Chapter 77:

Towards The Wedding

Wolf Bloodline

When I regained consciousness, I realized I was shaking.Bookmark here

I slowly opened my eyes and said,Bookmark here

"What happened to me? Where am I?"Bookmark here

Someone said to me,Bookmark here

"You are safe, Princess Mila, I am taking you to the kingdom."Bookmark here

Even though I wasn't fully conscious, I knew who that voice belonged to. It was our driver, Lucius. Bookmark here

I said,Bookmark here

"To the kingdom? Wait, what about the others? What happened to them?"Bookmark here

"I'm unfortunately forbidden to talk about it."Bookmark here

"You even lie to your princess huh, Lucius?"Bookmark here

"I'm sorry, but an order is an order."Bookmark here

"How funny. And I am saying that I will not move an inch without knowing where they are."Bookmark here

Lucius sighed deeply and said,Bookmark here

"Your father has thrown those people who accompanied you into the dungeon for kidnapping you, and plans to execute them after the wedding."Bookmark here

"Execution? Are you serious?"Bookmark here

I immediately stood up and started looking around. I realized I was in a carriage and I was wearing a wedding dress.Bookmark here

But how did I got here? I was just helping Ryuu and his friends then-Bookmark here

Then I immediately started shouting at Lucius,Bookmark here

"Stop the car! Now!"Bookmark here

"I'm afraid I can't do that, my princess."Bookmark here

"Well. So be it."Bookmark here

I tried to damage the carriage door with my water power, but my powers could do no harm to the door. The driver called out to me and said,Bookmark here

"Don't waste your energy, my princess. The car was protected by certain spells by your father. And these are the kind of spells that seal your powers. You can't damage the car in any way.Bookmark here

"By my father? If my father did this spell, we must have been in and out of our Kingdom."Bookmark here

After that, I came closer to where the driver was and shouted,Bookmark here

"Lucius, tell me! Are we going to Juiyo or are we going to Keontis?"Bookmark here

"To the kingdom of Keontis, my princess.Bookmark here

I shouted at him,Bookmark here

"Lucius! I command you, get me out of this vehicle!"Bookmark here

And again,Bookmark here

"Don't try anything stupid and listen to me!Bookmark here

And again,Bookmark here

"Lucius!"Bookmark here

But he didn't listen. How many times that I tried, he didn't even look at me. He just drove off, looking straightforward.Bookmark here

He said in a sad tone,Bookmark here

"I can't do that, my princess. Please forgive me."Bookmark here

I got down on my knees and started to think. Ryuu and the others were going to be executed just because of a mistake I made. And I could not do anything. Like every other time, I felt like I was worthless. At that time, I thought of my promise to my mother. A promise to protect our people and other people. After all, it was a promise that I will be a good princess.Bookmark here

Lucius said,Bookmark here

"Please don't be sad, my princess, if Queen Leia saw you like this, she would be very upset, too. But trust me, she'd be proud of you."Bookmark here

I just kept sitting there with anger. I thought of the song My mother used to sing to me. Maybe it was one of the things that made me the happiest. Her melody was still playing in my mind a hundred times. And every time it made me feel emotional. I tried to soothe myself by thinking about the melody along the way, and when I got to the end of the road, the driver opened the door and said,Bookmark here

"Here we are, to the castle of Keontis."Bookmark here

With slow steps, I got out of the car. And It was pretty crowded out there, like thousands of people lined up looking at me, almost everyone in the second Kingdom came to this wedding.

As soon as I got out of the car, the soldiers blocked around me and made sure I got to the castle safely.Bookmark here

After I got to the castle, I was given room to prepare for the wedding.Bookmark here

I didn't understand what happened. They started taking care of me before I could make any move. The ladies who worked there had put makeup on me decorated me. And I couldn't say or do anything. Soon after, my father came in and told the employees,Bookmark here

"Give us some privacy."Bookmark here

After I said that, all the servants in the room went out. My father approached me slowly and said with a sad tone,Bookmark here

"Girl, you're alright, aren't you?"Bookmark here

At that moment, all my anger hit out. I couldn't hold myself anymore.Bookmark here

"How do you think I am? I'm being forced to marry without my permission! And even worse, I can't stop thinking about you executing people who think about the good of our people and my good! I really can't imagine being as cruel as you!"Bookmark here

"They did not think of you or your people, all they thought of was the water of youth."Bookmark here

"How can you be so sure? It wasn't you who was there with them, it was me!"Bookmark here

"Because I saw and lived! Even a man's best friend can stab him in the back, that's what the world is like."Bookmark here

I started crying and said,Bookmark here

"Just because you've been betrayed doesn't mean everyone has to be like this."Bookmark here

"Enough of talking. Preparations will continue at full speed."Bookmark here

I started punching his chest and said,Bookmark here

"I hate you! you've ruined my life! I wish you weren't my father!"Bookmark here

He got angry and pushed me to the ground, then he shouted,Bookmark here

"Like it or not, I'm doing it for your own good!"Bookmark here

"I wish you had died instead of my mother!"Bookmark here

After my father heard these words, his face was covered with terrible sadness. He was devastated. His eyes filled slowly. Hearing something like that from his own daughter was probably the last thing he wanted to hear. As he slowly left the room, he turned his head slightly and said quietly,Bookmark here

"You're right. I wish I was the one who died instead of your mother."Bookmark here

After his words, he left the room. And I was on my knees again, crying involuntarily.Bookmark here

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