Chapter 1:


海洋的王 (Ocean King)


Okyanus is walking through the streets of Kuira. He is heading towards a shop to buy some salt, suddenly one witch appears in front of him:

?: "Hey Okyanus da, long time no see da, we have to talk da, didn't you hear the news da?"

Okyanus: "Oi, what are you talking about, and why are you here. Who the hell are you?"

?: "I'm a witch created by Havas magical power da, anyways look at the magical screen over there da, you have to come ba-"

Okyanus: "Okay okay fine, shut up. I can't hear the magical screen if you talk the whole time"

The magical screen is on a wall where a lot of people stand before. Okyanus tries to get in the range of the screen so that he can hear the news clearly.

News-Reporter at the screen: "..just some minutes ago we got the confirmation that the Assassin-Organization called Anagians took over the throne. It is assumed that King died, his wife Hava joi-"

*big explosion on the next street

Okyanus: "This... this has to be a joke, right?"

Witch(?): "HEY, it's not time for discussions da, let's hurry up and go find some save place da!"

Okyanus: ""

Witch(?): "I swear da, if you don-"

Okyanus summons his sword. It has a blue appearance, looks like a Chainsaw. It also has double sword tips. He runs towards the next street and sees a big guy.

Big Guy: "..Long time no see, hahahaha. Prince Okyanus, I finally found you!"

Okyanus: "What? Wait.... You are the one from the Anagians! Did I fail my mission...?"

Big Guy: "Don't worry, your dad didn't order me to punish you. He is waiting for you. First of all, we have to kill a guy called Muru. You see that big House next to you. He is probably-"

*Muru kicks the door

Big Guy: "...and yupp. Thats him."

Muru: "So they finally killed the King, huh? But why did they send these dumbasses to kill me?"

Big Guy: "Shut up. I'm the one who will serve Okyanus and be his right-hand man. He will be the next King, the Ocean King! I'll kill you and show him, how worthy I am!

Muru: "Bring it on, big guy. But do-"

Okyanus: "What the hell is this Assassin talking about? Hey, first of all, answer my questions! Is my dad really dead?"

Big Guy: "My highness, I'll explai-"


Muru doesn't hold back and attacks the Big Guy immediately. It looks like they are equal in terms of power.

Witch(?): Now is the chance da, lets get out of here da!

Okyanus: "Then leave. I don't even know who you are. I don't trust you either. I'll have to fight in order to reach the truth"

Witch(?): "But you have to believe me da! That Big Guy is Oka, he is one of the 5 commanders of the Anagians da. He betrayed our Kingdom da. Your dad is death, he could be the reason for it da. Why should he even be here da?"

Okyanus: "Then why the hell did he tell me that my dad is waiting for me?

Witch(?): "He must be lying da. Listen, right now there is so much CHAOS da! I can't even explain everything to you da! You need to talk with your mother da!

Okyanus: "Mother... how long has it been.. did she change?"

Okyanus looks at the sky..

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