Chapter 2:

The cult part one

District C

They were both walking down a dark alley, Dante stopped, looking in all directions with mystery, bent down and removed the cover of a manhole cover that was in the middle of the alley.

Get in quickly," said Dante, struggling to lift the cover, "before someone sees us.

I couldn't walk through human dung," replied Ciga, seeing the dark sewers receding, "this is disgusting.

If you really seek to discover the truth," exclaimed Dante, swallowing saliva from the effort of lifting the lid, "you will have to do unthinkable things.

Dante put the lid down on the floor, freeing his hands to push Ciga into the sewers, then Dante threw the lid into the air and jumped inside as the lid fell, closing the entrance perfectly.

Ciga could see the ceiling as Dante fell as the faint light that came in faded away, permeating a dense darkness as they walked towards the borders of District C.

How long have you had powers? - Ciga asked, trying to see Dante's face in the darkness.

I think 6 weeks ago - answered Dante, with some doubt in his voice.

Tell me, how did you discover this cult? - asked Ciga, overwhelmed by fear and uncertainty.

I was the last years traveling through all the Districts - said Dante, remembering his travels -, I was looking for answers to everything lived, one day far from this place I found a faint light of knowledge, I sought to follow the clues coming back here, where it all started in our District C.

Accept the suffering - Dante said seriously, after knocking on the wall that by a mechanism opened a secret door - you must accompany us in this operation.

In the offices of the newspaper Themmet, observing Ciga's desk, moving a folder he managed to see a book that hid "How to be a good politician" Themmet, happily showed a small smile. He looked up to watch the television with the news.

In a few moments we will proceed to the counting of votes - said the TV presenter -, we will define the Mayors of Districts.

Volt! - exclaimed a distant voice, "who we have now.

This time - answered Dante, extending his hands towards Ciga - I have a possible big shot.

Volt - whispered Ciga thoughtfully, looking at Dante with some trepidation.

From Ciga's back, a barely visible person emerged walking, a long dark shoulder-length hair with small purple tones, longer near the nape of the neck than behind the ears, with an uneven fringe divided in the middle with two symmetrically equal halves with dark eyes, wearing a dark brown robe, as if he were a monk.

You really showed off this time," said the stranger, looking at Ciga, reaching out his hand to turn on a television set that was inside the room behind the door that Dante had opened.

To the left was the anchorman, while to his right an image of Ciga was shown on the news.

You'll be a great piece on our board," proclaimed the stranger, walking ahead of Ciga.

What am I doing here? - thought Ciga, shakily as a bead of sweat trickled down his hand splitting it, the cold sweat touched the corner of his fingernail bringing him abruptly out of his thoughts.

Abandon fear - Dante said, turning his gaze to Ciga -, you must embrace the reality of this world.

The three of them walked in a great silence towards the operating room, behind them the counting of votes sounded very faintly, Ciga was laid on a white bed, a person in doctor's clothes placed an intravenous line in Ciga's neck, far away they heard that the elections were tied.

Themmet, biting her lips, was accompanied by the other newspaper colleagues watching the elections together.

A yellow liquid dripped slowly down Ciga's path as she inevitably let her eyelids droop as she watched the stranger with the television behind her back.

Ciga, won by three votes, although he did not manage to see the result, due to the faintness he suffered from the serum.

Well, we have a good chip now," said the stranger, looking at the man who had been playing pool in the bar, "Grendell, you were always right.

My duty is always to be right," exclaimed Grendell, stepping out from behind a vending machine in the operating room, "You can always trust me, Equinox.

Ciga Prime
Ciga Prime