Chapter 1:

Itsuki, Sota

The Vigilante From Hell

My name is Sota Itsuki, and I wish for revenge.


“Will that be all?” The bartender asked

“Yes, thank you” I replied

I walked out of the bar and out into the street, it was midday and there were people wandering from store to store.

There were beggars, vendors, customers, and thieves. Though I never really bothered anyone.

I was just passing through the town as I heard that one of the upper classman here had a lead I was looking for.

“Hey you!” someone screamed in the distance running towards me, there were 3 of them actually

“Are you the guy that was picking on my little brother” he asked

“He stole my wallet, so I put him in his place, as should be with every thief.” I replied

They naturally were not happy by that response, one of them ran at me, I tripped them

Another ran in after him, I kneed him in the stomach

The other one pulled out a dagger, there were people in the street watching this, I heard a woman scream.

As he ran at me, I took out a short knife that I had been carrying with me to deflect it. His grip on the blade was loose so it wasn't hard to take the dagger out of his hand.

He looked at me in horror then started to run away screaming, the other 2 followed behind him

“Tsk, how annoying” I whispered

I kept walking down the street, I was in a small town on the outskirts of a city

I eventually arrived at my destination, it was a fairly big town house.

I entered and was greeted by a man who was formerly the commander of an army I had fought in.


“How have you been” he asked as he was pouring me a cup of tea

“Where is he” I asked cutting right to the chase

“Now now, you’ve only just arrived, why not take a breather” he responded

I took a deep breath and looked him as if to say go on

“Why do you wish to track him down so bad?” he asked

“I have my reasons” I responded

"You have a look of anger in your eyes, do you... plan to kill him." he said

"I told you I have my reasons, now lets get to the chase" I responded

He took a deep breath and continued

"Well to be honest, I cant tell you where he is at this moment, but I can tell you where he was" he said

"go on" I responded

"About a week ago, he was spotted out in the Hartfeld district of the city." he said

I immediately got up and starting walking towards the door

"Leaving so soon" he said to me as I grabbed the door handle

I pulled the door open and looked back at him

"I've waiting a lifetime for this opportunity, I cant let it go to waste, not again" I said as I walked out the door

Behind me I could here him say "Just what are you planning..." before I closed the door and walked back out into the streets

Its been 15 long years since I was betrayed by the man known as Yuuki, Soya. I wont let him get away from me ever again.

To Be Continued...