Chapter 2:

Luck for liars

Higher Lower

" You finally decided to play the game. That's great, Adam Miller!"Bookmark here

"So what is this game you keep talking about?"Bookmark here

"It's a simple card game called 'Higher-Lower'. Look at this deck of cards, first I take the card at the top, as you can see it's a 7. The symbol doesn't matter. Do you understand so far?"Bookmark here

"Sure."Bookmark here

"Next you are going to place a bet."Bookmark here

"A bet?"Bookmark here

"Yes, a bet, you will bet if the next card I draw will have a higher number than this one that I drew or lower. If you guess correctly, you win, if you don't guess, you lose."Bookmark here

"Well that's simple! And if I win you will let me go and everything will go back to normal?"Bookmark here

"Yes."Bookmark here

"What happens if I lose?"Bookmark here

The man's expression suddenly changed into a serious one.Bookmark here

"You die."Bookmark here

Adam felt his legs weak. Bookmark here

"Die?  What do you mean I die if I lose? That's not fair! This game requires no skill is just pure luck!"Bookmark here

"And you consider luck something that you lack of, Adam Miller? Do I have to remember you that just the fact that you have been born healthy gives you a huge advantage in life over hundreds of thousands of other kids. The fact that you have been born into a wealthy family gives you an advantage in life. What about the fact that being born in this century gives you a huge advantage over millions of other people that were unlucky to be born in the past where there were wars and death everywhere. The fact that your mom is kind enough to overlook the fact that her own child lies to her about going to school. Does any of these require skill, Adam Miller? "Bookmark here

"Is that it? That's why I have to go through this hell? Because I don't go to school? Because I lie about it? What are you? Some sort of god that is here to punish my sins?"Bookmark here

"No Adam Miller, that's not cor-"Bookmark here

"And what if I lie about going to school huh? What if I go hang out with my friends instead?"Bookmark here

The man raised his hand giving Adam a warning that he will cause him more pain again. This gesture made the boy silent.Bookmark here

"No, I am not a god, nor I am a devil. I didn't chose you because you sinned, or because of your actions."Bookmark here

"Then why? Did you chose me because I was born healthy? Or because I have a good family? I didn't ask for any of this! "Bookmark here

"Life doesn't ask you for anything, Adam Miller. Life gives you what it wants and all you can do is accept it. You can't change anything, you can't do anything to stop fate. I didn't chose you because of your circumstances. You were chosen randomly. You were just unlucky."Bookmark here

"Unlucky? Don't give me this bul-" Adam was stopped again by the man's signal.Bookmark here

"If you want to disprove what I said then prove it to me! Change your fate! Make your own luck! Show me, Adam Miller!"Bookmark here

The strange man said those last words with a spark in his eyes. It was the first time that the man didn't talk in his usual calm and indifferent voice. But Adam didn't noticed this detail.Bookmark here

"From now on, every minute that passes I will cut one of your limbs. After that if you still don't want to play, I will kill you Adam Miller!"Bookmark here

"Higher! Higher!" shouted Adam Bookmark here

"Final decision?"Bookmark here

"Yes! I don't even care anymore, I just want to finish this game already!Bookmark here

The strange man held the deck in his hand and drew a card. He looked at it then showed it to Adam. Tears came down from the boy's eyes while he was screaming. But those were not tears of joy. The newly drawn card was a 6, that means that the number of the newly drawn card was lower than the previous one. Adam had lost the game.Bookmark here

"Thank you for playing the game, Adam Miller!" Bookmark here

"No! Wait! Please! Let's play again, give me another chance! I wont lie anymore! I'll go to school! I will be grateful for all the good things life gave me! Please!" Adam threw himself at the man's feet and was begging with tears running down his face. The man gave him a cold look.Bookmark here

"You can't beg life to give you want you want, Adam Miller."Bookmark here

Then the man waved his hand and disappeared.Bookmark here

"Aaaahh!" a loud scream was heard. Bookmark here

"Someone was murdered! Call the police! " another voice saidBookmark here

"Call an ambulance he might be alive!" Bookmark here

"How can he be alive? He was cut in more than 6 different pieces!"Bookmark here

End.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Author's noteBookmark here

Thanks guys for reading my story! Even though this looks like the end I promise you that it isn't. Next chapter will have a different protagonist so stay tuned for that. Please take a few minutes to write a comment and tell me what you liked or disliked about these 2 chapters. That will be a huge help!Bookmark here

Thanks again for picking my story from all the others!Bookmark here

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