Chapter 1:

Rendezvous with the regrettable

Higher Lower

8th September 2014 Bookmark here

It was a cold autumn morning. Adam was getting ready for school while watching the latest news on TV.Bookmark here

"The police are still investigating the strange murder that happened 2 days ago, but haven't found any leads so far. This strange murder happened in broad daylight yet nobod-"Bookmark here

"Adam you are going to be late for school again!" shouted Adam's mom from the kitchen.Bookmark here

"I am almost ready mom."Bookmark here

"Did you pack everything?"Bookmark here

"Yes I did mom, I am in high school now, I can pack my own bag." Bookmark here

"What about your lunch?"Bookmark here

"I have it right he-- I forgot it"Bookmark here

A big smiled appeared on the woman's face while she was holding Adam's lunch.Bookmark here

"You mean this?"Bookmark here

Adam took the lunch box in a hurry and left.Bookmark here

"Take care!"Bookmark here

"Yeah yeah..."Bookmark here

While walking the usual path he takes, Adam noticed that the street was less busier than usual.Bookmark here

"For a Monday morning is sure is quiet." Adam said to himselfBookmark here

Suddenly he heard a deep voice calling his name. He turned around but nobody was there.Bookmark here

"Adam Millers, are you interested in playing a little game with me?"Bookmark here

"Who said that? Show yourself!"Bookmark here

"What do you mean to show myself? I am right in front of you."Bookmark here

Adam turned and saw a large figure. From what he could tell it was a huge middle aged man wearing a dark red coat and a matching hat. He had a short beard and a serious look on his face.Bookmark here

"Oh excuse me sir I didn't see you. Sorry, but I am on my way to school I don't have time for any games now." Bookmark here

After he said that Adam tried to leave, but the man kept getting in his way.Bookmark here

"Are you sure you are going to school, Adam Millers?"Bookmark here

Adam froze in fear. Not because of what the strange man said but because the expression on the man's face changed. After a few seconds of hesitation Adam responded:Bookmark here

"What do you mean? Of course I am sure I am going to school, what a dumb question. Please now, let me pass otherwise I will ask for help!"Bookmark here

"Be my guest, ask for help. That is if you can find anyone to ask."Bookmark here

Adam looked around. A cold shiver ran down his spine. All the people were gone. Even though it was a Monday morning the street was empty.Bookmark here

"Where..."Bookmark here

"Are you interested to play the game now?"Bookmark here

"What did you do to them? Where all all the people?"Bookmark here

"I didn't do anything to them, if you want to see them again just play the game."Bookmark here

"This is a dream...right? Yes, It has to, a crazy tall man, a game, people disappearing, it has to be a dream. Hahahaha, that's it, it's all a dream. Hey tall dude, I am not afraid of you! What are you gonna do to me huh? Kill me? You are just in my mind!"Bookmark here

The strange man waved his hand. The second after that Adam felt a cruel pain. Bookmark here

"Ahhhh!"Bookmark here

"You are wasting my time Adam Miller. Decide, play the game or die right here, right now." said the strange man with the same calm voice he had.Bookmark here

Adam looked over his shoulder. His arm was missing and a river of blood was flowing. He screamed in pain and agony.Bookmark here

"Win the game and all the pain will go away, Adam Miller"Bookmark here

"Please, please, please, somebody help me!" Cried Adam, but nobody responded. Bookmark here

After a few minutes, Adam got used to the pain and calmed down. It was the first time since this strange incident started that he looked at his situation rationally. After he thought about the situation he was in he made a decision.Bookmark here

"Ok, I will play your game!"Bookmark here

Bookmark here

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