Chapter 5:

Vol 1: Ch 4: Realm Celestial Intervention

Realms of Destiny

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Solarus too saw the nova of light that Miraina had let out and, right away, he knew that the act would draw the Demon Commander to her, if not the entire army. He did not know why she did that, it was strategically a bad move but there was nothing he could do about it now, he could try to use the light nova as well, but since Miraina was the Princess of Light, her Light would outshine his and no one would be fooled. He knew then that she would soon need his help so he quickly urged Aliost as fast as he could.Bookmark here

The demon host was much larger than he expected, he had been having trouble with the ghost warriors that have been annoying his Granadias like wispy leeches. It was a smart move on the Rathnorian part, he gave them credit for that. Granadias are powerful magical beasts, but at close range, their strengths are purely physical, which does nothing to ghost warriors. He had factored ghosts into his battle plans and calculations but he did not expect quite as much in numbers. All he could do now was hope that Grantig had noticed this predicament and would do something about it. For the moment, Princess Miraina came first.Bookmark here

On the ground, Captain Byakuron has dismounted his winged white tiger Korin and was enjoying himself as he sword-danced through the enemy’s ground troops leaving death and destruction in his wake. He was not at all worried about Korin, as he knew the tigress could take care of herself, him, on the other hand, had been reborn during the period of peace and this battle was what he’d been hoping for. He was born to fight and had it not been for the fact that Miraina hated wars, he could’ve done this for a century. Bookmark here

Byakuron moved about with skill and precision, his small form, dodging back and forth between Rathnor henchmen, grabbing their weapons, using that with skill, and alternating that with his own double swords. As he dodged an oncoming blow, Byakuron whispered a simple word of magic enabling the power of the wind to aid his feet, with that, he kicked two henchmen into three others. If he could get rid of all the troops on the ground, he could go join the fray in the sky.Bookmark here

“Two hundred and four…..two hundred and five…six, seven – ten! Oh wait, I guess that little imp counted as one too.” By this time, any Rathnor with brains was giving him distance. This little figure was a force to be feared, and despite the amount of close-combat fighting he’s been doing there was not a single scratch on him. The Rathnors were looking around uncertainly for one of their senior officers.Bookmark here

“Aww..come on!! Bring it on!!!” He taunted. As per invitation, a black-aura lance flew towards him from behind two Rathnor pikemen. Byakuron side-stepped just in time, and swiftly turned around to meet his opponent, who by this time had appeared behind him, with his double sword. His swords met his opponent’s weapon, or rather, parts of it. He only noticed two metal bars making a cross. He quickly bound back, giving himself distance. “Woah….cool weapon!!”Bookmark here

On better inspection, he could see that the weapon itself looked like a pole weapon, with blades on both ends, however, there were two of those making a cross, on the whole looking like a giant windmill propeller…a deadly one with sharp edges. The wielder was in heavy armor, and he noticed, had an eye patch like him.Bookmark here

“Looks like a found a fellow one-eyed warrior who’s got some skills. You must be a General. What’s your name Rathnor?” He asked in all seriousness. “I’d like to know my opponent officer’s name before I defeat them, just so I can keep proper scores with Solarus later on.”Bookmark here

“I am General Lillyth Morgend, there is no need to tell me yours, as Sylrills, officer or no, holds no importance to me if they’re gonna die soon enough. You are unfortunate to have come across me child, you would’ve had a long way to go yet.” General Morgend removed her helmet and unattached the two pole weapons, getting into a battle stance. “Now, you die.”Bookmark here

“Aw shucks! I have to hit a woman? Damn, now I can’t tell Solarus he’ll just get mad at me – Woah!” Before he could finish his sentence, Lillyth Morgend had launched herself at him.Bookmark here

“You talk a lot for a kid who’s about to die.” The unusual weapon spun from front to back, side to side, attached, re-attached. Byakuron was fascinated by this new weapon, making a mental note to himself that he’d have the blacksmith fashion one just so he can learn to use it when he gets back.Bookmark here

“…Oi! Despite my looks, I’m no kid, Morgend.” He parried her relentless attacks, the way this unique weapon was fashioned she was able to throw in attacks after attacks in an infinite combo without leaving an opening. For a woman of her build, she was very strong to be able to handle such weapon with such skill, especially in the heavy armor that she’s wearing. Byakuron found that he was forced to defend blow after blow. However, this was the kind of challenge he was looking for on the battlefield and he laughed in utter joy and exhilaration. Bookmark here

Byakuron was concentrating so hard on his opponent that he had forgotten about Miraina who he’d been half watching with his one eye up until now. He suddenly remembered this when he sensed her release her Light Nova, and inwardly cursed that he only had one eye which, at the moment, cannot be spared while he is fighting this opponent. I guess I’ll let Solarus get the credit while I deal with this one. He thought to himself as he dodged a slice, and parried two oncoming thrusts. At that moment, he saw it! The weapon’s weakness! I hope I’m right. He made a calculated aim and thrust one of his short swords into the centre of the weapon as it was spinning, it stopped, in that split-second he pushed the massive cross down towards the ground, jumped onto its center, stepping on Morgend’s hand as he did so.Bookmark here

The female Rathnor stared at him in shock but quickly reacted by dropping the giant weapon that was holding her down. Byakuron closed the range and attacked with his other sword. Words of magic to enhance his sword swing on his lips. Morgend didn’t have time to think then, and brought her armored forearm up to block his attack. The short sword met armor and sliced through it. However, the armor must have been magically enhanced because his sword did not make it the whole way through and was jammed in the Rathnor’s arm. Bookmark here

Lillyth let out a muffled grunt of pain as she grabbed a dagger on her belt with her other hand and slashed at the Sylrill Commander. The Wind Guardian dodged in time, but as he did so his opponent’s eye widened in shock and the next thing he knew all Demonic forces around him were flying in various directions as a massive pillar of light coursed straight from behind him. Light powers are harmful to Rathnorians, but do nothing to Sylrillians, a skilled healer could turn that Light into a healing light, giving it healing properties as well. In this case, it was merely offensive, but due to its size and intensity, Byakuron suspected that it must have been Solarus. His suspicions were confirmed when he looked behind him.Bookmark here

“Oi!! Captain Commander!! That one was SOO MINE!!” He shouted, although, Solarus did not stay to chat. He was astride Aliost and was heading at maximum speed over his head towards where Byakuron remembered Miraina was fighting. He suddenly remembered that the Princess needed help. He had no idea where Korin had gone, so he called forth his own wings and leapt after Solarus. He muttered another two words of magic which called forth the winds to aid his flying speed.Bookmark here

As Miraina was trying to recover from the blow, she noticed that Menianos in his half-blinded state was trying to protect her from the oncoming Flaros. His opponent was overpowering him, and quickly, Miraina went to his aid. She commanded a gust of wind which separated the Sylrill King from the Demon Prince, sending them a short distance away from each other. That was enough for her to pounce straight back into the fray. Flaros was more annoyed than injured at that previous attack, he gave himself distance and threw two fiery meteors at her. Miraina quickly neutralized it with her frost power, and shattered the meteor to bits. Now that the shards are within her element, she commanded them to act as projectiles, sending them flying towards her target. Flaros saw the threat from all angles and made his move. He roared as demonic aura built up within him. Red runes began to appear across his wings and Miraina saw that all the ghosts within the area were being sucked into those runes, increasing Flaros’s powers, destroying the icicle shards before they reached him.Bookmark here

Menianos saw this as well, and was troubled as this was something he had not seen, heard or learned of before. His concentration compromised, it was too late when he felt the Demon King’s blade pierce his torso. As he screamed in pain, Miraina turned in horror. However, it did not end there, Menianos in his pain still managed to grab hold of the Demon King’s blade that was in him and stabbed his own into the Rathnor’s lungs. Menianos could see that Miraina had no chance against this opponent which was getting stronger by the second from soul-consuming. Then and there, he made his decision. Menianos thrust his hand towards the Demon King’s heart-gem and grabbed it with all his might. As he pulled the heart gem from the Demon King’s chest, he brought it to his, and with his remaining strength began chanting a forbidden spell.Bookmark here

“Destiny, it’s course; Destruction, it’s fate; I offer thee this heartgem and mine. Create thy portal, no time, no space, place these souls, in Realm unknown….Realm Celestial Intervention!” As the two heartgems were consumed, life left both kings’ eyes, two arcane circles began to form, one smaller, one larger, together they transformed to meet the other. A number of things happened at that moment; Flaros let out his gathered power from his sword towards Miraina; Solarus and Byakuron jumped in front of her and with all the magic they could muster from within them, created a shield in an attempt to protect her from that attack. However, Flaros’s attack was too powerful for them and the shield was quickly giving way. As the shield broke, the two arcane circles met. There was a pillar of light surrounding all four of them and the blink of an eye, they disappeared.Bookmark here

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