Chapter 75:

Volume 3: Chapter 2: To Okinawa We Go! - Part 2


Leonora loved flying, unlike her moody brother, who refused to watch through the window as they took off. The idea of traveling through the air was marvelous. It was proof that humanity had advanced far, which was further proof that God, in his wisdom, had been right to forgive them for being so sinful.

That was what she told her brother.

'Speaking of…'

“Hey, hey! Donatello, look outside! We’re passing over a cloud!”

“I’m not interested.”

“But it’s so pretty!”

“I don’t care.”

Her brother was sitting with his back straight, eyes staring straight ahead, hands gripping the handles. His face was white as sheet… which was impressive. They were already quite pale, the both of them, so she hadn’t realized their faces could go any whiter.

“You… really are afraid of flying, huh?”

“I’m not afraid of flying,” he snapped. “I just hate flying.”

“Isn’t that the same thing?” she asked.


Her brother never admitted when he was afraid of something. Darkness? Not afraid. Spiders? He just didn’t like them. Bulls? He didn’t fear them. He just thought they shouldn’t live in the same vicinity as humans.

“Whatever,” she said with a heavy sigh. There were more important things to discuss. “So, look, Donatello, I saw you glaring at the Nephalem this morning on the bus.”

“Of course I was,” Donatello spat. “That monster shouldn’t be anywhere near children, but he was sitting on the bus like he was one of us, like he was human. It’s disgusting.”

Leonora didn’t share her brother’s opinion. Yeah, the Nephalem was kind of scary. Just sitting in the same bus as him had her on edge, but, when she’d looked at him, he hadn’t been acting bad at all. He didn’t speak out when those kids had harassed him, didn’t get angry when someone threw gum in his hair. In fact, it was the redheaded girl with him who got angry in his stead.

She wondered about that. Michael had said that the Nephalem was living with a pair of devils. It was probably those two.

They had been given strict orders concerning the Nephalem and the devils; they were not to be touched. If possible, she and Donatello were to avoid them at all costs. If not, then they should have as little contact with them as possible.

Of course, Leonora didn’t like devils. They were enemies of God, of the Church, but she was curious about these two at least. Why were they with the Nephalem? Why were they attending a human school?

Devils lived in Hell, a world that was separated from Earth. It wouldn’t have been inaccurate to say that Hell was another dimension entirely. Leonora didn’t know how to get there, but it supposedly required traveling between dimensions.

“Look,” she said finally, “if it’s too hard not to glare, then just try not to even look at him. We don’t want the Nephalem or the two devils to get suspicious.”

Donatello grunted. “Fine. Whatever. Look, get off my case already.”

Leonora sighed and looked back out the window, though the view was no longer quite as enjoyable.

'Way to kill the mood, brother…'


I've got another part out and introduced two new characters! What role will Leonora and Donatello play? Why are they here? Will they find the Dragon Balls? Who knows. I'm pretty sure this universe doesn't have Dragon Balls.