Chapter 6:

The Mystery of Ren Morales

New Leaf!

I woke up. However, my eyes were still closed. I think I knew the reason as to why I didn’t immediately open my eyes. Bookmark here

Where am I? My memory of what happened recently was foggy.Bookmark here

I just woke up, so I think it’s morning. And this thing I’m laying on… Is it a bed? So, I guess I’m staying at someone’s house again…. I sighed in my mind.Bookmark here

No, wait, that’s not it! When I do, I usually sleep next to my client, and I don’t feel another person’s presence. This revelation made me glad. I could feel myself slightly smile as I kept my eyes closed.Bookmark here

If that weren’t it, then where the heck am I? What happened last night?Bookmark here

I’ll retrace my steps. Um… I… was walking around this city. Tronito, right? Yeah… I remember because it was unique and unlike any I’ve been to. Okay.Bookmark here

Then… after walking around… I… threw my suitcase away…. Oh yeah, that happened. I guess I was so fed up with something that I threw it away. Was that really a necessary thing for me to do? I’m… not sure yet — I mean, all of my belongings were in that suitcase.Bookmark here

Hah… What's going on with me?Bookmark here

Okay, then in the evening… I decided to rest somewhere because of hunger. Okay, then… I heard footsteps… then this man… then… oh!Bookmark here

I remembered what happened last night… and I want to be set on fire because of it! I tightly closed my eyes at the thought of last night's events. Last night, I attempted to seduce a total idiot of a man and embarrassed myself.Bookmark here

But I also… passed out. What's more, it was in front of that man. So, does that mean he sent me to a hospital?Bookmark here

The thought frightened me. But it wasn’t because I hated being at hospitals — it was just that… I should seriously avoid them. I… I’m still a minor, and if I’m admitted into a hospital, they’ll contact him. I’ll be found — and that’s scary.Bookmark here

What good is keeping my eyes closed? Slowly, I opened my eyes, bracing for the truth.Bookmark here

And… huh?Bookmark here

This isn’t a hospital. No, those aren’t those tile-like fake ceilings, these ceilings looked too real. Am I in a room in that guy’s condo unit?Bookmark here

I slowly prepped my back up and looked around. It seems like I am in a room on a bed. The room was baron with white walls, windowless, and bland. The only other object I could see was a brown wooden chair with a black sweater and black shoes on it… Hold on, those are mine! In front of me to my right was presumably the door to this room. Judging by the door's position, looking from the entrance, the bed I was sitting on was in the back left corner of the roomBookmark here

I slowly tilted my head downwards. My legs were covered with a comforter with a white and blue plaid pattern. I lifted the cover. I was still in my jeans. And, beneath my legs was a bedsheet with the same pattern.Bookmark here

I completely removed the comforter covering me and got off the bed. I looked back; it seems the bed was a bit larger than a twin-sized bed.Bookmark here

After reaching for my sweater and putting it on, I turned my head to the white door and walked towards it.Bookmark here

As I did, I thought. Seriously, who was that guy last night? Ren Morales… I just can’t understand him.Bookmark here

First, there was the money. Honestly… why? Why did you offer it to me? Of course, there must be a ton of reasons why… but weren’t you scared? I know I would be. I know I come across as destitute, and giving money to someone that’s homeless is admirable, but there must be doubt. Doubt about your decision — you don’t know whether you made the right or wrong choice. Right or wrong, it entirely depended on if I would use the money to actually better myself or use it on worthless things. Wasting money… wasn’t that doubt horrendously scary to you?Bookmark here

Secondly, what was with your act? Okay, I might’ve been lousy at it, but you should’ve at least recognized that I was flirting. If you did, wouldn’t you have played along? You spoke to me as if I were just speaking to you normally. Or maybe you already have a partner. But even if you do, you should’ve said something about it. It was… strange. Even if my act of love was fake, it was like you were rejecting or ignoring it.Bookmark here

… Anyways, I put my hand on the door handle. Bookmark here

Just thinking won’t clear my confusion. If this is indeed Mr Morales’ house, I think he’d be waiting outside of this room. And if that’s the case, I’ll just confront him. I don’t think I can simply flee in this situation.Bookmark here

I took a deep breath and… my stomach growled.Bookmark here

Oh yeah, I haven’t eaten yet. Well, at least I feel a bit better than I did last night because of my slumber. However, I still feel a bit sluggish.Bookmark here

I ignored this for now. Instead, I psyched myself up and opened the door.Bookmark here

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