Chapter 1:

Spirit guardians prologue part 2

Spirit Guardians

* the others finally catch up to the thugs in the alley about 3 miles away from MashùBookmark here

Kamira- hey stop right now or thats yo assBookmark here

Thugs- Shit they caught up huh.. I guess we have no choice guys it's time to use ITBookmark here

*thugs pull wisps out of their pocket cartridges and crush the wisp with their hands.Bookmark here

Thugs- Ahhh(scream in agony) what the hell is thisBookmark here

Anjero- what is going on??Bookmark here

Kamira-they're merging with wisp to gain temporary spirit energy Anjero gets back and Yoku gets ready.Bookmark here

Yoku- Right!!!Bookmark here

Thug 1- This power is amazing. No wonder the boss wants so much of these little things.Bookmark here

Thug 2- yea I'm liking thisBookmark here

Thug 3- I might have to keep some for myself.Bookmark here

Kamira- who's your boss?Bookmark here

Thug 3- like we'd tell you little lady.(smiling with an evil smirk)Are you all ready to die?Bookmark here

Kamira- have idea how many times I've heard thatBookmark here

*kamira puts on her twin braceletsBookmark here

*yoku puts on headphonesBookmark here

Yoku- I guess you leave us no choice.Bookmark here

Kamira- Hulken Rage!!!Bookmark here

*Kamira starts to bulk up and her attitude changes to a pissed off bruteBookmark here

*Yoku creates 2 pistols from thin airBookmark here

Kamira- Bring it on mfsBookmark here

*Thugs come for kamira and yokuBookmark here

(Kamira takes thug 1's punch and throws a fury of punches at him, thug gets up and throws the punches back at her and punches her through a wall)Bookmark here

Thug 1- hehe I guess this retaliate power really works too bad for you little lady but you won't be able to beat me.Bookmark here

Kamira- I'm not done yet cocky bastard Come on!!! Bookmark here

(Yokudan starts shooting at the other thugs but he can't seem to hit them. Thug 2 is bouncing off the wall very quickly. While thug 3 is simply melting them down before they hit her)Bookmark here

Thug 2-Do you really think that those lousy bullets can hit me.Bookmark here

Thug 3- stop playing around we only have so long before these powers are gone Bookmark here

Yoku- I can't hit them, aww man this is gonna suck. Ricochet Bullet!Bookmark here

(Yoku closes his eyes and starts following their movement just by hearing them he ricochets a bullet off the walls and hits thug 2 in the head knocking him out.)Bookmark here

Anjero- Did you just kill him?Bookmark here

Yoku- no I have the ability to modify my bullets to make them lethal and non-lethalBookmark here

Anjero- oh ok niceBookmark here

Thug 3- you'll pay for killing himBookmark here

Yoku- Did you not hear anything I just said he's only sleepBookmark here

(Thug 3 uses her molting slime as a distraction to close in on Yoku and uppercuts him, knocking him out.)Bookmark here

Thug 3- not that that's done.(looks at Anjero smiling) What's your power?Bookmark here

Anjero-I don't have oneBookmark here

Thug 3- well this should be easy.Bookmark here

Kamira- Yuko, Anjero no..Bookmark here

(Thug 1 kicks kamira towards the ground)Bookmark here

Thug 1- your fight is with me!! (smiling menacingly)Bookmark here

Kamira- Err(cough,cough) you're really pissing me off. *angry that she can't get to her comrades.Bookmark here

(Anjero takes a fighting stance)Bookmark here

Thug 3- oh so you know how to fight huh?Bookmark here

(Anjero right jabs thug 3's ribs)Bookmark here

Thugs 3- you dumb little shitBookmark here

(Thug 3 throws slime at Anjero who continuously dodges thug 3 then catches his leg burning the flesh on his left calf)Bookmark here

Anjero- Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!Bookmark here

Thug 3- haha I'll kill you for hurting me you stupid bastard Bookmark here

(Anjero sitting there with a blank stare and blood coming out of his mouth)Bookmark here

Anjero- (In his head) why did I even come here I have no spirit I guess I'll just die here.(Anjero closes his eyes)Bookmark here

Aalto- that's not trueBookmark here

Anjero- (In his mind) who's there?Bookmark here

Aalto- I am Aalto the Spirit of Water I will be your spirit from now on until you dieBookmark here

Anjero-(in his mind) why didn't you show up sooner and water??Bookmark here

Aalto- it's because I'm a more powerful spirit so it took me a longer time to manifest than others. Listen I'll take over this time and heal your wounds but you'll have to learn how to use my power on your own after this; ok???Bookmark here

Anjero- Alright Aalto take it away.Bookmark here

(Anjero stops thug 3's in mid-air with water and gets up while his wounds close up and heal)Bookmark here

Thug 3- I thought you said you had no spirit energy freaking liar!!!Bookmark here

Anjero/Aalto- I didn't till now but now I'm more powerful than you'll ever beBookmark here

(Anjero/Aalto shoots a beam of glowing water at thug 3. She blocks with her slime but the slime starts to evaporate and the beam finally goes through her slime. Smashing her through the wall.)Bookmark here

Thug 1- what the hell??!!?!Bookmark here

Kamira- *smirks at thug 1* Who told you to look away?Bookmark here

(Kamira punches him, breaking his jaw and knocking him out).Bookmark here

Anjero- (In his head) Aalto can you heal yuko also he protected meBookmark here

Aalto- I cannot because he is out from Spirit Exhaustion.Bookmark here

Anjero- (In his head)What is that?Bookmark here

Aalto- it's when you use more spirit energy then what your body can handle you fall asleep for a period of time to let your spirit regain its strength.Bookmark here

Aalto- I need to sleep now I've used a lot of power and I've just awoken.Bookmark here

Anjero- ok, I'll take overBookmark here

*Kamira went back to regular size.Bookmark here

*Anjero gone back to normalBookmark here

Kamira- I see you finally got your spirit.Bookmark here

Anjero- yea...Aal(faints from spirit exhaustion). Bookmark here

Anjero Sutanrì- Age 16 his spirit Aalto spirit of water.Bookmark here

(Mashù shows up badly beaten) Bookmark here

Mashù-I see your fight went well!Bookmark here

Kamira- yea what about you?Bookmark here

Mashù- Of Course easy peasy with Qoyntauz and Retaliate I'm damn near OPBookmark here

Kamira- with all those cuts and bruises I don't know about thatBookmark here

Mashù- oh!! These I'm fi.....( faints from spirit exhaustion and battle fatigue).Bookmark here

Kamira- awe man (puts in earpiece) S.e.i.d we need evac now.Bookmark here

S.E.I.D.- yes ms.yusei spirit portal activating in 3...2...1..Bookmark here

*Everyone is teleported back to the school.Bookmark here

*Mysterious man looks on what happened in the alleywayBookmark here

Mysterious man-Hmm what do you think drapnel?Bookmark here

Drapnel- Aalto has finally Awakened this will be fun killing her again Haha hahaBookmark here

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