Chapter 3:

Battle in the bathroom

Higher Lower

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1st October 2014Bookmark here

"Come on girls! We are going to be late!"Bookmark here

"I am almost ready dad!"Bookmark here

"Me too!"Bookmark here

"Did you get everything?"Bookmark here

"Of course I did, let's go!"Bookmark here

Kevin Brown is a proud father of 2 daughters: Emily and Lisa. Emily is 15 years old. She is the big sister. Lisa is 12 years old. Today they are going to see the new circus that has come to town. Bookmark here

"I am glad you could come with us dad!" said LisaBookmark here

"Taking my 2 daughters to the circus... That's something worth taking a day off my work!"
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"This town is really small and boring so we can't afford to miss something so important as a circus. The next one will probably come to this town the next century." complained EmilyBookmark here

"That's not a nice thing to say Emily! Sure our town is not the largest, but it's a nice and quiet place to leave."Bookmark here

"I know. I was just joking dad." said Emily rolling her eyesBookmark here

"I didn't laugh, did you find it funny Lisa?" joked KevinBookmark here

"No..." responded Lisa almost chocking from holding the laughterBookmark here

"Liar!" said EmilyBookmark here

After a while they arrived at the circus. There they saw a huge multicolor circus tent and a huge crowd waiting near the tickets shop. Loud circus music was filling the atmosphere.Bookmark here

"Let's get tickets dad!" said Lisa impatientlyBookmark here

"Sure, but first let me go to the bathroom. You two wait here for me!"Bookmark here

The bathroom was not a nice place. It was a small room with 4 toilets, each separated by a thin wall. Opposite of the toilets there were 2 sinks and a large broken mirror. There were scribbles and graffiti all over the walls and an unpleasant odor in the air.Bookmark here

"This bathroom is horrible! How could anyone relieve themselves in here?" said Kevin while relieving himselfBookmark here

When he was done, he turned around to go to the sink, but his path was blocked by a huge man wearing a dark red coat and a matching hat.Bookmark here

"Greetings Kevin Brown. Would you like to play a little game with me?"Bookmark here

"Huh? What do you mean game? If this is a prank or something I am sorry but I am in a hurry, my daughters are waiting for me."Bookmark here

"Ok then, Kevin Brown. Try to go to your daughters."Bookmark here

Kevin washed his hands, then walked towards the door.Bookmark here

"What a strange guy!" he said to himselfBookmark here

Kevin tried to open the door, but couldn't. He tried once again applying more force, but that didn't work either. Bookmark here

"Is the door stuck? No, It's locked!" thought KevinBookmark here

Then he turned around just so see the tall man looking at him, with a grin on his face.Bookmark here

"You didn't locked the door, did you?"Bookmark here

The man didn't respond.Bookmark here

"Did you hear me? I asked you if you locked the door!" repeated Kevin in a more aggressive toneBookmark here

"Win the game and you will be able to leave."Bookmark here

At the exact moment the tall man finished that sentence, he saw a fist coming towards his face. Any normal person would have been hit by that powerful attack but the tall man dodge it easily.Bookmark here

"Let me out of here!" shouted Kevin Bookmark here

Kevin tried to hit the man again, but the mysterious man dodge it without a problem.Bookmark here

"You are complicating things, Kevin Brown!"Bookmark here

But Kevin didn't stop to listen. He ripped the sink's battery and threw it at the man. The attacked was easily dodged, but immediately after that, the tall man realized that it was a decoy. Kevin launched a powerful attacked from the opposite direction and landed a powerful hit. The strange man was thrown back a few meters by the power of the strike and didn't get up.Bookmark here

"Now give me the key!" shouted KevinBookmark here

"That was a good attack, Kevin Brown!"Bookmark here

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