Chapter 0:

Spirit guardians

Spirit Guardians

Guardian Spirits

Hajime Aado- In this world there are normal people who live in peace but 200 years ago. A giant glowing blue wisteria dropped in the middle of the planet creating these orbs of light we now called spirits; they lived in peace for a short time; but with the emergence of spirits, scientist became interested in studying this phenomenon and one man convinced the scientist to start experimenting on the spirits to gain power for themselves. This event would eventually start a war with the humans and spirits, but the spirits being so weak. Men started to overtake them easily but one day The tree chose 7 strong souls to help protect the spirits from further harm. thus started the spirit war.

Mashu- We've lost this one.

Anjero- I'm not giving up on this world yet

Everyone else- err("cough,cough")

Anjero- LETS GO!!!!

5 years ago

Anjero- Huh….. Seishin South High school. Ok it says go meet with this Hajime Aado person. The owner of this spirit club…..honestly I'm not really sure if I'm really suited for this club. I was forced to come to this school because of this aado guy.

Yokudan-you haven't heard of Hajime aado he runs this notorious club everyone who's been in this has become famous a way.

Anjero- "In a way???" Who're you?

*Yokudan baka- age 15 his spirit sulfur, spirit of gunpowder

Yokudan- oh my bad I'm yukodan Baka but call me Yuko please.

Anjero- ok..then yuko what is the so called club about?

*Kamira Yusei- age 15, her spirit histeri spirit of rage

Well I'll tell you about the Rin'nuddo club who specialize in handling spirit energy issues around the world. The spirit guardians

wow!! That's sounds kinda interesting....not

Kamira- Huh...just join us on one mission and see how fun it really is.

fine, fine I'll just watch though

Hajime(on the intercom)- all club members please report to the mission room

*Everyone goes to the spirit assignment room

*Mashù mori- age 16, his spirit Qoyntauz spirit of luck and Retaliare spirit of Revenge

Mashu- who the hell is this?

Anjero- wow rude much

Kamira- chill out Mashù this is Anjero

Mashù- oh yeah Mr.Aado's new recruit; who's your spirit lackey?

Anjero- honestly idk

Yokudan- oh he's a late sprouter

Mashù- why bring in someone who doesn't even have a spirit

Anjero- why am I even here?

*Hajime walks into the room

Hajime- well Anjero you're here because you're special like everyone else.....Where are the rest of the members?

Kamira- they have another club they're attending at the moment.

Hajime- Huh...welp 3 should be enough for this mission. S.E.I.D. mission brief please


Yes sir there's been news of multiple illegal spirit energy use in elemuth . Please apprehend suspects at once.

Hajime- you heard him suit up for combat Anjero you go with them and watch

Anjero-Alright I guess

S.E.I.D- standby for the spirit portal destination: downtown Elemuth

*The 4 are transported into the middle of Elemuth

Kamira- ahh Elemuth the Weeb capital.

Anjero- Bleh!!(throws ups)

Mashù- no worries, lackey you'll get used to after a while. Alright now where is the spirit reading

*Spirit store blows up right in front of them blowing Anjero away

Random thugs- alright we got the wisp let's get out of here

*S.E.I.D- Wisp are small little balls of light which carry a small amount of spirit energy, when crushed can give anyone temporary spirit energy for 10 mins.

Yoku- hey stop right there!!!!

Random thugs-oh shit its the spirit guardians....oh wait they're just kids we can take them on.

Mashù- Hehe... I'll take these 4 on my own y'all take the other 3 that's getting away.

Anjero- ouch...will he be ok?

Kamira- don't worry about him he's been through worse let's worry about those other guys.

*the others start chasing the other thugs

*Mashù puts on his red hand wraps and readys to fight

Mashù- why don't you all come at me at once.

* thugs rush at Mashù

Mashù- ok Qoyntauz don't let me down. REVENGE RUSH!!!

Mr. Negi