Chapter 5:

"Hey Mister, Are You Lonely Tonight?"

New Leaf!

The cool wind of the evening chilled me. So… hungry.Bookmark here

“Umm… hey girl.”Bookmark here

What? Is someone calling out to me? Eh? Who’s there?Bookmark here

Sounds like… a man... Oh… I see. Well, I guess this is happening. I can’t… I really can’t — I seriously want to cry. But I guess I have to do this. What other choice do I have!? Bookmark here

I slowly look up and get a good look at this guy. And… oh crap. Now I really don’t want to do this. Um… sir, do you think you can stop staring at me please? Seriously, who is this guy? Are you okay? Did you get enough sleep last night? Why are you angry? This guy…. His stare intimidated me. He had a stare that would probably make babies cry… and children… and teenagers… and adults… and elders… and okay, I’m just exaggerating now. But yeah, please stop staring with your lifeless eyes! You’re making me feel scared… and shameful.Bookmark here

After examining the man’s face, I looked at his hand. It was outstretched towards me and something was in it. It was red paper? No, it’s paper-like, but it was actually plastic. Money, huh? These were $50 bills, and there were 6 of them. Is he offering them to me? It looks like it. I hesitantly take the stack of bills from the man.Bookmark here

“Good luck out there. All the best.”Bookmark here

I brought the stack closer to me and stared down at it. I was surprised. Astonished. Shocked. This sum of money. I have seen sums of money that are similar, maybe even larger, but it still dazed me when I did.Bookmark here

But, I know nothing in this world is free — I knew the truth all too well. Workers only get paid if they do their work, predators only get food if they hunt their prey, in symbiotic relationships, an animal gets shelter if they help clean or protect another — it’s only natural. Oh well. Since I had to do that in the first place, it won't feel as bad. Well, I hope it doesn’t.Bookmark here

Okay, I-I’m determined. I’ll just- wait! He’s leaving!? Wha- hold it, come back!Bookmark here

Bookmark here

The man was a decent distance away. I shoved the money into the pocket of my hoodie and quickly got up — or as quick as I could. I brushed off the filth from my clothes and ran to the man. No, I did not run.Bookmark here

The truth was that I was immensely hungry. My stomach felt empty. Every movement felt like it took a ton of effort to do. Therefore, my intended sprint was more of a light jog. Bookmark here

Grr… okay, I’ll find something to eat later. I just hope my stomach doesn’t growl.Bookmark here

The man was only a short jog away. When I finally caught up to him, I firmly grasped his right hand. That made him stop. He was a towering being, and I was as tall as where his chest is. I moved forward to create eye contact with him, which sounded daunting, and it was — his bored-looking eyes released a threatening aura just as they did a minute ago.Bookmark here

Flirting… disgusting. I sighed then smiled wide and spoke in the most cheerful tone I could muster.Bookmark here

“Why, hello sir! Say, was that money for me? Really, I thank you very much!”Bookmark here

“You are welcome.”Bookmark here

I was practically hugging his arm. But more importantly, was that really your response? No “Wha- who the hell are you? Get away, dammit!”? I was concerned, both about him and myself, but I continued.Bookmark here

“Oh, but I can’t get away with being the only one that’s treated y’know! Hm… I know! Let’s go to your place. We can have a lot of… fun!”Bookmark here

“Sure.”Bookmark here

No, no, no! Not “Sure,” you’re supposed to say “Get lost!” Sir, didn’t your parents drill the term “stranger danger” into your head. Bookmark here

Oh well, I guess this makes things easier on me. Seriously man, please put up more of a fight. Anyway, with that, we started moving again.Bookmark here

“Yay…. Hey mister, are you lonely tonight?”Bookmark here

“I am not really lonely tonight, but more like alone.”Bookmark here

“That so? Don’t worry, I’ll make this night the best night you’ve ever experienced.”Bookmark here

I stopped talking for a few minutes; thank goodness. We were walking towards this guy’s home while I continued to hold his hand. I was moving my body excitedly, which was merely a facade.Bookmark here

Come to think of it, I never got this guy’s name.Bookmark here

“By the way Mr Handsome, what’s your name? You can call me Camryn!”Bookmark here

“Okay, Camryn. My name is Ren Morales.”Bookmark here

“Oh, what a terrific name. Mr Morales, eh? Yes, what a beautiful name for such a beautiful man!”Bookmark here

“Thank you.”Bookmark here

Buddy, really? Just a “Thank you.”? And you said it in the most monotone and straightforward voice ever! And excuse me, I gave you a compliment in a really sexy voice. You’re supposed to give one back!Bookmark here

“I can’t believe I get to play with someone as hot as you. Maybe… just maybe… I’ll end up being the one that has more fun! That’s not fair, is it?”Bookmark here

“Oh, I guess it’s not.”Bookmark here

In my mind, I was sighing, shaking my head, and facepalming. The density of this guy… he’s seriously hopeless. I just hope he isn’t too demanding.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

At last, we’re at our final destination. His home was a condominium unit in a rather tall building. We were pretty high up since the elevator ride was pretty long… I think. I wasn't keeping track of the length of our journey. After all, that time was spent being cringy by flirting with this guy and receiving placid and uncomfortably formal responses.Bookmark here

Phase two…. In front of the unit, I looked down contemplating as Mr Morales went to unlock the door. I… knew what I was doing. It’s basically become like a career — a career I’ve always wanted to quit. Seducing people for basic needs…. Pitiful… shameful… horrible. Bookmark here

Suddenly, I heard a rumbling sound. No, no, no, no, no! My stomach? I was intensely famished. I also felt severely weak. Everything was going wrong — but seriously, what should I have expected? There was a setback, but I knew I had to do this. I was even paid. Bookmark here

I took a deep breath… and entered.Bookmark here

The only light available was the light from the hall. Amid the darkness, I could only see Mr Morales, staring at me from the narrow corridor of his unit. He wasn’t doing anything; he was just standing there, staring at me. He was vulnerable.Bookmark here

Another deep breath. Another growling sound from my stomach.Bookmark here

I… was hesitant, but what other option was there? After what felt like minutes, I advanced, pushing Mr Morales into a wall.Bookmark here

No response. C’mon! Please say something! Please resist! It’s discouraging for me to do this to someone that’s not reacting! Or, you’re just speechless right!? Bookmark here

“We’re here. Let’s begin, shall we?”Bookmark here

I put my hands on Mr Morales’ hips and gently caressed them. I stared at Mr Morales’ eyes and wore my most lustful face. As always, his face was the same.Bookmark here

“But before we do, there is a special rule. We ca-”.Bookmark here

A rumbling sound — I was interrupted by the intense sound from my stomach.Bookmark here

“C-calm down, big boy. You’re just so hungry for me, aren’t you?”Bookmark here

Gah, why did I say that!? Don’t worry, it was just the best excuse I could come up with after that display.Bookmark here

I continued. I wrapped my arms around Mr Morales’ lower back and was hugging him. I went on my tiptoes and inched my face closer to his. My voice lowered to the level of a whisper.Bookmark here

“That rule is that we absolutely cannot go that far; if you know what I mean. B-but, we can do anything else. Just say so! Don’t worry, you can be as rough as you want to…”Bookmark here

I brought my mouth closer to Mr Morales’ ear and whispered in an alluring tone.Bookmark here

“Just don’t worry. My job… is to satisfy you any way I can…”Bookmark here

As I finished, my stomach let out another gurgling sound. However… this was different. It was louder, but it also had other effects. Bookmark here

My limbs… felt numb. My vision… went slightly blurry. I was in immense pain. But even so….Bookmark here

I released my arms from Mr Morales and slowly backed away. I could hear myself breathing heavily. My head hurt, but I had to continue.Bookmark here

I slowly reached for the zipper of my sweater. I say slowly, but it was the fastest speed I could muster. Bookmark here

I unzipped it, revealing my chest covered by my thin blue t-shirt. I reached for the collar of it. My plan… was to expose my chest in front of this man. Would he be impressed by them? They were larger than an average teenager’s chest, and I think the shape was captivating.Bookmark here

But, just as my hands touched my shirt, I felt something. This feeling was followed by an extremely loud rumbling sound from my stomach. Oh crap.Bookmark here

My legs felt weak. Shortly after, my legs gave out and I was kneeling. I couldn’t keep my back up straight and fell with my arms supporting me.Bookmark here

“Um… hey, d-d-don’t worry Mr Morales… um….”Bookmark here

I was faced with this place’s floor. My heartbeat hastened. My fingers started to tense up. I desperately tried to lift my face — to assure Mr Morales and to show him I was smiling, but I couldn’t. Besides, right now, it takes a lot of energy to smile.Bookmark here

“H-h-h-hey, Mr Morales. Th-this is f-f-fine. Y-you, see….”Bookmark here

I wanted to tell him not to worry about me. I wanted to tell him that I was fine. But… I guess that was too much.Bookmark here

“C-Camryn? Are you okay?”Bookmark here

Wait, was he worried. My hearing was fading, so I couldn’t tell. On top of that, his voice was still rather monotone. It would actually be a miracle if he were.Bookmark here

But, I quickly stopped thinking about that.Bookmark here

It was over. With a final growl from my stomach, everything went black and I felt my body drop to the floor — I… fainted.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

What’s going to happen? What are you going to do to me? Bookmark here

I... I'm scared. But this is weird. I also feel... kind of relieved. Hmm... I guess that makes sense.Bookmark here

Anyway, it’s over. Hey, at least I don’t have to act like that anymore.
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