Chapter 4:

The Devil, The Witch, and The Gunslinger's Glory

The Devil, The Witch, and The Wicked World of Delirith

Somewhere in the exiled world of Delirith, Somewhere in the wicked desert of Kaandur, somewhere beneath the shadows of a naturally formed arch-shaped rock, lies a simple shanty settlement.

From one of the houses perched on the side of the arch-shaped rock emerged your average Delirithian joe, sporting nothing but a bathrobe, a spiky leather mask and a mug of coffee in his hand. The average joe stretched and yawned, starting his day with a sip of coffee to chill at the veranda of his house.

There, he noticed something approaching him from the sky in front some distance ahead. The joe took a closer look with a telescope he installed on his veranda for some reason. There he witnessed it; a visor-wearing cowboy crashing towards him at great speed.

“What the-”

The cowboy crashed right at him, sending them both flying backwards, shattering through the glass window of the house.

Cowboy Crashing In!

“Ugh… That’s one hell of a crash.” Cain picked up his hat and dusted it off.

Suddenly, another individual crashed into the house. The individual sported an iron mask with slanted eyes, iron gauntlet with half foot long claws, iron talons as footwear for both feet, and a steel winged jetpack spread open with all its 100-feet wingspan glory.

Suck on this Icarus!

Jethawk immediately flew towards Cain with his wings wide open. The gunslinger ran in panic as his adversary closed in, iron wings slicing through the walls and furniture like paper. Jethawk managed to knock Cain through a window and off the veranda. The gunslinger plummeted from three storeys high, crashing on a scrapped car body- right beside a pile of soft hay.

“Sonuva...-” Cain groaned in pain.

The clash between the gunslinger and the jet-winged man did not go unnoticed by the locals of the settlement. It wasn’t long until a mob of irritated settlers joined in the battle with guns, spears, chainsaws, and guns shooting chainsaws in arms. They opened fire at Jethawk who shielded himself from the deadly projectiles with his massive wings.

Cain could be using this opportunity to take down the distracted Jethawk, but he too was made busy by the locals who also fired their guns at him. Cain was forced to take cover as the three-way battle waged on.

In the heat of battle, a small round plastic flask landed in the middle of the local crowds. Green smoke suddenly sprayed out of the flask covering the crowd in a fog. Struggling in breath, the locals tried to see through the thick green fog when they noticed a headlight charging towards them.

The trapped crowd wasted no time firing at the headlight, which turned out to be a charging hoverbike with two riders riding it. The rider on the back suddenly stood up, both arms wide open, and unleashed a stream of fire.

“Oh shi-”

The green fog exploded as every particle combusted in flames, burning and sending those inside flying!

A Fiery Entrance!

The explosion settled revealing our two protagonists on their trusty Silverbolt. Mako’s non-pointy witch hat caught fire causing him to panically flap it until the fire’s out.

“Thanks for the cover kids!” Cain shouted.

The battle was far from over though. Jethawk, having grown tired from shielding himself, unleashed a minigun from his jetpack and two shoulder mounted micro-missile launchers. He opened fire at the locals and the surrounding settlement, unleashing death and destruction across the whole place.

Houses, cars and explosive barrels present for God knows what exploded gloriously as the crowd of enemies grew littler by number, while ferocity increased as people were battle-tranced.

Amidst the euphoria of ratatatata and boom-booming his enemies, Jethawk was greeted with a surprise chained crossbow bolt to his right wing. The chains led back to Mako and Fyra on their Silverbolt, the latter responsible for shooting it as the former suddenly drove off.

Jethawk was dragged away by the Silverbolt, but the winged adversary retaliated and flew the opposite direction with full power. Fyra who was holding fiercely to her crossbow was pulled to the sky, not before Mako grabbed hold of her leg only to join in the flight as well.

“Hold on you two!” Cain shouted, picking up a sniper rifle from one of the fallen locals and took aim at Jethawk. The gunslinger fired as best as he could but none of the bullets connected his target. On the other hand, Jethawk fired his micro-missiles at Cain who jumped away from it all.

Seeing this, Fyra came up with an idea and nodded to Mako.

“What the hell are you nodding for!?”

“Oh just trust me.”

Fyra swung her body upwards, throwing Mako further above the skies. The witch, currently on slightly higher altitude than Jethawk, drew out his trusty Boomthorn and pointed it right at Jethawk’s face.

“Eat this!” Mako pulled his shotgun’s trigger. A pathetic puff of smoke came out instead of bullets.

“GATDAMMIT!-” Mako fell from the sky freely without doing anything useful. Angrily, he tossed his Boomthorn right at Jethawk’s face.

The shotgun bonked his face quite hard which apparently released its jammed trigger, opening fire right as it was pointing at a weak spot on the left wing. Jethawk lost control of his wing sending him spiralling downwards to the ground along with Fyra. Both Mako and Fyra were caught just in time by Cain’s lizard steed, Cassidy, while Jethawk crashed and exploded.

The gunslinger approached Jethawk, half-conscious from the crash, and pointed his revolver to his winged target. Without remorse nor hesitation-


Jethawk’s name was crossed off from the Gunslinger’s Hitlist.

“Well kids, y’all did a good job today helping me take down this slippery birdbrain.”

Mako and Fyra got down from Cassidy allowing Cain to ride it instead. The witch picked up his Boomthorn on the ground and unloaded the shotgun shells inside it.

“So, how many are there left inside the list?” Fyra asked as Cain gave the list a closer look.

“Well I’ll be damned! Three weeks of hard work, and it seems our adventure is coming to a close.” Cain showed the list to Mako and Fyra, surprised upon seeing it.

“One more, huh?” Mako remarked. “Can’t believe you’ve pulled it all through.”

We have pulled it all though,” Cain corrected. “I would’ve never reached this far without both of y’all help. So give yourself a pat on the back and rest well tonight, because tomorrow- will be our last!”

“Just one more and I’ll become the toughest gunslinger in history-” Cain whispered those words under his breath and rode off.

“Welp, looks like tomorrow’s our last kill for the list-” Mako pressed a button on his watch, summoning Silverbolt to their position- “any idea what we’re gonna do after that?”

“You’re call Mako. I’ll just follow either way.”

They both got on the Silverbolt when one of the fallen locals suddenly called out to them.

“Kids- Wait…”

Surprised, they both attended to the local currently leaning back on a huge piece of metal stuck to the ground.

“You need help sir?” Mako asked.

“No worries- *cough* -I’m fine, trust me. But you kids on the other hand-” the local got up, still leaning on the piece of metal- “can’t help but overheard this ‘list’ you three kept rambling about. Please tell me it's not the ‘Gunslinger’s Hitlist’.”

“Uhmm… Well, it’s exactly what you’re thinking of,” Mako replied.

“Then you two ought to get out of this business while you can! That list is cursed I tell you!” the local suddenly shouted.

“That list- ohhhh it doesn’t give you any power, or wealth, or fame- okay maybe wealth and fame- but the point is it does no more but corrupt a good man into a heartless power-hungry bastard! The killing’s not over once the whole list is crossed off- oh no... the killings will go on and on and on… until the gunslinger’s unquenchable bloodthirst is sated- WHICH WILL NEVER!!”

“Let’s get out of here Mako. I think he’s insane.”


Mako and Fyra drove off leaving behind the mad local, catching up to Cain who’s already minutes ahead.


“Well kids, here it is- our final target,” Cain remarked, spying his last target behind a rock along with Mako and Fyra. The targeted individual was seen silently afloat on the surface of a body of water, meditating.

The individual only had one left arm, sported simple clothing, had a sword sheathed on his hip and wore a straw basket hat (tengai) covering his whole face. The individual’s hand resembled that of a frog (with its four fingers, green skin, etc.) and a quiet croak could sometimes be heard throughout his meditation.

“So, once we’re done with him, you will officially become the toughest gunslinger there is, right?” Fyra asked.

“You got that right, though I won’t be celebrating this early yet-” Cain reloaded both of his revolvers before checking on the target once more- “they said the last one on the list is stronger than all those we’ve met before combined. Honestly I’d call that statement bull- but that doesn’t make him less of a threat. There’s a good reason why the God-Slasher is number one.”

Cain observed the unmoving target for a while before noticing something peculiar. A small grin started to form on his face.

“Well kids, guess the rumour’s right after all.”

Mako and Fyra looked at each other in confusion.

“Can’t sneak up on the number one. If you wanna face him, you gotta do it mano a mano!”

Cain pushed Mako and Fyra, and rolled away just in time as a massive cross slash suddenly sliced through the huge rock they’re hiding behind to half. The target made his appearance behind the trio, much to Mako and Fyra’s surprise who thought they had kept their eyes on him this whole time. Turns out, the ‘meditating’ target was nothing more but a hologram this whole time.

“Nothing like beating the biggest baddest of ‘em all in a proper duel, eh?”

“You call this a duel. To me, it’s a slaughter.”

Number One of the Hitlist

Yojimbo swung his neon blue plasma katana around, swiftly slicing a bullet shot by Cain as the masked slasher didn’t even move an inch.

With that, Yojimbo prepared a stance for his next strike while Cain reloaded both his revolvers. Mako and Fyra observed in wonder as the gunslinger and the God-Slasher locked their gaze against each other. Silence queued awaiting those who strike first.

In a flash, Yojimbo charged, leaving behind an afterimage as the slasher dashed onwards. Cain quickly caught on and responded with a few shots up and down Yojimbo's body, only to be effortlessly blocked by an unseen blade. The swordsman threw a horizontal slice in which the gunslinger ducked just in time, instantly following it up with an overhead slash meant to slice his opponent to half. Cain reacted quickly, blocking the plasma blade with both of his ion revolvers. He pushed himself back up forcing Yojimbo to retreat a few jumps back.

“You think I’d be foolish to fight a man like you with an easily sliceable weapon,” Cain remarked. “Ogunite. Hardest steel in Delirith. Us gunslinger’s are more prepared than you think-”

“The weapon is hard, the user is not. Matters little to me.”

Yojimbo crouched as a loud croak was suddenly heard from the masked swordsman. In a split second, Yojimbo leaped to the skies at great height and mach speed, creating an explosion of sand from the surface he once stood on. He dived straight towards Cain who opened fire without hesitation, but as usual, his bullets were sliced by the God-Slasher.

It was then Yojimbo heard something coming from his side. He parried the incoming projectile which turned out to be Fyra’s chained crossbow bolt. Yojimbo grabbed the bolt, sliced its chains and threw it right at Cain, hitting the gunslinger’s right hand disarming it from his revolver. Cain tried to reclaim his gun but rolled away instead as Yojimbo landed while throwing a powerful downward cut.

Cain was quickly overwhelmed with a barrage of slashes and stabs by Yojimbo. Fast was the fury of attacks as the glowing plasma blade was no longer in sight, but more impressive was the gunslinger who not only still saw through it all but dodged and even parried some of it using his left gun.

Cain saw an opening and quickly fired a bullet right at Yojimbo’s face. The swordsman ducked just in time as the bullet ended up knocking his tengai off revealing his true face.

Just like his hand, Yojimbo’s head was that of a green frog, with its bulged out yellow eyes and black slanted pupils. His chin expanded as he croaked.

Unbothered, Cain blasted a powerful laser beam from his visor which Yojimbo blocked with his sword. The beam was sliced in half but the immense force was enough to push Yojimbo a few feet back as he struggled to maintain his stance. This gave Cain enough time to roll away, pick up his fallen gun, and reload it.

Meanwhile, Mako and Fyra got a little too immersed with the epic fight. They observed keenly as Yojimbo casually sliced through all of Cain’s shots.

“Dang this fight’s good, but we still need to do something though,” Fyra commented.

“Yeah, and I think I have just the right spell-” Mako unzipped his waist bag and pulled out two shotgun shells, smoking with white mists.

Mako loaded his Boomthorn with the shells, and signalled Fyra as they both positioned themselves some distance behind Yojimbo. Unaware of the swordsman’s 360 degree frog-vision, Mako fired his specialized bullets.

Yojimbo instantly turned around and sliced all of the shotgun pellets in one slash, yet he was surprised when his plasma katana was suddenly frozen. Cain, who’s merely a few footsteps away, took this opportunity to shoot, but Yojimbo quickly countered by leaping backwards, headbutting the gunslinger with the back of his head.

With Cain temporarily down, Yojimbo turned his attention to Mako and dashed towards the witch. Fyra quickly stepped in between the two and unleashed a stream of fire to the swordsman, consuming him in a sea of flame.

Yojimbo countered by swinging his sword fiercely. A strong wind blew from each slash, extinguishing Fyra’s flame with ease. The flame also melted the frozen ice covering Yojimbo’s blade, much to his joy.

In a flash, Fyra received a mighty kick by the swordsman on her abdomen. The kick sent her flying backwards, hitting Mako along the way sending them both a few feet back.

I’ll give you two a chance. Stay out of this,Yojimbo warned, turning back and instantly parrying Cain’s shots.

“Tsk. Like hell-” Mako quietly reloaded his Boomthorn with a different pair of shells.

The witch immediately got up and fired his weapon at Yojimbo. As expected, he sliced the pellets casually. His face was filled with frustration as the witch refused to leave the fight.

Once more, Yojimbo charged at the duo but this time with the intention to kill. Right as he raised his sword up high, the swordsman noticed beeping coming from his katana. To his dismay, he realized several sticky pellet-bombs were attached to his blade.

Mako quickly threw a gas bomb followed by a fireball blast by Fyra. Both projectiles hit Yojimbo right as the pellet-bombs detonated. What followed was an amplified explosion created by all three elements (the gas, the fire, and the pellet-bombs), with meters long radius and a boom that thundered for miles away.

Clouds of sand covered the area, obscuring Mako, Fyra and Cain from the outcome of the explosion. Moments later, the sand settled unveiling the consequences of their action; it did relatively little damage to Yojimbo, currently standing meters away from his original position.

Emphasis on ‘relative’ for Yojimbo did get hurt; his clothes were torn, some minor wounds could be seen. But the truth remained that the God-Slasher still stood tall, still physically unbroken but most importantly, still gripping his sword with all his might.

Mentally though, his pride was challenged after getting tricked by two kids. Yojimbo now had every intention in the world to cut these two down, but as he swung his sword back it suddenly got stuck. The swordsman looked behind and to his surprise, his plasma sword stabbed right through Cain’s right chest.

“Guns’ ain’t the only thing made from ogunite.” A sinister grin beamed from Cain’s face. He slightly pulled his shirt’s neck collar down revealing a full-metal body made from the hardest steel in the planet.

In panic, Yojimbo tried to pull his sword out but Cain grabbed the plasma blade and held it tightly. Smoke came out from his palm but the pain meant little to Cain whose entire upper body (save for his head) was made from ogunite. Cain jerked his right shoulder down pulling Yojimbo closer to him. His left hand shoved a revolver right at the frog’s face, and with one pull of a trigger-


-the number one’s name was finally crossed off from the list.

“I-I did it… I really did it!”

“Hell yeah we did it!” Mako cheered, as he and Fyra approached the gunslinger. “We’ve killed everyone in the list! Now no one’s gonna dare mess with us now!”

“I guess this calls for a celebration,” Fyra suggested, as the other two agreed.

After three weeks and a half of tireless hunting, botched backstabs and clashing of leads, the Gunslinger's Hitlist for the first time in history, saw its champion.

Cyclops Cain, with the help from the little witch and the one-horned devil, officially became the toughest bastard in the desert of Kaandur. The Gunslinger’s Hitlist was no more, for now comes the Gunslinger’s Glory.


“And there I was, injured and hurt, as Rattler Rein approached me closer with his gatling gun all cocked when suddenly- Cain popped out of his Camel-eon and go BANG BANG PYOOM!!-” Mako recounted one of their past exploits to a group of men inside a bar. The men enjoyed the witch’s narration, listening keenly to the legend of the trio.

It’s been a week since the trio had finished off their last target, and they’re currently living the life of fame wherever they stop by. News of the gunslinger accomplishing the ‘Hitlist’ spread like wildfire throughout Kaandur. At this point, everyone knew of Cyclops Cain, Mako the Witch, and Fyra the One-Horned Devil, treating them as living legends. Every bar or saloon they visited swarmed the trio with drinks, cards, and women (for Cain), and most adversaries dared not to draw their guns whenever the trio passed by.

Like every other day, the trio stopped by at a local saloon and were greeted like an idol. Mako passionately narrated their whole adventure to a group of keen listeners, Fyra played cards with the old-timers of the saloon who’d normally reject anyone outside their social circle, and Cain had women under both his arms as he enjoyed some drinks along with some suggestive pampering from the ladies.

Despite that though, only two out of the three of them were having a good time. Cain stared at the empty beer mug, pondering into his own thoughts.

“What’s wrong dear~ Are you getting bored with us?” the woman on his right asked.

“Of course he is, it’s too loud down here, right honey? How about we take it upstairs where we’ll have our own private space~” the woman on his left winked.

Cain paid no heed to both women and simply ordered another mug of beer. Moment’s later, the beer arrived and the gunslinger drank it all down in one chug.

“Sorry for not giving attention to you two kind ladies, but could you spare me a minute or two? I’ve got some business with my partners over there.” Cain left both women and went to Mako’s table.

“And look! The gunslinger himself! Give him a round of applause everyone!” Mako exclaimed as his listeners cheered for the man himself.

“Sorry for interrupting you boys, but I want to have some private talk with my partner here. So if you could kindly-”

“Well, you heard him boys. SCRAM!” Mako shouted suddenly. The crowd immediately left the table for the two. Moments later, Fyra popped into the scene carrying a pile of ammo boxes and scrap metal.

“Maaan, you’d think those old-timers are good at poker-” Fyra dumped the pile onto the table and sat beside Mako- “they freaking suck!”

“Bah- I’m just glad you two’re having a good time,” Cain commented, “cause I’m not.”

Mako and Fyra looked at each other in confusion. A serious expression was painted all over the gunslinger’s face.

“What’s wrong boss? They gave you the wrong drink again like last time?” Mako asked.

“Nah. The drink’s fine. The woman here knows how to service too,” Cain replied, but the serious mood had yet to dissipate. “The scraps they offered us, the respect they bowed to us, the fear written in our enemies’ faces when they heard our names- we’re living a life full of glory!-”

“-but not the Gunslinger’s Glory.

Mako and Fyra stared at Cain, confused. However, Fyra quietly cocked her bracer beneath the table

“I’ll just get straight to the point. The Gunslinger’s Hitlist is for gunslingers only. Anyone other than that are just contenders for the list of badasses written inside it.”

“It appears I’ve left out two more names in the hitlist, and I can’t help but be bothered by it throughout the past one week. I was foolish to not realize now that they’re lurking under my nose this whole time.”

Cain drew out his revolver and pointed it straight to Mako. The piano player stopped playing as the loud cheerful saloon went quiet. All eyes turned towards the trio’s table.

“Y-you’re joking, right? I-I thought we’re in this together?” Mako remarked in surprise.

“You’re the one who decided that-” Cain cocked his revolver’s hammer- “there could only be one gunslinger by the end of this whole mess!”

Cain fired his gun without hesitation. In a flash, Fyra pushed away Mako just in time as the bullet missed its shot. She kicked the table up to Cain’s face and blasted a stream of fire directly at the gunslinger, who rolled back just in time and charged up his visor.

Immediately, Cain fired a huge energy beam at the duo. Mako and Fyra dodged and took cover behind a table as the whole saloon spiralled into turmoil. The patrons and workers tried to cover for the duo as they picked up their firearms and engaged in a shootout with the gunslinger, but they were far outskilled as they all fell with a bullet in their heads.

“You can take all the glory yourself man! I’ll twist the story to NOT include us both, eh?” Mako tried to negotiate, but his only response was a hot bullet brushing through his cheek. “Fine! We’ll just leave this place then! You can have all the glory! All the fame!”

“Nuh-uh. That won’t do, kid. The moment you two butt into my journey you’ve imprinted your name inside the list! History will go down with you two leeching by my side, and I can’t have that!”

Cain opened fire at the table covering Mako and Fyra, bullets easily pierced through it as the table did little job at protecting our protagonists. Mako signaled Fyra, pulling out a flashbang holstered on his belt. They both nodded at each other as Mako threw it to the air-


Mako and Fyra took this opportunity and jumped out from the closed window. The duo immediately fled the scene with Mako frantically pressing his watch to summon Silverbolt. Meanwhile, Cain got out of the saloon and caught sight of the fleeing kids. With great precision, the gunslinger fired a shot that hit Mako’s right leg.

“MAKO!” Fyra ran back to her fallen partner. She grabbed Mako and tried dragging him away, but a cocking sound was heard near where they stood.

Looking up, Cain’s revolver barrel greeted both Mako and Fyra. They have reached the end of the line.

“I’ll be honest with you two, even as we’ve reached this point, I’m still grateful for what you’ve done to me. Our times together, our hunt together, I’ll cherish it alright-”

“-but I’ll cherish this part even more.”

“CYCLOPS CAIN!!” a voice suddenly shouted from afar.

Surprised, Cain turned around. His sight was greeted with a cowboy-looking fellow sitting on a white horse from afar. The cowboy had a white hat, white coat, white boots, white clothes, white moustache and everything white save for his slightly tan skin.

“Who the hell are you!?” Cain shouted his question.

“A gunslinger, just like you-” the cowboy galloped closer to the trio, getting down from his steed upon arrival- “as for name’s, I don’t have one.”

No seriously, his mother didn’t gave him a name

“It’s an honour to meet you Mr Cain. In the history of gunslingers, you’re the first to complete the list-”

“Not yet,” Cain interrupted. “I’ve got two more to deal with here as you can see. Only then will my legend be solidified.”

Cain turned back to Mako and Fyra, ready to pull the trigger for both his guns.

“Yeah about that. With the list sort of completed, it’s only natural that competition will arise to usurp the top spot-”

No-name’s remark intrigued Cain. He put down his guns and turned back to the fellow slinger.

“I’m here to challenge you Mr Cain. I’m here to take away your spot.”

“I take it from that shiny spurs of yours, and your clean white clothes, and that newly polished revolver- you’ve never been to a real fight before, haven’t ya?”

“Not as a gunslinger, I suppose,” No-name replied. “Still had a few encounters and two- as a normal wanderer on this planet.”

Cain gazed deeply into No-name’s eyes. He could see the killer instinct behind those dark brown pupils.

“Heh, I’ll gladly accept your challenge!” Cain happily declared. “How do you suppose we pull this off?”

“Well, if you ain’t a gunslinger I won’t be walking here face-to-face to challenge ya.”

“Ah, I see how this is-” Cain reloaded both his guns and placed it back into its holsters- “100 yards, with this spot we’re on as it’s middle ground.”

“Will do Mr Cain.” No name whistled his horse to move away as he retreated 50 yards back. Cain too took a few steps back and stopped once he estimated himself to be 50 yards away from the center.

Mako, Fyra and the rest of the surviving locals stood silently at the sides, observing keenly the standoff that was about to take place.

“Are you ready Mr Cain!?” No-name shouted from his spot.

“Ready as I’ll ever be!”

“Need a count!?” No-name asked.

“Nah sir-”


The crowd went silent. The arid wind stopped blowing as all life ceased their activities upon hearing the gunshot.

Confused, Cain took off his hat and inspected it. He saw a hole in front, and a hole right at its back, both slightly covered with blood. He put out his right hand and started touching his forehead and the back of his head. Sure enough, he could feel a hole from both sides, and checked his hand back to find it smothered with his own blood.

“Well, that ain’t good.” Cain collapsed to the floor, lifeless.

“Guess I had this one coming. Can’t betray your friends without paying the consequences.”

No-name approached Cain’s lifeless body, his eyes still wide open. Out of respect, he closed Cain’s eyes then kicked dust to his body, freeing the gunslinger’s soul.

With the honouring complete, No-name proceeded to search for Cain’s pockets until he found a worn piece of paper which turned out to be none other than the ‘Gunslinger’s Hitlist’.

“So, that means you’re number one now huh?” Mako asked, as he and Fyra approached No-name.

“That’s right. But I’m not as interested with the number one spot as I am for this list.”

Hearing that, Mako and Fyra instantly drew out their weapons but were stopped by No-name.

“Nah... You two don’t need to worry about your heads. I’m not here to fulfill the list-” No-name suddenly tore the list to small pieces, letting the wind blow it away to who knows where- “I’m here to end it.”


“I’m sure you’ve heard of it at some point in your adventures with Mr Cain. The list’s cursed they said. Well, that’s a lot of bull-” No-name remarked.

“But what’s not bull is the desire of man for glory. The real curse was the greed for such desire. Makes a man willing to ditch those that helped them reach to the top.”

No-name whistled for his horse. He got on top of it as soon as his steed arrived.

“Gunslingers’ had always been killing each other to achieve ultimate glory, but it all changed when that list was written. The bloodshed expands to those that ain’t even slinging. One day, some kid out there would approach me, introduce himself, and kill me to become the best slinger in the desert, and the cycle will repeat again and again for who knows how many generations-”

“-But if you ask me, I’d prefer to keep the killing between us slingers than bringing those who want no biz. Especially the slingers’ friends and companions.”

No-name tipped his hat to Mako and Fyra and rode off. Confused, Mako and Fyra looked at Cain’s lifeless body without any idea of what to do next.

“Uhmm… Excuse me,” a short man called out, appearing in front of the duo. “Normally I’d just loot this body and go. But out of respect since you three had a long history together, do you have anything you want to take from him before I- uh- send his body to the undertaker?”

“Hmm… Nah, I’m good-” Mako replied but was hushed by Fyra. Apparently, something caught her eyes at Cain’s lifeless body.


“Hi-yo, Cassidy! Away!” Fyra shouted, pulling the lead attached to the Camel-eon’s head collar while shooting an ion revolver to the sky. A cowboy hat was seen hanging on Fyra’s helmet horn.

“Don’t do that again. Please.”

“Hah! You’re just jealous cuz you didn’t think of this first,” Fyra teased much to Mako’s annoyance. Regardless, the witch turned on Silverbolt’s radio and played William Tell Overture (the Lone Ranger’s theme, in case you don’t know).

With that, they both rode off to the horizon, riding side by side across the desert of Kaandur to who knows where, awaiting who knows what. But one thing’s certain, that crazy shenanigans will always follow the Devil and the Witch in this wicked planet named Delirith.

“CASSIDY NOOOOO!!!” Fyra shouted as her lizard steed was snatched away by a Skullruda right after taking a quick stop for a piss.