Chapter 1:

In a New World, All I Have is My PTRD-41

Living My New Café Life With My PTRD-41

I woke to an odd pain as if something sharp was biting into me. Rather, upon opening my eyes, I saw several black feathered birds jabbing their beaks into my skin. This was just to much so I shouted at the birds, "What do you think you are doing?" In response, the birds cawed at me and flapped a short distance away. Their somewhat unnerving eyes seemed to bore into me as they silently watched.

"Kind of creepy."

With that said, I was surprised that I seemed relatively intact. Even the bleeding seemed relatively minor, my guts wasn't spilled out all over the road, and aside from being knocked out on some random road, I seemed relatively unharmed for how high I fell. Unless I died and was reborn, but considering the rather significant indentation, I somehow doubted that.

Actually, if anything, what hurt the most was the rather hefty metal object that wedged itself into my belly. That hurt a lot despite not seeming to do any lasting damage to me. Oddly, not even a bruise showed up once I lifted myself off. Actually, it barely hurt at all despite how much it should have hurt.

I wondered what was up when I remembered a certain annoying gentleman. While I loathed the idea of listening to the guy who pushed me into the path of death, I found myself in the middle of an empty road with no clue as to what to do. I sighed and reached into my pocket to find a piece of metal. When did that get there? It was... a bullet, but on closer look, some words were scrawled onto the bullet in rather small size:

Totally sorry about this. I tried to give you a few perks to ease things up for you. She'll probably do something in revenge like drop you in the middle of the ocean, into an active volcano, or maybe even drop you from a few thousand meters above ground, so be prepared. Just in case, I made your body extra sturdy, so you can use your ability without breaking anything. I also gave you abnormal strength, so you can lift the weapon. Plus a little extra just in case.

You'll have the information to use your weapon installed into your brain, so I went ahead and added on the most common language of the world. Leaving out insect languages of course. Oh, I also reinforced your clothes so they will resist your new ability. I'm sure a lovely lady like you would want to avoid having your clothes torn to shreds upon using them.

Uhhh... what did I just read? My clothes torn to shreds? Wait... what did the goddess say when she gave me the ability?

"After all, you'll only be able to use the PTRD-41."

She meant that literally? What kind of messed up curse did this goddess place on me? What even am I supposed to do with just a PTRD-41? No, wait, the idiot gentleman... I mean philandering idiot. Ah no wait, absolute idiot. Oh, forget it, we will just go with supreme idiot. The supreme idiot might have done something to give me a chance at survival, so I should continue to read the... message.

As you might be worried about many things, I took the liberty to make some adjustments to your ability. Your PTRD-41 is heavily modified, so it is not only near indestructible, it should serve also well as a bed, a serving utensil, or anything else you might need. 

My life was over. I had to use this thing as a bed and a serving utensil? I couldn't even imagine what people would think. Uuuuu.... This wasn't fair, I just wanted to have a nice, calm life serving coffee to customers and seeing their happy faces. Why did it have to be ruined by some supreme idiot? No, I needed to continue reading just in case.

As you will be informed, in addition to having unlimited ammo, you have an ammo box for placing special materials into for your bullets. I have made a slight adjustment so that you can put anything you touch into your ammo box. Anything not alive, that is. You can then bring these out as bullets. Just remember, anything you touch can go inside so long as it is not alive. This will be very important due to your inability to use certain things.

As a final warning, do not try to use anything you don't want to break. 

Well, not quite what I was hoping for, but at least it was something. I did have a few questions though, so I gathered some nice looking plants, threw them in my ammo box, and went looking for some decent prey. Even if I had all the knowledge needed etched into my brain, I lacked any actual experience. I also wanted to test the extent of the ammo box a little.

Eventually, I found some rabbits. Now, from what I knew, these bullets were designed to do a lot of damage to a single target, but what if I were to have softer bullets that split up and scattered? As an amateur, I doubted I could actually hit anything with this weapon and even if I did, the target would be badly damaged and possibly inedible.

I tried to steady myself as I aimed at the rabbits before I pulled the trigger. The top of the weapon flew back, startling me, and I ended up dropping my weapon. The loud crack caused my ears to ring and the bunnies all turned towards me, seemingly pretty upset. Now, one rabbit did lay on the grass as if stunned or possibly dead, but only one.

With what seemed to be glowing red eyes, the bunnies stampeded towards me and I ran, but the rabbits quickly closed the distance. I needed some sort of weapon, but nothing seemed  quite useful. I needed a weapon! As that thought passed through my mind, I felt a long, hard object on my back. My PTRD-41 had returned to me! I could... Nope nope nope. I was still going to run.

Think about it, a young girl armed with a weapon she barely knew how to use being chased down by a swarm of enraged rabbits with glowing eyes. Their eyes glowed red! Was any young girl really capable of fighting them off? If there was, it definitely wasn't me! I kept running until I felt a sharp pain on my thigh and tripped. As I tried to continue moving, countless more fangs bit down on me.

"It hurts! It hurts! Please stop! I'm sorry!"

No matter how much I begged, the biting continued relentlessly. Why me? I just wanted a little food, so why? Why did I even need to hunt in the first place? Why did that supreme idiot decide to pick me of all people to hit on? And would these rabbits stop biting me? Now ticked off, I grabbed the PTRD-41 from my back and swung it, beating several rabbits off. I continued to swing over and over and over again.

A sliver of movement appeared in the corner of my eye. I swung. A rabbit jumped at me, I swung. The wind blew a little. I swung. I swung. I swung. I swung. Seemingly endlessly, I swung both to relieve the indignant anger boiling up inside of me as well as for my life. Finally, I fell exhausted when nothing more seemed to move. I managed to secure some food, so I decided to collapse onto my PTRD-41 for a moment.

After a brief rest, I went around throwing all the meat into my ammo box, but I was too exhausted after to even bother trying to prepare food. Instead, I collapsed onto my PTRD-41 again and took a quick nap.

I awoke to chirping sounds and got up before remember the events of the previous day. I quickly checked my body for any bite marks and found... nothing. As much as being bitten hurt, it seemed that nothing pierced my skin - or at least nothing so serious that I couldn't heal with a good night of sleep.

"Wow, this body is pretty unreal."

Still, with my supply of meat obtained, I needed to test something. The supreme idiot mentioned that this PTRD-41 was near indestructible and from what was imprinted, I knew that was true, but if I were to fire a shot or round or whatever you call it over and over again, the friction should heat it up, right? If that was the case...

I planted the rifle on the ground and brought out the bipods. I wasn't aiming at anything in particular, so I decided to fire into a nearby rock formation. Repeatedly. Eventually, I even tried firing just the empty shells until the barrel glowed with heat. Pulling out a rabbit meat bullet, I removed the gunpowder and excess leaving just the meat inside and placed that on the barrel. In just a few minutes, I ended up with cooked rabbit meat.

Yes, it felt like a bit of a pity to eat rabbits, but after that attack yesterday, I lost any qualms about eating rabbits. It was actually kind of nice because I didn't even need to chop up the meat, it just came out in the bullet form I wanted. It seemed that I could definitely make use of this. I'd find a nice city and work in a café once more!

Just, I really hoped that I didn't end up in a world full of rabbitmen or something. I can't imagine just how badly that might end up, but that also felt like I was totally jinxing myself.  There was no way right? Umm.... right?