyone’s eyes.Bookmark here

“I always hide from other people… because I didn’t want to hear them say bad things about me. I’m… scared of a lot of things.”Bookmark here

A sense of familiarity passed though Kudo’s heart. It was as if he was seeing himself when he first just started.Bookmark here

“But… you know…” Raika’s head raised, her eyes beginning to glint. “It’s not like I don’t want to change. I don’t want to stay like this forever… always afraid of other people.”Bookmark here

Her eyes became watery. She looked like she was on a verge to tear up, but it wasn’t from frustration. It was because she wanted this so much that it hurts.Bookmark here

“I… want to change! I want to become someone who others can rely on, not just think of me as some burden! I don’t… I don’t want to be afraid anymore!”Bookmark here

She shouted, as if to clarify the reasoning to keep going on her journey. It raised the spirit within her, unknowingly shouting out her inner desire. Kudo felt overwhelmed by her strong passion to change, to overcome her fears. Even Kuki was surprised—it was the first time that he heard this straight from Raika.Bookmark here

“So… that’s why you agreed to come with me.”Bookmark here

Kuki remembered that time when he was asking—more like persuading—for her to come. He knew that it would take a long time to consider her, and he didn’t want to go alone. But surprisingly, she agreed to come with him. Raika, a scaredy-bunny girl, actually agreed to come with him on such a dangerous journey as an adventurer.Bookmark here

“I always thought it was because you were pitying me and went with me cuz’ you’re too nice.”Bookmark here

He admitted as he brushed his head. Raika shook her head faintly, looking up with watery eyes.Bookmark here

“I thought that… you would think that it would be pointless and laugh at it…”Bookmark here

“There’s no way I would laugh at it!”Bookmark here

Kuki suddenly shouted, a vein throbbing on his temple. Raika jumped in surprise while her ears straightened up like sticks.Bookmark here

“Rai, you want this more than anything else! I won’t let anyone laugh at that!”Bookmark here

Kuki clenched his fist, signifying that he would beat up anyone if they tried to. As Raika was left silent by his exclamation, Kudo smiled to himself.Bookmark here

“Raika,” Kudo admitted. “I… also felt the same way. When I first started, I wanted to change myself. I was always pensive and quiet… I didn’t want anyone to think of me as some loner. Being an adventurer meant that I could have lifelong friends, something that I always wanted…”Bookmark here

Kuki and Raika kept looking in his direction, the air from before becoming warmer by his words.Bookmark here

“So when I became an adventurer, it helped me reset my quiet personality. It helped me changed to be someone that I wanted to be…”Bookmark here

When she heard that his circumstances were the same, Raika widened her eyes. She never thought that Kudo of all people would be a nervous wreck like her. As she was left in awe along with Kuki, Kudo stated:Bookmark here

“Those are good reasons. They’re worthy to follow through. If you keep telling yourselves of your personal goals, then that’s all you need to move forward, to become stronger.”Bookmark here

His words of encouragement made their chest swell with excitement. The two looked at Kudo with starry eyes.Bookmark here

“Keep telling yourselves that, because it’ll be your lifeline for the hell you’re going through.”Bookmark here

Kudo smirked as he said it. Those words alone replaced the warm atmosphere into a sudden, cut-throat tension.Bookmark here

“ “W-What are we going to go through…?” ”Bookmark here

The two of them said together, their blood running cold. Bookmark here

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