Chapter 1:

First day of a new school year (Takara)

Special Fighting Club

One day a child was born with the ability to turn into a mythical creature. With the years more and more such children were born. Now about half the world’s population has this ability. I won´t bore you with all the details but a sport was created, special fighting. Today it´s one of the most popular sports in the world.

So it´s the first day of a new school year, do you know what that means? New first years for the special fighting club!
Usually we get many new members, except for this year. There are only three standing in front of us. Whatever.
“I´m Fujima Takara! Third year and your captain! Nice to meet you and let´s work together!”
He smiles at me. “Good job Takara.” he says to me, then addressing the first years: “My name is Fujima Taiki, also a third year and your vice-captain.”
One of the first years, a black haired boy shouts “You´re the Fujima twins!” while pointing at us. He turns to the other two, a brunette and a purple haired girl, “Those two are really well known and their brother is in the national team!” Both girls nod.
Next to me he clears his throat. “I´m Saito Kei, third year and manager. Please try to stay serious and concentrated. Our advisor will introduce himself, then you first years will tell us your names and what creature you are.” He says dryly.
“Kei, you could say that more enthusiastically.”
Taiki nods “Kei you always sound so bored, this is a special day.”
Kei doesn’t look at us. “I want to get this over with as fast as possible. We, well you need to start training a soon as possible. The interhigh starts in June.”
“Did Manami-san tell you to say that?” I ask.
He nods. “Hisagi-sensei could you…”
Our club advisor gets fidgety. “I… I am Hisagi Tetsuya, your club advisor. Some of you may have me as your English or Japanese History teacher. I hope we can work together well.”
The first year from before askes: “Do we have a coach?”
“Yes but he couldn´t be here today. He´ll be at our first official practice tomorrow.” I answer looking at Kei. He pats my head. “Good first years, it´s your turn.” Taiki says.
The boy from before jumps to the front. “I´m Nura Akaya, Hellhound and Kenta’s cousin.” One of our second years looks shyly at the ground.
Next is the brunette girl, she has two different colored eyes, one brown the other green. “I´m Hiroto Haruko, dryad. Nice to meet you!” She speaks really fast, I like her.
The last is the purple haired girl. “I… I´m Suou Ran. I´m a hippocampi. Nice to meet you all.” She speaks really quietly.
And with that we end our first day, tomorrow is going to be an exhausting day.
“Please remember to arrive at 6 am tomorrow!” I tell everyone over my shoulder as I leave.
Taiki, Kei and I say bye to the others and make our way home.
“So what do you think about the first years.” Taiki asks.
“They seem good, but it´s only three.” I hug Taiki’s shoulder. He pats my head.
“Last year we only had four.” Kei says.
“But Aki-kun was one of them. I miss him.” I say, still on Taiki´s shoulder.
“He´ll come back. I hope.” Taiki says.
Kei suddenly turns around. “Did you remember the math homework?”
“Who thought that homework on the first day was a good idea?” I ask.
“Sugimoto-sensei.” Taiki and Kei say at the same time.
“You have him too?” Taiki asks.
Kei nods. “Classes A and C have him in math.”
“But I wanted to watch the opener! Kei it´s the word Cup!” I shake him.
“Taka-chan, you´re good at math. Where´s your problem? And Japan doesn´t even fight in the opener!”
“But it´s the US vs. Germany. Do you know how good both teams are this year?” Taiki looks at Kei.
“Whatever. Let´s do our homework together, and then we might be able to watch the match, ok?”
Taiki and I nod and jump after Kei.
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