Chapter 0:


The Vigilante From Hell

A cloudy sky

A loud explosion in the distance

A mother and her child are sitting in a closet to hide from the terrible scene that is taking place outside

An explosion ring's right outside of their house, the child tries to scream but the mother stops him.

"I'm scared" the child says to his mother who remains silent

The sounds of footsteps could be heard

A kick against the door to their house, eventually the doors gives in and falls to the ground

"Is anyone there, I am here to help you" he shouts

The kids eyes widen, he opens the closet and runs out

"NO WAIT" the mother shouts to him

But it is already too late, the kid is running towards the figure

A smile could be seen on the figures face as he pulls out a gun and points it at the kids head

The kid takes a step back before running for the door, the figure follows him with the gun

The mother quickly grabs the figures hand and tries to take the gun but gets shot as a result, the shot was fatal, the mother falls to the ground

In the time that the mother was able to stall, the child had made it to and out the door

The figure noticed and started chasing after him, but when he got out the front door, the child was nowhere to be seen.

All I can say, is that I ran, I ran, and I ran

I ran towards the edge of town, but there were too many invaders to escape from one route, so I went the the next route, I used the alleyways through the town to get around unseen

I ran from exit to exit, each one was covered with invaders, there was clearly no way to escape

There is only one exit left, I ran towards it to see that there was no one standing near it

I ran towards it as fast as I could not thinking twice that it might be trap, I ran into an open area before the exit, a man walked in from around a corner

I tried to still run towards the exit before he cold do anything but before I knew it I was on the ground

Blood was pouring from my chest

The man walked up to me an kneeled down next to me

"Not on my watch" he whispered into my ear

Another figure walked in, it was the figure that was in my house

"I took care of him for you Itsuki" one man said

"Only after I lead him to you Yuuki" the man named Itsuki said

Itsuki and Yuuki, yeah, ill remember you bastards

These were my last thought before my consciousness faded to black

To Be Continued...

Joe Gold