Chapter 2:

Training day part 1

Spirit Guardians

*Anjero finally wakes up

Kamira-Hey Good Morning WaterBoy!! Kamira Shouts.

How long have I been asleep?

Kamira-Kamira shouts "3 days on the dot.

3 days I've been out that long… ouch my head. Is everyone ok???

Kamira- yea Mashù got a couple of bruises nothing new yoku's pride is hurt but that's about it.

Cool ok….

Kamira- Before you say anything my guy you were amazing out there. Congrats on your Awakening!!!

Thank you….I guess it all just happened so quickly.

Aado- I see you're finally up and well. I was kinda surprised that your spirit is water. I knew it would be one of the 7 original spirits but not the water one so soon.

Original spirits???

Aado- Yes. The 7 original spirits are the originals born from the Arctic Willow. Water, Air, Fire, Plants, Earth, Light, and Dark. Those 7 selected hosts to keep the tree safe in the war 200 years ago.

But aren't there over 100 different spirits in today's world???

Aado- there are the originals tasked to produce what we call wisp today and make different powers so the tree will be protected from harm.

The wisp go through a 4 year evolution if they survive for that long they mature into spirits and find a suitable host to carry on living.

Are there any offspring stronger than the originals?

Aado- only a handful we know about One of them is…..Shadow.


Oh ok that makes sense. But Mr.Aado I don't think I've ever seen your spirit; what is it if you don't mind me asking?

Aado- mine is like yours Anjero I have the spirit of light Lumen.*Aado shows off power*. Well that's enough questions for now it's time you meet the principal of this school and collect your reward for that mission.

Principal?? I thought you own this school no???

Aado- no I only guide and teach future Guardians to serve and protect this world.

Ok so who's the principal???

Kamira- oh you'll know her (Kamira laughs).

Someone I know…..ok then

*The three head to the principal's office and Aado knocks on the door. They hear a Loud "come in!!!!!"

Sharin Sutanrì- COME IN!!!