Chapter 1:

An unexpected coincidence

District C

A thick cloud covered the starry night as Ciga walked through the park after leaving her job at the newspaper, not a normal routine but always looking for new experiences.
Hearing a faint bustle coming from the restrooms, he slipped into a bush in front of the restrooms trying to see what was going on.He leaned his right hand on a tree leaning out of the side of the bush seeing a most peculiar scene, two policemen were in front of three suspicious people on the road in front of the bathrooms one of the people was carrying a large rock in his hand, while one of the policemen lay kneeling on the ground his face bathed in sweat had a sinister look at the same time as the other policeman who was standing, agitated looking everywhere.

There is no one, come on, let's do it! - said the standing policeman.

The policeman lying on the ground slowly stood up looking at the people while raising his arms pointing at them with open hands, the sweat on his face increased and quickly ran down his body irregularly towards his outstretched arms. The sweat accumulated around his fingers, without warning he shot towards the people as if they were a firing squad, the policeman did not stop his shots of sweat increasing his speed.The person who had a rock in his hand quickly crouched down touching the pavement and managed to bring it to life thus forming a semi-dome in front of himself, avoiding the sweat shots.Ciga watched with great surprise the scene his thoughts failed to form, leaving them behind he came to his senses as the other policeman was approaching him, covering his mouth with his left hand he panicked dropping on his back already on the ground he covered his mouth with both hands flooding his face in sweat.The other policeman extended his open palm in Ciga's direction, touching instead the tree where he was leaning in a delicate way, the tree began to twist its roots with a faint throbbing.The person who had created the semi-dome was still crouched down watching how the tiles moved as if something was moving underneath, abruptly from his feet came out roots that penetrated his body through his chest and he was suspended in the air by the large roots.Fallen in the bushes Ciga watched what happened turning his eyes towards the other policeman, Ciga saw how he kept a macabre look while turning his back to his victims looking in the opposite direction but with his eyes lost.The person in the center had barely been hurt by the roots that lifted him up as if a biblical scene replicated, he stood with both arms outstretched as small roots grabbed them his torso was embraced by a larger root with his face looking down at the ground completely terrified.Further away from the bathroom, the third sought to escape with no luck as multiple fine roots pierced his body at different points on his abdomen.

This is what happens because you don't keep your head down! - exclaimed the policeman

This last victim began to emanate a thick substance from his wounds similar to mud. The policeman noticing this released a burst of sweat but it was useless as his body had turned into a liquid substance that absorbed the sweat, his body fell apart and the mud slid down the roots and was lost through the cracks they formed when they came out so abruptly.The other cop squeezed the tree hard breaking some bark and making his fingers bleed the roots twisted as they formed a tornado from the torso of the middle person tearing the whole body apart leaving only the arms hanging by the small roots.

Why did you do that? - said the policeman nervously, "It was our duty to interrogate him!

It doesn't matter, the other one will die when he regains his human form and I'm not going to interrogate trash like this - said the other cop while wiping his hands -, if you don't want to end up like this trash don't question my authority, let's go!

When the other policeman turned around Ciga, completely distressed, managed to see a tattoo that vanished on his neck.The roots grabbed the remains of the corpses pulling them into the ground while some weaker roots dragged the small broken tiles back into place, making it look as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened that night. As the policemen walked towards their patrol car, Ciga still slumped over on his back possessed a panicked face his clothes were drenched in shaking sweat barely managing to get up, he ran half crouched to the opposite side the policemen had walked.Ciga arrived at her apartment slamming the door shut and walked to her desk passing her hand from right to left sweeping away everything on it, her right arm raised a notebook of newspaper ideas he quickly began to write a news story about what happened that night, looking up he saw an old blackboard with newspaper clippings about her mother's passing five years ago.

The bed shook as Ciga had thrown himself on it completely exhausted by the situation he had witnessed a few hours ago, raising his hand he saw it in wonder of his own body, he stretched his arm pointing to the door closing his eyes and took a deep breath.

Nothing is happening - said Ciga dropping his body back to the bed -, was it all a hallucination? a false hope?

Remembering when the other policeman turned around seeing how that mark was fading on his neck, he took his left hand to his neck and slowly moved it around his eyes closed, falling into a deep sleep that enveloped his tiredness.

Damn it, I have to go! - Ciga exclaimed, as her alarm went off and he jumped up.

Grabbing her backpack by the handle he slammed her door as he left the room in a hurry, he walked around the city looking everywhere he still couldn't figure out if it had all been a figment of her imagination as on previous occasions or if it had really happened. He detoured wasting some time returning to the park, the bathroom area was closed and the tiles were broken.

What happened here? - Ciga asked, turning to a distracted worker.

Apparently last night someone fell on his bike, leaving this mess," replied the worker as he explained with his hands.

Ciga saw his watch, said goodbye to the worker, ran to a nearby building, entered it and went up to the offices without seeing anyone, hurried his pace walking to the meeting room, before touching the latch of the door from inside someone opened it announcing that the meeting was over while everyone returned to their desks.

This meeting is adjourned - announced their boss.

A dark-skinned man with large square glasses, a striped shirt paired with a blue-gray vest, somewhat lacking in hair at its peak and with a lot of gray hair.

Sorry for my carelessness, but I have an amazing story! - exclaimed Ciga while dodging his companions -, I assure you that this time it is very real.

It's not normal for you to come late - replied the Chief scratching his chin -, come here sit down and show me the story.

Pulling out a briefcase Ciga sat down while a woman watched him shaking her head without him noticing.The woman held the door watching as Ciga moved forward sitting down accompanying her Boss, after everyone had left the room she closed the door returning to her desk.Her name was Themmet just a little shorter than Ciga, with light blue hair almost white and orange eyes bordering on a deep yellow, her hair was tied back on the top of her head in a ponytail with two strands of hair accompanying her face.Themmet was the one who had recommended Ciga seeking to distract him and accompany him after the incident five years ago.Arriving at her desk she barely started to look for some papers when she was interrupted by a loud argument, the Chief hit the meeting table with his open hand while some papers were trapped trying to escape after the wind generated by the blow, uselessly.

Stop it! This is not good for you - exclaimed the Chief with a serious look -, forget what already happened, we want this to be a serious newspaper, it is not the first time you forget the medication but I hope it will be the last.

If you had seen how your mother was murdered in front of your eyes, to see how her corpse let the life of your most precious being escape, maybe you would have the right to give your opinion - said Ciga, while he gathered his papers and held back the tears that came to his eyes.

The Chief watched him as he retreated to his desk with a great sorrow encompassing his face, he sat down placing his hand covering his face as the door to the meeting room closed behind Ciga. The offices had been permeated by a great silence of the atmosphere.

Trouble in paradise? - Themmet asked, breaking the palpable tension.

Yes... Again - replied Ciga, as he wiped her eyes, leaving the briefcase on her desk.

Here, today it's on me - said Themmet offering a cup of coffee, keeping a humble smile.

Ciga shakily grabbed the cup with both hands and carefully took a quick sip.

Thank you, for everything you have done for me - said Ciga while looking at his coffee -, I know I am not much help but these dates are difficult.

You know, Dante is in town - said Themmet, trying to cheer up and distract Ciga a little -, how about getting together like in the old days?

It would be fun - said Ciga, seeing Themmet's face -, we could clear our heads a little, I... I really need to clear my head.

In the President's offices, the President was describable as a man in his fifties with a few extra pounds and a face adorned by wrinkles with hair that reminded him of having once been blond. He was seated while in front of him was the leader of the Five Generals, a robust person who could barely fit into his black dress suit with white shirt and red tie having a dark skin, his head was completely unpopulated.

A dupla of F.O.C. policemen reported three suspicious people, when they stopped them they were attacked and had no choice but to use their powers to neutralize the small insurgency, this happened in the Plaza que Nace - commented the General, while he looked seriously in front -, two of the suspects used powers showing possibly belonging to that sect.

We can't risk it at this time, three months before the re-elections - said the President, as he stood up from his chair -, I want the F.O.C. soldiers to increase their patrols and the doctor of the laboratories to increase the investigation of the type 2 soldiers, I want him to give maximum priority to that investigation if necessary tell him to move his laboratory from District K, to basement 4.

Ciga lay on his bed after finishing his day, he was lying there looking at the ceiling and thinking about what happened the night before.

I am sure of what I saw, there is only one way to really know what is going on - said Ciga as he stretched his hand towards the ceiling clenching his fist -, I must become president, enter the restricted archives and nourish myself with knowledge.

After having said that Ciga fell into a deep sleep.A ray of sunshine came in waking Ciga who was trying to cover his eyes uselessly with his hand, sitting up in bed he saw the cell phone with a new message.

Today at 19:30 at the bar ;) sent by Themmet fifteen minutes ago -, He read on her cell phone.

Turning over, he tried to cover himself from the sun with a blanket while he went back to sleep, wasting his only free day.A person with a short mane, having a dark texture, her hair was somewhat rounded on top with many uneven locks underneath, with one that was right in the middle of her face mimicking a broken egg in a way, walked into a bar asking for a table.Ciga jolted awake due to the ringing doorbell, seeing on her watch that it was 19:00 as a faint moonlight came in through the window accompanied by some warm street lights, he walked to the ringing phone putting it to her ear.

It's me, did you forget we were going out today? - exclaimed Themmet somewhat offended.

Sure, hold on a second," said Ciga, a little nervously.

He hung up the phone, opened her long closet, grabbed a red plaid shirt with a pair of light blue jeans, put her wallet in her pocket and hurried down to the street. Themmet looked at his watch, wearing a white dress with snowflake edges, covered uselessly by a somewhat small black leather jacket.

Let's walk, the bar is not far from here - interrupted Themmet looking up at Ciga.

Ciga had been staring at her, not listening to his words, completely lost.

What's the matter, do I look bad? - Themmet asked with a sad tone in his voice.

No, no!" exclaimed Ciga, turning her eyes to the ground, "you just look very pretty.

Themmet took him by the hand and looked at her surprised, they were both completely blushing at the situation.

Let's go, we don't want to be late - Themmet said with a nervous smile.

They both walked to the horizon, entering the bar Ciga analyzed it from the bottom to the top while Themmet saw their hands together without paying attention.

Hey, over here," exclaimed Dante sitting at a table at the back of the bar, to the right of the bar.

Themmet was startled, impulsively letting go of Ciga's hand.Dante had been high school classmates with both Ciga and Themmet, they hadn't seen each other for about two years due to a succession of trips through the various districts Dante had taken, yet they remained great friends. He was the only one who really believed Ciga's story after the incident five years ago, despite having failed to discover anything he was always a great moral support, he never let himself be cajoled by maintaining his idea that the Government was hiding the powers somehow.Dante always claimed to Ciga that he had been able to summon ghosts but after receiving the Type 3 flu shot he completely lost that quality.Ciga and Themmet walked towards the table while dodging people, crossing next to a man playing pool somewhat stout in a balance between being big and fat, with a beard that only bordered the edges of his face coming together in an isosceles triangle that formed on his chin his eyes were somewhat closed with short hair forking over his right eye leaving a small channel separating it into two uneven halves.On his neck Ciga noticed the edge of a mark similar to the one that faded from the other cop, the man brought his hand up the collar of his jacket hiding the mark, looking with one eye half open at Ciga.

Again that mark - thought Ciga with surprise and fear in his body -, what are they hiding.

So! I saw that you ran for Mayor - said Dante interrupting Ciga's thoughts.

Yes, I'm already on the lists - replied Ciga enthusiastically -, I just need a stroke of luck.

Does that mean that you are still...? - Dante asked swallowing some spittle -, do you still have the same goal as in high school?

Ciga looked at him with some guilt at his goals, while swallowing some spittle.

How about we order something to drink - exclaimed Themmet, breaking the awkward moment that had formed.

Yes, I think it's ideal - said Dante while he called a waitress with his raised hand.

The three of them drank and laughed, as they reminisced about the times in high school when they had fun without worrying about practically anything.Themmet looked at his watch.

Sorry guys," said Themmet as he stood up and put on his jacket, "I have to go now, it's a little late, but I hope we'll get together again.

Do you want me to come with you? - Ciga asked getting up suddenly, "you live far away and it's dangerous to go out at this hour.

Themmet came dangerously close to Ciga's lips, the two stared into each other's eyes and Ciga panicked, barely managing to breathe as his heart was beating very fast.

Calm down... - whispered Themmet kissing him slowly on the cheek with a lascivious look, "I already ordered a cab.

Themmet turned around leaving the bar jumping up and down and humming, while Dante took a sip and watched as Ciga was completely static and not even breathing.

Are you two a couple? - Dante asked slowly scratching his chin.

I'm not sure," Ciga replied, sitting up, "I don't think so.

Come on, let's go! - exclaimed Dante, while laughing, "I'll walk you home.

They both walked while the billiard man watched them out of the corner of his eye, once on the street they grabbed each other's shoulders helping them to keep their balance as they staggered along, they entered Ciga's room and he sat down at his desk while Dante closed the door behind him.

I found out! - Dante suddenly exclaimed.

What are you talking about? - Ciga said as he looked at him seriously.

You saw it, didn't you? - Dante said excitedly, "the fading tattoo.

Ciga swallowed spittle and watched him silently with great intrigue.

There is a cult, they can do it - said Dante by way of invitation -, they can awaken your powers.

What's this all about? - asked Ciga, looking at him with some fear.

They are near the border of the District - said Dante, he immediately hit Ciga's slate with his open hand -, now you understand, don't you? the Calcinator, you have a tangible chance to take revenge!

How do you know it works? - asked Ciga as he hid his trembling hands.

You've been looking for an answer for years," said Dante contemptuously, turning his back to Ciga, "now that I've brought one you don't even show any interest.

Ciga reached out for Dante's hand.

When you told me your theory, I felt hope - said Dante swallowing spittle with a broken voice -, they took away the only thing that made me special with the type 3 flu vaccine.We are all destined to be special, but society doesn't need special people, it only needs deer that obey without complaint - exclaimed Dante, seeing himself surrounded by a transparent vapor.

Like the vapor that is given off on a hot day in the distance or over a fire when the smoke is not visible, a dense and translucent vapor. On Dante's neck the tattoo began to show, while from the vapor began to emerge a semi-transparent human figure that was taking on a pale blue color with golden chains that surrounded his body from shoulder pads to a belt made with the same. He had eyes like tears or drops falling of a bright red color having four slits the length of his index finger in the place of his mouth, the skin of his face was cracked in the middle separating it into a golden and light blue complexion as well as some parts of his body with golden patches to match his chains.Ciga fell to the ground with her hands resting on the ground, lifting only her torso and looking up at Dante.

Come on, I'll give you the antidote," said Dante stretching his hand to help Ciga up, "we'll catch the Calcinator together.
Ciga Prime
Ciga Prime