Chapter 78:

The Wounds Of A Princess

Wolf Bloodline

-19 Years Ago-

In the great corridors of our palace, with my blanket tied on my back as if I had a cape, I ran around non-stop. And in my right hand was a wooden sword that I swung around. At a time when I needed something to play with, my father carved it for me. I was usually waving it around, trying to make moves like a knight.

I stood in front of a knight's armor against the wall and said,

"I challenge you, Warrior! Come and fight me!"

By talking like that around, I was attacking the armor with no one in it. I repeated this for a short time until the castle maid found me. One day, when she found me, she quickly approached me and said,

“Princess Mila! So here you are, I've been looking all over the castle for you!"

Despite what the castle maid said, I still continued to attack the armor with my wooden sword. The maid grabbed me by the arm and said,

"We must go, Princess Mila, We have many more jobs to finish! You also need to take a shower."

I looked at her with a sad expression and said,

"But I wanted to play a little more."

"Unfortunately, we don't have much time. Besides, I thought I left you to play with your other friends. Where were you all this time?"

Then I said with an angry expression,

"Only the boys could fight, and the girls were sitting, so I got so bored and left."

Then I looked down with a sad expression and said,

"I didn't mean to worry anyone, I'm sorry."

The maid smiled at me and said,

"Princess Mila, trust me, I'm not mad at you, and I don't think there's anyone who can be mad at you, but please let me know next time, okay? Especially in these difficult days, it can be quite dangerous out there."

"All right, Margarita-San."

"Now that we've agreed, let's go into the room and get you ready for dinner, Okay?"

"Yes, but Margarita, why is today's dinner so important? Everyone is talking about it, but no one is telling me."

"If I had to explain this to you shortly, your father's friends and many important people we know will be sitting at the same table as you tonight."

"So why did everyone come today? Is something gonna happen?"

After I said that, Margarita started to avoid eye contact with me, and said,

"Well, unfortunately, I don't know that either, but you can ask your father yourself in the evening."

I could easily understand that Margarita was lying, but I didn't make her talk too much so as not to drag her into a problem.

I said,

"Well, then I'll talk to him later."

Later, Margarita and I went to my room. As soon as we got in, we started preparing for the evening. We finished my preparation in a short time without taking too much time. I got ready so fast that dinner was only half an hour away.

At that time, I thought I could find out why people were gathering so I decided to make a move. The interior of the castle was quite safe, and as the inside, the outside of the castle was full of soldiers. Because I was with Margarita, it would be very difficult for me to find out the answer to the question. So I had to distract Margarita.

By quickly turning my head to him in a fussy way,

“Now I remember! My mother was looking for you, Margarita!"

"Princess Mila, you're not playing little games with me, are you?"

"No, I'm not playing! You have to believe me!"

She then looked deep into my eyes and said,

"Then you can tell me why she called me?"

"When I asked what was going on here, she told me not to worry. Then she asked if I'd seen you. I said I'd tell her if I saw you. Then I heard her talking about the documents about the visitors when she was walking away. "

Margarita suddenly got so anxious and said to me while hurrying to go away,

"Then I am going to talk to the Queen. You sit here quietly, Okay?

I smiled and said,


Margarita left the room quickly, so I used that as an advantage and left the room immediately after her, without wasting any time. All I had to do was find my Father, and it wasn't hard to find my Father, because he spent most of his day working in his room. He spent almost all day there, so it was the first place I could go.

As I walked into his room, a man passed me. I couldn't see his face because he covered his body with a black hood, but he looked like a mysterious person. As I walked past him, I was filled with chills. I thought he was invited to dinner, so I left him without saying anything. But it was like he was watching me behind my back the whole way.

When I turned around and looked back, he was gone. I was quite surprised, but could what I saw be an imagination? I didn't know either.

At that very moment, I heard my father's voice just as I was going to dive into these thoughts. Then I realized I was next to his room. I leaned my ear against the door and began to listen clearly to my father's speech. My father was talking out loud, and he said,

"I'll be honest, Yores' army is getting stronger and approaching us. If we don't make tomorrow's war a success, we will suffer great losses."

A voice I didn't know started talking and said,

"We don't want this to happen too, but it's too risky to go to war with Yores'sArmy. Especially in these times....."

Another voice I didn't know started talking and said,

"Yes, unfortunately, he's right. The people in Yores's Army grew and grew stronger. And that's not the only problem. He no longer takes only humans into his army but also takes in creatures and monsters. If he attacks with all of his armies, then the war will be over before it starts."

A third voice that I didn't realize said,

“What if we asked the other princes for help?"

"Other princes can't handle their brother Yores. They're not strong enough.

“What about Alpha Prime? He can help us."

My Father started talking again and said,

“He can't. We don't know where he is, and since he's the only one who can beat Yores, Yores has his eye on him. If we call him here, we'll lose more people along the way."

As I continued to listen to my father's talking, suddenly someone grabbed me behind my back.

Renain Sora

Wolf Bloodline