Chapter 1:

Reverting to a Detective

Sinking Detective






I may have sounded pretty nonchalant but that's just me.

"You're Nakamura Hiratu, correct?"

By the voice, it's a girl. She doesn't sound hostile, actually she's sounds quite polite.

"Yes, that is correct. Why are you looking for me?"

I questioned in an apathetic tone.

This reminds me, that's in the past.

"Where were you all school year? I didn't ask at first since you'd only just got back but I just
remembered. You were missing for a good few months and before that, you were practically gone for the entire year. I'm surprised they let you come back"

She actually noticed. I guess there are some people like her out there, huh.

"Well, it's not like they could just kick me out. I had my reasons for being absent"

When talking, I was much more confident than in the past. I suppose it was due to my time with...Anyway, I guess you could say I changed quite a bit. Actually, my calmness is even stronger than before. I never really get embarrassed or thrown off guard at all anymore, though, I'm not sure that's an entirely good thing.

"I see. But what were your reasons?" she tilted her head forward, thrusting it closer toward me until it was inches away.

"That's none of your business"

My attitude appeared different, I was much less calm on the subject, even I could see it.

"Fine. Keep it to yourself. That's not the whole reason I'm here"


"I'm actually...well, I heard you were a detecti-"

"Let's go somewhere more private" I suggested, though my tone made it more of an order.

We traversed through the school 'til we reached an empty room. Sitting at a table, our seats opposite of each other, we began to talk again.

"What is it that you need me for?"

"Right. I heard you were a detective so-"

Enough of this already.

"No. I'm asking what you need me for"

I raised my voice slightly.

"Okay, okay. Calm down. I was getting there. You see, my friend went missing a couple days ago and...I want you to help me find her. She was going round to meet some other friend of hers but she never came back. I called and called but she didn't answer. It's been a couple days already and I'm getting worried"

hmm. I don't want to go back to this, I don't want to have to face that truth again but...I don't want to let her down, wherever she is.

An image of a beautiful silver-haired girl with a bewitching, radiant smile appeared in my head. Aika was truly an angel.

"Alright. I'll do it. But I want something from you"

This is going to sound extremely out of character.

"I'll do anything"

Here goes.

"I want you to become my assistant"


I knew it. That's way too pushing. I don't even know why I said it.

"Actually, it's fine. You don't have to-"

"I'll do it"

What? Did I just hear her right? I asked it accidently but I guess...well, I'm not going to turn it down now. An assistant, huh? I wonder what it was like for, that doesn't matter right now. I need to think for a moment.

"Okay. This friend of hers, did you ever get to meet them?"

"No. I think they met on some app or something"

An app? doesn't sound suspicious. Kids do it all the time. Yet, I can certainly see why it could be dangerous.

"Did you ever find out the gender of this 'friend'?"

It's not anything that can help in evidence but it is important.

"Yeah, he was a male. What does this have to do with anything?"

She has a point but...

"Ask your own questions later. Right now, I just need you to answer mine"

A male, huh? I won't push any biases but statistically speaking, this isn't a good situation. Depending on the next answer, thing could get...complicated.

"Do you know if they had ever met before in the past?"

She placed her finger on her chin to think. By the looks of it, she was thinking very hard about. it but seemed to be reaching a wall.

"Now that I think of it, I don't think she has. Are you saying that he might be-?" she blurted out with sweat on her face. Worry was written all over her face as she jumped out of her chair in shock.

I suppose once she understands the pattern of my questions, she can identify the direction.

"It's only speculation at the moment. Don't worry too much. We don't know the full story yet"

I attempted to comfort her but anyone could see where the investigation was heading.

"Don't treat me like a child!" she huffed.

I didn't think I'd be doing another case like this, it's exhausting. But, something doesn't feel right. Everything is leading to one place yet, if that were the case, no; it's not that there's something wrong with reasoning at all. Then, why do I feel that it's not right?

"Last question. Why haven't her parents talked to the police, or have they?"

She staggered a little, seeming on edge.

"W-Well...they haven't. Neither have I for that matter. Because, well..."

"You knew about everything I told you, didn't you? You'd already come to that conclusion most likely from day one. So then, why did you ask me to find her rather than talk to the police? Something is stopping you, isn't it?"

It's the most probable conclusion. It explains that strange feeling I was getting. Her reaction to the discovery, sure she was sweating, certainly shocked, but she didn't seem to be looking at me; didn't seem to be shocked over the knowledge but more fearful over something occurring.

It would make sense if someone was threatening them, after all, if I came to that conclusion and started openly investigating, the culprit would find out about this and from my guess, she didn't tell anyone she was coming here.

"I-I...I can't say"

"So you did. She's alive then, right? They're threatening you with her life. But then, what are they asking for in return? I assume they aren't just doing this for the fun of it"

Hmm, her face has changed from before, it doesn't seem forced. Looks like she's ready to tell the truth. I can't screw this up, I'll never give Aika a bad name, never.

"Yes. They're asking life"
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