Chapter 0:

How I Met Her and How I Lost Her as Well

Sinking Detective

"Excuse me"Bookmark here

Bookmark here

My life so far has been a tragic chorus. Much the same, surrounded by the never-changing idiots of society, always pushed to the side and forced to the back of lines. I've never really given a care for it. I mean, what's the point? It isn't like one man can change the world; change is a thing of fairy tale. Bookmark here

Sure, people can change little things, but beyond that...not so much. Take this for example: the strong will always be above the weak. No matter what you do, what legislation you enact, what speeches you give, what bullshit you post on social media, that will never- ever- change.Bookmark here

"Excuse me" the girl raised her voice. Bookmark here

"Huh?"Bookmark here

For a second there, I swear I heard someone talking to me. Suppose I'll just ignore it. I doubt anyone on this bus actually knows me.Bookmark here

"Nakamura-kun"Bookmark here

I unwittingly turned my head to look for the voice's owner. That's my name. Why would someone here be calling my name.Bookmark here

"Y-Yes?" I hastily, injudiciously replied, unsure of who was talking.Bookmark here

"So you are Nakamura Hiratu" the girl seemed to have been searching for me.Bookmark here

Looking at her, she appeared to be around the same age.Bookmark here

Striking, long silver hair that flowed down graciously to beyond her shoulders; attracting blue eyes that drew me in; she was stunning. She was a true beauty; a goddess dancing among humans. If I didn't know any better, I would have truly believed it so. On the outside she seemed fragile, like glass, yet something about her gave me the feeling on inner strength.Bookmark here

No, no, no. Why would someone like her be talking to me? Is it some kind of setup? A dare? A joke? I don't think I've seen her around anywhere before but she's wearing our schools black and red uniform; she must be from my school. But why don't I know her? Especially if she knows me.Bookmark here

"You're a lot different than I expected. From what I was told, I imagined you to be some kind of- anyway, you're a lot more well-kept and presentable than I imagined. Wonder why you don't have many friends then...probably a bad personality" She blabbered on, talking about me right in front of my face.Bookmark here

Did she think whispering that last part was enough to stop me hearing? She's plenty audible right in front of me. And what was she about to say she imagined me as?Bookmark here

"What do you need?" I rudely replied, slightly irked by her blatant slander.Bookmark here

"I want to get to know you" Bookmark here

Hearing her words, my face slightly reddened. But soon, it returned to my usual nonchalant expression. Bookmark here

So it was a dare after all. No wonder someone like her was talking to me. I guess it's to be expected. All that previous verbal abuse was probably just-Bookmark here

"Wow, you really are a weird individual. Just because a girl want to know you, you get all defensive?" she teased.Bookmark here

Huh? It wasn't some kind of passive attack or dare?Bookmark here

"How do you even know who I am? Who are you?" I unconsciously asked.Bookmark here

Though I didn't mean to say it out loud, I really want to know how she knows me. Plus, from her words, it seems she found out about me from someone else. Just who is she? Why don't I know her at all?Bookmark here

"Oh, right. Sorry for the late introduction. I'm Nubera Aika, and I'm a detective"Bookmark here

Detective? Bookmark here

My ears must be deficient. When you hear an introduction you expect something like 'I'm X and I'm an X year at X High School', or something along those lines. But, a detective? Is she purposefully pulling my leg? She's really testing my patience.Bookmark here

"A detective, huh?"Bookmark here

"Yes, a detective" she said adamantly. Bookmark here

She looks like she anticipated my reaction. To be fair, I think anyone else would have acted the same. Still, that could explain that weird feeling I felt when I saw her, perhaps she's telling the truth.Bookmark here

Ah, what am I saying? A detective? Seriously? She has to be mocking me.Bookmark here

"If you're really a detective, where is your badge?" I asked astutely.Bookmark here

Hahaha. How will you get out of that one.Bookmark here

"A badge?" Bookmark here

See, I knew she was lying. There's no way someone my age would be- huh?Bookmark here

Before my eyes, I saw a silver badge with the words 'Elena' engraved sharply into the object. It had the local police's logo of a silver lion with a arrow-like tail that represented the local city's logo as well.Bookmark here

"Who's...Elena?" I inadvertently pondered aloud.Bookmark here

"Me" she nonchalantly replied in a monotone voice.Bookmark here

Eh?Bookmark here

"Didn't you say your name was Nubera?"Bookmark here

I could swear that's what she said. Plus, the name 'Elena' isn't even Japanese!Bookmark here

"It's a pseudonym. I can't go walking around sharing my real name with every stranger I meet, I'm a detective" she made sure to use the word 'detective' as her occupation again.Bookmark here

Well, I've seen the proof. I'm not that obstinate as to deny the truth when it's right before me.Bookmark here

"Okay, detective, why do you need me?"Bookmark here

That was the moment my life completely changed. From a friendless, hopeless, anti-social high school kid, I turned into a stranger's meat-shield, fighting crime every waking moment. Bookmark here

In the end, it turned out she wasn't even an official detective. Of course, that didn't change anything for me. After all, the only thing I cared about at that moment was living the rest of my life to the fullest...with her.Bookmark here

But of course, like everything in this world, it had to come to an end.Bookmark here

And that end was made with her life. Bookmark here

It's only been a few months since then.Bookmark here

At first, I didn't attend school at all but once the true pain kicked in, comforted only by the uncomfortable cage of isolation, I had no choice but to go back. Thinking about it now, it was the best choice. If I hadn't gone back, the loneliness would have most likely drove me insane.Bookmark here

"Nakamura-san"Bookmark here

Golden Boy
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