Chapter 6:

A New Ally


Northwest of Alexandria, at the outskirts of the Great Mystical Forest, an elven girl can be seen waving at a group of elves.

“Be safe out there! I wish you would have at least let Uncle Rash guide you to the capital.”- A crying elven woman said to her.

“I’ll be fine, mom. Plus it wouldn’t be fun if I just get guided there.”- The girl confidently replies.

“Well, I’m heading off on my journey! I’ll come visit once in a while!”- The girl said while excitedly waving at her family.

This young elf is Sophia Olohorn. At the age of 25, she is finally heading off to become an adventurer after all this time in the forest. Accompanied only by an old map, some food and the ability to talk to spirits, she is traveling towards the capital of Alexandria. Little did she know, the map is more than 200 years old and she is heading way off course from the capital. She is also carrying a deep secret that even her own closest family members don’t know about.

Back at the town outside the Adventurer Guild, Leo can be seen standing, waiting for Natalie. After a few minutes of waiting, Natalie can be seen running from the opposite direction towards him.

“Sorry it took so long.”- She says while trying to catch her breath.

“Just wanted to give my all on the last shift. I also wanted to say goodbye to the boss too.”- She explains.

“No problem, I didn’t wait too long either so it’s fine.” -Leo answers.

“Just wondering, why haven’t you changed out of your uniform yet?”- Leo asks as he looks at Natalie.

“I asked the boss to let me keep this. It’s quite comfortable so I love wearing it”- Natalie replies quickly.

“Well I’m not complaining.”- Leo thought to himself.

“Very interesting”- He says out loud.

The two head inside the Guild and look for a table to discuss their next steps. After determining that Leo should be the primary damage since he has been adventuring all these years, Natalie would be the secondary damage for the party. They are now looking for a front line and some backline support.

“A bruiser or a warrior would be great for a front line, they can provide us with some physical damage too.”- Leo says.

“A tank would be fine too. Maybe...we could look for a barbarian or a cleric as well.”- Natalie suggests.

“More importantly, how are we going to get more people? Your reputation really sucks so no one wants to join us.”- Natalie pokes at Leo’s face while he is trying to desperately avoid eye contact.

“Uh… hehehe… I know it’s true but you didn’t have to put it like that.”- Leo sheepishly replies.

“Well I can’t really blame you either. Ever since I quit adventuring a year back, I haven’t been honing my magic skills. Our party lacks strength so it makes sense people would shy away.”- Natalie tries to cheer Leo up.

“But I do have a foolproof plan!”- Leo confidently declares.

He proceeds to whisper something into Natalie’s ear and they both start to nod their head in unison.

“What kind of trouble is he planning to cause this time?”- Sarah thought while looking over at Leo.

Leo, along with Natalie can be seen staring at the adventurers that are coming up to the receptionist table. A few hours have passed, and the two were still there snooping about at the receptionist table while pretending to eat. Every time Sarah looked over at them, the pair would look away and Leo would start whistling while Natalie pretended to read a book. Right as Sarah would turn back to do her job, they would continue staring at the receptionists.

“Geez! What are these people doing?”- Sarah sighs.

The sound of the door creaking as someone stepped inside could be heard, drawing the two’s attention to it. A very tall elf can be seen entering the building. She easily towers over most average adventurers. She looks really roughed up, with many tree branches and mud stuck on her hair. A bird nest can be seen on the top of her head. Her clothes look really muddied up, with even tears in some parts. The most surprising part was the look of excitement on her face as she entered, looking around the guild. It was very obvious to anyone there that she was very much a beginner and that this was her first time entering the building. Leo and Natalie’s eyes both lit up, as if they found a rare treasure in a dungeon.

“Look at that build! She is also tall and muscular! She is the ideal warrior we need in our party! Our time to strike is now.”- Leo says, looking over at Natalie as they both nod in unison.

As the elf girl comes up to the receptionist table, the two change tables to get closer to her location. Their eyes are still sparkling, like predators waiting to pounce on a poor prey. After a long explanation of the adventurer system to the elf girl, the receptionist handed her a necklace with a tag that said “D Class”. The two immediately walk up to her right when she finishes, executing their plan to trap a newbie. They both made small talk to her, asking her questions.

“Well, I’m Sophia Olohorn. Nice to meet you, Natalie and Leo!”- Sophia answers with a big smile on her face.

Sophia explains that she got lost on her way to the capital, going through a strange forest. She was there for 4 days and ended up using all of her packed food supplies. Eventually, she got out of there only to be swindled by a group of adventurers of all her money, the so-called “direction giving tax.” Of course, she was too naive to even realize that she got scammed and followed their advice. Somehow, even with the fake direction they gave her, she managed to find her way to the town where Leo and Natalie are. After grasping the situation, they invite her to join their party. To their surprise, she declined saying:

“I would love to join, but I want to check out all of the options first. No hard feelings for you guys.”

Leo knows that if they give her time to check other parties out, she would find out about his reputation and inevitably decline for real. So he gives signals to Natalie and they continue trying to desperately convince her. “Grroowwll,” Sophia’s stomach gave off a loud sound as they were talking. Natalie and Leo immediately took advantage of the opportunity and sat her down at a table, ordering food for her.

“Wow! You guys are so kind. You didn’t have to do that for me.”- Sophia cheerfully said.

“No problem, anything we can do for a fellow friend.”- Natalie answers.

Leo pulls out his wallet and checks inside, his smile turns into a pained look as he turns to Natalie. She understood the message and with a big sigh, paid for the meal. After the meal and more talking, the two show her around the town. They miraculously stalled long enough for night time to come. Sophia gives up on the idea of checking out other parties for the day and takes her leave.

“Do you have any place to stay for the night?”- Leo asks.

“Now that I think about it, I have no money so I don’t. I’ll just sleep in a horse stable somewhere in town.”- Sophia replies, completely oblivious to her situation.

“How about you go back to my place? It’s not safe for a girl to be sleeping alone outside these days.”- Natalie offers.

“SURE!”- Sophia replies without hesitation.

After saying goodbye, the group then headed in the opposite direction. Reflecting on their attempt today, Leo wonders why Sophia keeps looking at Natalie. Throughout their whole talk, Sophia has not looked at him even once. With that in his mind, he heads off to sleep in a horse stable.

Natalie’s house was fairly close by so it took them no time at all to walk there. She noticed that Sophia looks a lot happier than she was during the day. Using her key, Natalie unlocks the door and they both enter her small house. A small flower fragrance can be smelled throughout the whole house. Casting will o’ wisp, Natalie lit up the house using many small orbs.

“Don’t feel shy, just get comfortable. I know it’s a small place so feel free to sit anywhere.”- Natalie said as she walked towards her drawer.

“Ok…”- Sophia says as she looks around.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!”- She asks as she looks at Natalie.

“Oh, just changing into my sleepwear. I’m not concerned since we are both girls here.”- Natalie calmly replies.

One strange thing she notices is that even though Sophia is blushing, she seems to be grinning too. A perverted grin similar to the face Leo often made. Natalie brushed the thought aside, concluding that maybe elves react differently like that.

“Actually, I might as well take a shower since I got quite dirty.” - Natalie decided.

“Ooo...Ooo...Can I join you?” - Sophia shyly asks.

“Um… The bath is quite cramped. I’m fine with that but are you sure you don’t want to take a bath after me?”- Natalie asks.

“As a guest, I don’t want to waste your water so it’s better for me to join you!” - Sophia confidently replies.

“Alright, if you are fine with that.” - Natalie says as she walks over to her bathroom.

The small bathroom is lit with one bright floating orb. At its center is a big barrel, barely wide enough for 2 people to fit. There is a small window to look at the outside, but it's covered up by a white curtain for obvious reasons. The smell of soap fills the house after the bathroom door is opened. Natalie starts taking her clothes off again, this time joined by Sophia. After taking everything off, she can see very clearly that Sophia is smiling and drooling.

“Does the smell of soap make elves drool or something?”- Natalie asks.

“Oh…Um...No… It’s the food that I eat... yeah it was the bread that made me drool...You know? Yeah I’m DEFINITELY still craving that bread.”- Sophia struggles to answer.

“Ah, then I’ll treat you to some more bread tomorrow.”- Natalie smiles at Sophia.

Their bath went off without a hitch, it was indeed somewhat cramped but Sophia still looked quite ecstatic at the prospect. She insists on washing Natalie’s back. Natalie does fine it strange that Sophia keeps trying to look at her breasts area.

“Poor girl, maybe she is feeling bad about her breast size. It’s normal size so you shouldn’t feel bad about yourself.”- Natalie thought to herself as she pats Sophia on the head.

Sophia’s whole face turns red as she jumps. After their shower, Natalie puts on her sleep wear while she finds something for Sophia to wear. It’s hard as Sophia is quite tall and big so she just ended up giving Sophia her biggest dress.

“Ok, I’ll sleep on the floor so you can take the bed.”- Natalie says.

With a nod, Sophia jumps on the bed and passes out. It has been days since she has gotten real sleep in a real bed. With a snap of Natalie’s finger, all of the will o’ wisp disappears and she herself goes to sleep.

With a quick kick in the face by a horse, Leo woke up the next morning. After doing his morning routine, he heads off to the street towards the guild building. On his way, Leo passes by the busy main street where he can hear girls gossiping about yesterday.

“Did you see the elf girl from yesterday? She was super weird.”

“Yeah, she keeps giving me weird perverted stares.”

“Yep, me too. She didn’t even look at my boyfriend when asking us for directions!”

Arriving at the meeting point early, Leo starts to think about the things he heard. A few minutes passed and then “bling,” a light bulb lit up in his head. Leo understood the situation fully now. With another ugly ass grin, he was going to put his new plan into action.

Half an hour later, Natalie finally woke up from her sleep. She turned over to her left, just to see a sleeping Sophia right next to her. Surprised, she jumped up, accidentally waking Sophia up too.

“Sorry, I’m a restless sleeper. I move around a lot.”- Sophia says while laughing.

They both get ready and finally head to the meeting point. Arriving at the location, Sophia is surprised when Leo pulls Natalie to the side and whispers something to her. They talked for a while over something and were cautious as to not let her hear anything.

“WHAT???”- Natalie can be heard shouting.

“SHHHH”- Leo says.

More whispering occurred between the two and then finally they finished. They walk over to her very quickly, acting very strange. Natalie suddenly invites Sophia to join them quickly on some berry picking quest.

“Uh... thanks for the offer. But since I didn’t get to check out the guild board yesterday, I want to do it today.”- Sophia says, trying to decline their offer.

“I’ll buy you another meal.”- Natalie says.

Sophia’s eyes lit up and she agreed quite quickly.

“Well then I guess I’ll be going ahead. Let’s meet up at the forest.”- Leo says as he quickly runs off.

After a short walk, Natalie and Sophia arrive at the small forest outside of town. As they get close, the two see Leo already standing in the bushes. Natalie facepalms. He waves them over to him and Sophia gets somewhat suspicious.

“Looks like he found something. Let’s follow him!”- Natalie says in excitement.

It manages to distract Sophia as they both entered the forest, with Natalie walking in front of Sophia. Shuffling through the trees, they see Leo stopping, pointing at a bush full of lush red berries.

“Watch your head.”- Natalie says as she points up and makes a small hop.

Sophia looked up to try to avoid a branch, but there wasn’t one there. “Pfffff”, a sound can be heard as she trips over a small rope hidden between the trees. In slow motion, as she falls, she can see Natalie quickly turn around to face her. Sophia reaches her arm out to try to grab on but Natalie scoots back away from her. The end result is Sophia falling on top of Natalie, grabbing her boobs.

“AAAAAAAA!!!”- Natalie screams.

“Enrich us with your flow of life, o great earth mother. MIRROR IMAGE!”- Leo chants, casting a spell.

A giant mirror forms from in the air, and with a quick flash of light captures the image of Sophia falling on top of Natalie, accidentally grabbing her boobs. A ploy by Leo to incriminate Sophia. Now let's go back to the beginning shall we, when Sophia left the forest. Remember that she had a deep secret that she doesn't want anyone to find out? I’m sure you all would have figured that out by now. Yes, she is very much into yuri action because she is only into girls.

“You coward!!! You think you can blackmail me into joining your party?” - Sophia says, looking at Leo.

“I can never get married now…”- Natalie can be seen with soulless eyes in the background, rocking back and forth.

“HAHA! Have a look at this image yourself before you accuse me of anything.”- Leo says while laughing.

He pulls up the mirror with the image that was just taken, you can clearly see a perverted smile on Sophia’s face as she is grabbing Natalie’s boobs.

“NOOOOOO!!! That boob felt like heaven but… NOOOOO I can’t believe you trapped me like this!”- Sophia screams in despair.

“You stupid ape! I’ll kill you!!”- Sophia says with murderous intent while staring at Leo.

“OH SHIT! I DID NOT THINK OF THAT!!!”- Leo screams inside his head.

Sophia ran up and grabbed Leo, strangling him. Natalie walks up next to her, and with a pair of puppy eyes, she asks:

“We are in dire need of members. It would make me really happy if you join.”

“I want you! I want you! I want you!”- those were the words Sophia heard from her perspective while looking at Natalie.

“Fine...I’ll join your party.” - Sophia says with a sigh, dropping Leo to the ground.

“I can’t believe I managed to convince this crazy elf to join our party through yuri blackmail. Even worse is that she almost killed me for real! Things are getting more and more crazy.”- Leo thought to himself.

“Well, good thing you are big and tall. I’m glad a tank like you joined our party, it will help us round out quite evenly.”- Natalie said.

“Me? A tank? No no I’m a mage!”- Sophia replies with a surprised look on her face.

“WHATTTTTT!?!?!?!?”- Leo and Natalie scream in unison.

The three then walk back to the Guild building as Natalie promised to buy Sophia breakfast. Leo’s party has now gained another new member.