Chapter 3:



Sunday – 8:45

TRUCK-KUN housed all of the vehicles in the garage, which comprised the entire basement floor of the building. Trucks were the primary tool used to Isekai the target, but there were a few other options. The only requirement was that the vehicle started with the letter ‘T’.

I led Thaddeus through the maze of trucks until they reached the far end of the garage and came across the briefing room.

I pulled out a key from my pocket and clicked it to unlock the doors of a nearby truck. "Get in the passenger seat," I instructed. "I will be right back."

"Ok." It looked like Thaddeus wanted to come with me instead, but he probably realized that arguing would be a fruitless endeavor.

Leaving my new pupil behind, I headed to the small room in the corner and knocked politely on the door. A few seconds later, a large overweight man opened the door and grinned.

"Hey, Tobias. How are you feeling?"

"Extremely unaroused. That's what normally happens when people see your face."

"Strange. Your mother didn't seem to think that last night."

Finished with the pleasantries, I strolled in and sat upon the expensive brown sofa that I bought Terry when he retired from the field. "So what type of mission did the manager send? Something interesting, I hope."

"Everything is interesting when you are involved," commented Terry. "I still remember your first job as a T-ranked agent. It was a simple enough assignment targeting a boy using a pretty, ditsy girl as bait. However, you made a bet with Tristian that you could even accomplish it while driving a tractor. Nobody believed you could do it, not even me. But that's why working with you is so much fun."

I smirked in amusement. Honestly, that job remained to be one of the closest calls in my career. It was going perfectly, but before even hitting the boy, he fell to the ground. The boy might have even been dying from the shock, but I quickly touched the unconscious boy with the tractor's modified claw. Blessedly, I made it in time to Isekai the boy's soul and even managed to resuscitate him back to life with a bit of CPR. Dead targets automatically bump a driver down to C-rank if the manager doesn't decide to outright fire them.

"But to answer your question," continued Terry. "It's a rather exciting job. It's a female target and a sequel client. That's rare to get as a T-rank agent. There must be a lot of potential profit at stake if they would pay for top service for a repeat target. Even more so for a female."

I pondered the information while stroking my chin. "Can you get me the details on who Isekai'd the target last time?"

"Sure thing. I already attached the Isekai device to your truck by the way." Terry sat down by the computer on the desk and started printing out the details. He started grabbing for the papers and then paused. "You know Tobias....speaking of repeat clients, your mother ca-"

"Please," I interrupted. "You are the only one here guilty of repeats. Is that the only joke you know?"

"Sorry. Sorry." Terry picked up the papers and stared at them for a few seconds in shock before laughing loudly. "Check this out," he said, handing them to me.

Interest piqued, I snatched the papers and quickly glanced through the information. I skimmed the page until my eyes rested on the agent's name that previously Isekai'd the girl, resulting in them going wide in shock. Spelled out in large bolded letters was my own name. ‘Agent Tobias’. I needed to target the same client for a second time.

It seemed like everyone was repeating themselves today.